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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Hopes of the new generation

Kids never ceased to amaze me.

Or the age gap generation is too great?

I was doing a duty at vivo city, sky park. I was excited. Super excited.

And over there, you can see the sentosa gateway.

I was super excited, coz this is the very first time of my freaking life that i am stepping into vivo city, the largest shopping mall in Singapore, and going all the way to the sky park. (okie, me sua ku... i know, and i am prob the last Singaporean in Singapore stepping into vivocity)

There's gardens, and even a shallow pond, or water body that looks so inviting that kids like to dip into it.

A father and his 2 kids having a splashing good time!!

There's a part in the program where there's a synchronized skipping competition for primary school kids. Yes. Read my lips... for primary school kids.

Their performace was outstanding. Superbly outstanding.

Just look at their synchronization...

"Macham" like drill parade flawless, precision drill flawless (okie, they made some mistakes here and there, but still... no words can describle it...)

It's one of the best performances that i had seen, from primary school kids!!! OMG!!! Much much better than what i had expected!!

Superbly well coordinated, in tune to the music, that i just stared at their performance, dumbfounded and open-mouthed that prob led the public into thinking that perhaps this first aider is going into shock.

But the public are also dumbfounded, with exclaimations of "WAH!!!" and loud applause...

I was too dumbfounded to snap more pictures and videos!!

And while it's the primary boys turn for the competition, the girls are supporting them all the way, clapping loudly that their hands really turn red!!!

Extremely speechless....

In my primary school days, the best synchronization that we (the boys) can get is by catching spiders, ladybirds and playing eraser, and we would not simply bear the thought of being a "sissy" by skipping ropes.

And certainly, the girls from my time would rather drop dead than to cheer the boys on in a competition.

There's hope for the new generation after all...

Bullshit in Myanmar

It's indeed disturbing to know of the situation in Myanmar... A peaceful protest leads to violent by the soldiers, causing deaths, even to foreign nationals, and now, a Singaporean was injured by rubber bullets..., and internet connection was cut.

Reason given for the internet cut was due to a damage cable underwater. Yah right.. what a load of BS. Is there any quake recently in that region that cause the underwater cables to break? Of all times, why must it be damaged now?

Come on lah... even a 10 year old kid with sense knows perfectly the reason why internet access is gone in Myanmar.

I was grown up under the teachings of "you do it, you admit it".

Here's more interesting news...
Satellite images may show Myanmar abuses

When will this turmoil end? Imagine the sufferings of the ordinary citizens.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Lonely Wont Leave Me Alone

I simply loves this song very much. Here are the lyrics...

Lonely Wont Leave Me Alone
(David Foster, Jermaine Jackson, Tom Keane, K.Wakefield)

Why do I seem to be caught up inside a dream.
All my life, it's always been my shadow and me.
Over my shoulder there's always a voice somewhere
saying I never should try to set my heart free.
I wish that love would come and take me in her arms.
Show me what I've never known.
Where I could hold someone and words like right and wrong
just fade away like yesterday.

Lonely won't leave me alone.
Lonely won't leave me alone.
Why, tell me why, won't even let me fall in love.
Oooooh everywhere I go
Always by my side
Won't even let me fall in love.

I try and say I love you but the words won't come through.
In my eyes, see all the tears and sad memories.
Why can't I start out new and leave that old feeling too far behind.
I guess that lonely needs company.
Around each bend of road, I'm thinking that in time
there will be that rainbow's end.
But when I follow those self illusions I find that it's only lonely and me again.

Lonely won't leave me alone.
Lonely won't leave me alone.
Why, tell me why lonely just keeps my heart out of touch.
Oooooooh everywhere I go
Always by my side
Won't even let me fall in love.

Lonely won't leave me alone.
I wish that love would come
Lonely won't leave me alone.
and take me home.
Lonely won't let me fall in love.

Lonely won't leave me alone.
I wish that lonely...
Lonely won't leave me alone.
love would come..
Lonely won't let me fall in love.

Nice rite?

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Stupid day

Have you ever woken up early in the morning, and got this feeling that the day does not belongs to you?

And you realised that that day really does not belongs to you?

And you woke up feeling like a loser?

And nothing is going smoothly for you?

And you want to be left alone, just alone?

And you have those depression thinkings?

Yes... today is the day i got all those... and i feels like my initials...

Maybe is something that i seen, i felt, or read...

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mid autumn festivals, the celebrations

So, what's a mid autumn without any lanterns, mooncakes, candles, fun, joy and laugher?

It's just like christmas without presents, cartoons, and Chinese New Year without Ang pows (red packets).

Few of us gathered at some park to have some fun.

Lanterns!!! Hope it will not burn up!!!

"I wish my lantern would start burning..."

And at the same time, we shared the mid autumn festival joy with our indian friend... That what's racial harmony is all about, right?

I got 2 lanterns, you got none!!!! Bleah!!!

And what's celebrations without candles and flames?

Must arrange nicely wor...

Oh man, she just can't wait to start the fire!!!! I mean, light up the candles!!!

And the outcome??
It only take a spark, to get a fire going... and soon all those around, can warm up in it's glowing

That's how it is with God's love, once you experience it, you spread it round

To everyone, you want

To pass it on,
That was one of the campfire song that i had learnt during my uniformed group days...

And what's mid autumn without mooncakes?

Eek!!! what's that brown colour round round thingy? Har?? Mooncakes?? what's that? Is it edible??

Of course it's edible... here, let me show you...

And a stroll in the park, carrying lanterns?

Oh no... not walking again... thank god we got the lanterns... we are scared of the dark...

And finally, playing with sparklers?

What's vkp doing?? Staring at the sparklers??

And there's lots of patterns coming out from the sparklers!

Fire performance !!!
Kin leh... take the photo leh... arm aching liao leh...

And creating lots and lots of smoke in the process....

Sir!!! SMOKE SCREEN FORMED!!!! Looks like we are in Genting hor??

All of us became kids once again, when there's a playground...

Bollywood actress??

A strong man and an strong lady... dun pray pray with them...

And the best attraction on the playground is the swing...

Everyone had a go at it.

Creative time!!!

And soon, it's time to go home.....

Thanks to everyone for the fun night... And i guess, our Indian friend enjoyed the most...

Monday, September 24, 2007

Mid autumn duties

Mid autumn... Hmmm...

What a mid autumn festival without any celebrations, lantern procession, games?

And we went down for the duty for that celebrations.

Our Mr Handsome preparing for the duty.

Our GQ absoluting glowing with pride, errrr... light at donning the vest.

And the procession started...

Super big banners....

Lion dances...

Pretty lady... (erm.... cannot be sure about that statement, but to give the benefit of the doubt...)

Lots of people and....

Lots of lanterns.....

Over at the main area, (Hong Lim park), there was chess games that can tire you out mentally and physically.

Yes, you heard me... Tire you out mentally and physically.

The novice area....

And the professional area...

Now you know why it's so mentally and physically exhausting for those chess masters.

The crowd surged to the max towards the end. No, there's ain't any freebies given away, nor there's no Hello Kitty toys for sale.

It's the fireworks. Fired off in triple quick times that can put any GMPG (General Purpose Machine Gun) to shame with their rates of fire.

And my photography skills failed miserably when it comes to shooting fireworks.

However, my best shots for the evening....

Basically, i was that bored that evening...

Mid autumn festival

Mid autumn festivals are around the corner. The fifteen day of the eighth month in the lunar calander, which the moon will be the biggest, roundest, and the brightest in that year.

That's of course, since its that time when the moon will be the closest to the Earth.

And the chinese, always ready for a good folklore tale, are ready to tell stories about the festival to the younger generation, while munching on mooncakes, sipping chinese tea, while those not interested in the folk tales will strutter around, carrying lanterns, burning them in the process... (applicable only to candle type lanterns)

I wanted to know the stories, and i search them on the net.

To my dismay, there are lots and lots of version. The most realistic is the one while the rural areas of China use that to celebrate a bounty-ful harvest for the year.

But there are other stories, that varies in chinese, and there's even a Vietnamese and a Korean version.

Read that yourself, and spare me the headache.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Happy birthday!!!

Happy birthday to CO and SL and CK, who did not turn up due to some stupid things that we had done the night before, with vkp, sars, QZ, JL, DT and me.

Went for a small celebration and window shopping at Cineleisure, where the rest gave a little surprise to the 2 ladies, during our makan time, in the form of a birthday cake.

There's only one candle on the cake???

Well, ladies age's are secret, it seems.

Blowing out the candle. It takes 2 persons, 2 mouths, 2 blows, in 2 different directions to blow out the candle... Hmmm...

After which both pose for the cake cutting. Once the knife goes into the cake, they realised the most difficult thing of it all.

Cutting the cake.

Just look at the pictures below to see the difficulties of them cutting the cake.

Well, it's an ice-cream cake, afterall.

And, birthday boys and girls always get sabo. The only think is to what the extend.

Luckily, their good friends are very good to them... This is what happen....


And before we left, there one of the birthday girl sent me a word of wisdom...

You can have your fish,

And eat it too!!!