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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Chinese New Year 2009

Second day of the Chinese New Year...

So, how's your ang pow haul so far? Economy crisis ongoing, so, dun be angry or disappointed if you realised that your "booty" had shrunk.

Reunion dinner. To some people, it's really a yearly affair, whole family sitting down together, having a meal together. The society is now such a way that it's hard for the family to sit down together even for a meal.

This year, i had a reunion dinner. In 4 years, i did not have a reunion dinner with my family. They had their dinner without me around.

In fact, i had 2 "reunion dinners". One with friends from the SCS and the other with my family.

First dinner at Chong Pang 2-in-1 BBQ steamboat, over at Turf City.

Well, it was quite fun. They got a god of wealth to promoto beer there, and he drives a honda jazz. Haha... happened to see him drive in, change to the god of wealth costume.

Too bad, i was driving.. :P

And another reunion dinner at home...

Another BBQ steamboat dinner... :P

With my cute nephew and niece.

Ain't they cute??

And after the reunion dinner, it's time to work. Went to Chinatown for a duty... CNY countdown duty.

I took the photograph of 2 people taking photographs of themselves...


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