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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Great Disappointment

Ever had this feeling?

About something which you had not seen for super duper long ages, you know something will happen, by the course of nature, and yet, part of you does not wish it to happen, and when after a long long time, you realised that it had happened, you ain't surprised, but somehow it affects you??

The feeling sucks.

Am feeling down and miserable now.

I know it will happen. Definity. Guarantee plus chop, 30 days money back guarantee, on my honor, on your honor, on every living thing's honor.

And when the time came, the first thing that i checked is that change, knowing fully well that it had happened. And i was disappointed that it really had.

Ain't me a stupid foolish idiot?

Imagine my excitement and joy that i found it. Now, imagine the disappointment when i discovered it.

It's really sucky. Maybe, i should not have started the quest in the first place. Ignorance is really a bliss. Maybe, i should be better off knowing nothing and keep wondering and pondering, and not knowing the actual facts.

Well, no regrets on knowing the truth. Nothing i can do now. Absoluting nothing. Absoluting freaking nothing.

Except to.... well, all the best.

I know you all will be scatching your heads on what the hell am i blogging this, and what actually happen.

This is a post for myself. As part of the memories.

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