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Monday, September 24, 2007

Mid autumn festival

Mid autumn festivals are around the corner. The fifteen day of the eighth month in the lunar calander, which the moon will be the biggest, roundest, and the brightest in that year.

That's of course, since its that time when the moon will be the closest to the Earth.

And the chinese, always ready for a good folklore tale, are ready to tell stories about the festival to the younger generation, while munching on mooncakes, sipping chinese tea, while those not interested in the folk tales will strutter around, carrying lanterns, burning them in the process... (applicable only to candle type lanterns)

I wanted to know the stories, and i search them on the net.

To my dismay, there are lots and lots of version. The most realistic is the one while the rural areas of China use that to celebrate a bounty-ful harvest for the year.

But there are other stories, that varies in chinese, and there's even a Vietnamese and a Korean version.

Read that yourself, and spare me the headache.

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