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Thursday, January 08, 2009

GCE "O" level results release

Dunno is good news or bad news to a few affected people...

2008 GCE O-Level results to be released on Jan 12
By Ca-Mie De Souza, Channel NewsAsia Posted: 07 January 2009 1719

SINGAPORE: The Ministry of Education said the results of the 2008 GCE O-Level Examination will be released on January 12.

School candidates may collect their results from their schools at 2pm.

All the best to those collecting their results!!

I forgot that time when i was collecting my "O" levels results slip. That was like, 13 years ago!! I only remember, when i collect my results slip, i took a look, and made some mental calculations. And made calculations again. And again.

Now you know how bad my maths are.

And i went back home. And sleep.

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