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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Trend bubbles

There's always a trend in your life. And the trend will come and go.

Don't you realise it?

A couple of years ago, i was always hanging out with my neighbourhood friends over dinner/supper, at a neighbourhood coffeeshop, eating, drinking ice lemon tea, talking cock. It was a daily night routine.

In the beginning, that group got bigger and bigger. Until we need to combined 3 tables at the coffeeshop. We would joke about another gathering of uncles and aunties at another table, commenting that how we would look like them in 30 years time.

And slowly, that whole group splits. Everyone is getting more busy, with studies, enlisted into NS, work, till there's only a few of us that remains.

The trend (bubble) had burst.

And i started to hangout with my kite flying kakis. Flying almost everynight, staying at void deck, drinking ice-lemon tea, playing chess / aeroplane chess during the raining seasons which grounded our kite.

And now, we are busy with our own work, and kite flying stopped. (seldomly fly), though we still meet up each other, only thing is less often.

That trend had burst also.

I used to hangout at starbucks at BPP. And now, the staff (new) could not recognise me. The old timers had grew tired of asking my friends (who still goes there) where am i.

"Proof", there goes the bubble.

That's to show that nothing can last forever. So, enjoy what you are doing now for enjoyment, and lets keep all the sweet memories deep into our memory.

Nothing last forever. NOTHING.

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