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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chinese New Year eve

okie... I am not an expert on this thingy, but let me tell you all what singaporean people usually do for the chinese new year...

On the few days before the Chinese new year.

Spring cleaning. The whole house will be cleaned, from the top to the bottom, and sometimes, that include painting the walls and ceiling again. Well, that's what ppl say. new year, new beginning.

Sometimes, some richer fellows will change their furniture to brand new ones, including their electrical household items, entertainment system and sometimes, renovating the whole bleddy house!!

And they will go shopping, a favourite past time for Singaporeans, for new clothes, new year cookies, which they usually finished even before the chinese new year... The supermarkets, markets are on 24 hours for the day before the eve, and people will be rushing about buying food stuffs for the reunion dinner which is on the eve of the new year.

Banks will start issueing brand new notes for the new year.

Radios will play new year songs more often.

On the eve, normally is a half day work, if it falls on a weekday. But, normally, people will take the other half day off, be it legally or illegally. Parking is always a breeze for me on the eve at my office.

Eve night. Reunion dinner. Used to be where the family cooks and the whole family sits down together to have a meal together. To some busy singaporeans, that is the ONLY time when the whole family sits down to eat together. Once a year.

And after reunion dinner, the whole family will sit together to chit chat, and as the time comes closer to midnite, they will start preparing to pray to their forefathers, and once the clock strikes midnite, praying will start, to wish for a good year ahead.

The kids will stay awake the whole night, which will well, belief that by doing so, their parents will have good health for the year.

So, only the grandparents can sleep hor??

Guess will i be doing all of these today?? Given it's the eve?

I springcleaned. Nope, not my house nor room. My room is un-springcleanable. It's a total mess, total wreaked, which will cause instant migrain when any attempt to clean it up is thought.

I spring cleaned my car. Yesterday night. Took me about 3 hours to do it. Washed, waxed, vacuumed, remove any rubbish, window treated.

And i went to do past mid nite shopping. For new year goodies. I am trying my hardest to finish all the new year cookies that i had bought yesterday nite before the start of the year, inline with my personnal tradition.

But then hor,

I still don't have the CNY mood.

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