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Saturday, January 31, 2009


Some photos of flowers which i took...

Nope. I did not went to sentosa, it's my neighbour's flowers... Nice hor?

Duties and more duties

Just finished a 7 hours duty.

later, i am going for 11 hours duty.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Chinese New Year 2009 day II

Day 2 of Chinese New Year...

Went to HS house to wack their food and to wake their neighbours up...

Just look at the spread at the table!!!

I wack so much so that poor HS and YX has to cook some more!!

HS doing the cooking...

We spend our time watching the movie, "Die hard 4" which i think isn't appropriate for the Chinese New Year season, but it is sure appropriate to wake all his neighbours up.

Luckily, no police or even an egg came.

I think we should have turn up the volume all the way.

And when the movie ends, it's time to try our best to bring the police down. loi hei...

Preparing the dish...

My, ain't everyone hungry!!

But before the "operations" could carry out, need to take a group photo...

Preparaing for H-hour.

And when the H-hour comes, this is what happens...

And what we do after that??

Eat lah, of course...

Everyone is happy... especially this fellow...

Me?? ain't so happy now, cos it's time to go back to work...

Back to work


How true it was!!!

Holidays are over, and it's back to office, back to work later... And i have to drag my lifeless, dead-brained body back to office.


Can someone please extend the public holidays that we got?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Chinese New Year 2009

Second day of the Chinese New Year...

So, how's your ang pow haul so far? Economy crisis ongoing, so, dun be angry or disappointed if you realised that your "booty" had shrunk.

Reunion dinner. To some people, it's really a yearly affair, whole family sitting down together, having a meal together. The society is now such a way that it's hard for the family to sit down together even for a meal.

This year, i had a reunion dinner. In 4 years, i did not have a reunion dinner with my family. They had their dinner without me around.

In fact, i had 2 "reunion dinners". One with friends from the SCS and the other with my family.

First dinner at Chong Pang 2-in-1 BBQ steamboat, over at Turf City.

Well, it was quite fun. They got a god of wealth to promoto beer there, and he drives a honda jazz. Haha... happened to see him drive in, change to the god of wealth costume.

Too bad, i was driving.. :P

And another reunion dinner at home...

Another BBQ steamboat dinner... :P

With my cute nephew and niece.

Ain't they cute??

And after the reunion dinner, it's time to work. Went to Chinatown for a duty... CNY countdown duty.

I took the photograph of 2 people taking photographs of themselves...


Monday, January 26, 2009

Thoughts of the day

I have kinda figured it out...

I guess, that inviting all your friends for your wedding dinner ain't good.

I guess, that inviting all your friends over to your house for housewarming party is worse.

Coz, during Chinese New Year, they will all come to your house for ang pows. And they know where you stay.

You can't run...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chinese New Year eve

okie... I am not an expert on this thingy, but let me tell you all what singaporean people usually do for the chinese new year...

On the few days before the Chinese new year.

Spring cleaning. The whole house will be cleaned, from the top to the bottom, and sometimes, that include painting the walls and ceiling again. Well, that's what ppl say. new year, new beginning.

Sometimes, some richer fellows will change their furniture to brand new ones, including their electrical household items, entertainment system and sometimes, renovating the whole bleddy house!!

And they will go shopping, a favourite past time for Singaporeans, for new clothes, new year cookies, which they usually finished even before the chinese new year... The supermarkets, markets are on 24 hours for the day before the eve, and people will be rushing about buying food stuffs for the reunion dinner which is on the eve of the new year.

Banks will start issueing brand new notes for the new year.

Radios will play new year songs more often.

On the eve, normally is a half day work, if it falls on a weekday. But, normally, people will take the other half day off, be it legally or illegally. Parking is always a breeze for me on the eve at my office.

Eve night. Reunion dinner. Used to be where the family cooks and the whole family sits down together to have a meal together. To some busy singaporeans, that is the ONLY time when the whole family sits down to eat together. Once a year.

And after reunion dinner, the whole family will sit together to chit chat, and as the time comes closer to midnite, they will start preparing to pray to their forefathers, and once the clock strikes midnite, praying will start, to wish for a good year ahead.

The kids will stay awake the whole night, which will well, belief that by doing so, their parents will have good health for the year.

So, only the grandparents can sleep hor??

Guess will i be doing all of these today?? Given it's the eve?

I springcleaned. Nope, not my house nor room. My room is un-springcleanable. It's a total mess, total wreaked, which will cause instant migrain when any attempt to clean it up is thought.

I spring cleaned my car. Yesterday night. Took me about 3 hours to do it. Washed, waxed, vacuumed, remove any rubbish, window treated.

And i went to do past mid nite shopping. For new year goodies. I am trying my hardest to finish all the new year cookies that i had bought yesterday nite before the start of the year, inline with my personnal tradition.

But then hor,

I still don't have the CNY mood.

Happy Chinese New Year 2009

Went to sleep this afternoon, and woke up at night.

First thought is " SHIT!!! Night time liao!! Miss RT liao... damm"

Second thought : Oh yah hor, RT finished liao... Heng ahhh....

Chinese New Year is coming. The year of the cow.

So, people, in the year of the cow, please do not, or try not to "COW peh COW bu".

Try not to "wah COW!!" also...

And after you received the ang pow booty, remember to COW it properly hor. =)



Thursday, January 22, 2009

Budget day 2009

It's budget day.

Listening to what the Finance Minister got to say for next budget for this crisis...

And i was happy....

Coz my RT sessions for last window has finished!!! And my IPPT results got improved in all aspects, even when i still flunk it...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Not been blogging for a long time...

Well... was busy thinking about stuffs...

Like, how come the crude oil prices fell, and the pump prices still has not fell???

Friday, January 16, 2009

Good Morning, Mr So and so...

Workplace manners...

Like saying good morning, hello to colleagues in the morning, offering guest a drink, speak loudly across the room, using swear words, taking calls on mobile phones, asking permission when using stationary, and not asking about personal life in the office, addressing one by their last name, ...

Well, all these constitutes a good workplace manners.

Mind your workplace manners -- it pays
Thu Jan 15, 9:48 am ET

Hmmm... dear readers, think about it.

How many "good manners" do you practise back in your office? Or rather, the most simple thing... Do you say "good morning" to your colleagues when you reach office in the morning?

I realised one thing.

I had very bad manners back in my office.

Let me start by imagining it to be the morning, when i went to work. There's no good mornings exchanged. I reached office, start my computer and started making some enquries or report or even answer some questions from my boss.

No "good morning".

Sometimes, it's to the extend that my boss has to call me even before i reach office, asking me, "where are you? how come you not in office? you know what's the time now?" No "good morning" from my boss either...

In fact, most of the time, I committed all the "offences" that's deemed as a bad workplace behaviour. I talk loudly, or rather, shouted across the room, especially in the factory, I swear and curse, when things are not going right, I grab my colleague's stationary without using permission. I take calls from my mobile phone. No "good morning" from me, coz by the time i reach office, i think most would not constitute that time as "morning".

I was going on about the asking personal life part, then i stopped.

I don't. I wouldn't. I didn't.

Well, at least, I ain't so bad, right?

But then, if i am to observe all the "rules" of good workplace manners, i think i cannot survive. Too formal.

Everytime need to borrow something, you have to do this, imagine. You go to the pantry, make a cup of coffee, walk over to your colleague, talk to him softly, "Good morning, Mr Tan, can i borrow a blue pen from you please? Anyway, here's a cup of coffee for you... Thanks!!"

Or imagine this, during lunchtime, you went out for lunch with your colleagues. "Mr Tan, it's lunch time. Can i have the pleasure to invite you to join me for lunch today?"


Too formal. To me, too formal can create gaps, which one does not know what the other is doing. And not knowing what others are thinking. No friendship at the workplace, which true friendship to me is as simple as this, in the morning... "Siao eh.... ho sei bo?" Instead of "Good morning Mr Tan. How's your day today?"

Yep. That's S.O thinking. So, what's yours?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Setting fire on a MP

Know the latest shocking news lately??

One of our MP (Member of Parliament), Mr Seng Han Thong from Yio Chu Kang got 10% burns on his body after some idiot poured thinner on him and set him alight at a charity grassroot event... Also burned is Chairman of Chu Sheng Temple, Aw Chui Seng.

MP hospitalised after man pours flammable liquid on him, sets him on fire
By Satish Cheney, Channel NewsAsia Posted: 11 January 2009 1419 hrs

MP Seng Han Thong in stable condition after skin graft operation
By Valarie Tan, Channel NewsAsia Posted: 12 January 2009 1615 hrs

Well, thankfully, both of them are in a stable condition.

So, after this incident, i came up with some (stupid) suggestions to prevent the similar things from happening.

1) All guest and public who are attending events or meet-the-people session will be scanned for flammable liquids, lighters and matches. Those found with procession with those will be banned from the events.

2) All Security personnal for the VIPs are to carry a fire extinguisher with them, beside their other standard equipments.

3) All VIPs must wear fire proof clothings when attending events.

4) Open flames are not to be used for shows where VIPs are present.

5) VIPs must travel in a battery operated cars, as petrol is flammable.

6) Caterers cannot use open flames when setting up their food for the events. They only can use electrical heaters, or have cold dishes.

7) SCDF fire fighters and hazmat teams must be on standby at the event whenever the VIPs are around.

Hope it helps.

Chingay 2009, rehersal 10/10/09 Part II

Okie... Someone wants the photos... so, here goes...

To continue... And the rehersals starts!!

The half completed lion.

Nice timing...

Pretty gals dancing...

It's the photographers paradise!!

Kids dancing...

More pretty gals dancing

And chicken on pole?? yah, that chicken has a big backside.

Dunno what's the performance is about... but they are cute...

The drummers...

Japanese theme performance...

amazing feat...

Inviting the foreign guest to perform...

On the float...


Dancing... haha

One of the floats...

And yet some more dancers...

Christmas theme from NUS, when Christmas is like, quite sometime ago...

I think NUS need to recalibrate their watches and clocks... Hello, it's the Chinese New Year liao, not christmas, okie??

See the NUS float?? All the Christmas thingys are still there...

Not all are human based. Insects too!!! like Ants... which unfortunate, one ant has one of his leg amputated during the rehersal... haha...

And after the insects, some more dancers, which includes lots beauties and lots beast...

First, the beauties...

Now, the beasts...

And some high flyers as well. Well, not white horses. Those are reserved for use in the SAF. But white people. Form far, well, you know, what they look like.

Photo below is not for the faint hearted, if you cannot take it.

Well, don't they look like something frightful??

Wait.. still got a magic show!!

Wanna know what it is??

Keep guessing.. haha

And the happy faces at the end...

Don't you look forward to Chingay this year??

We really had fun last sat...