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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Nice food and coffee

It's been donkey years since i last stepped into a small and cozy eatery for my meals, and even more donkey years since i stepped into the Starbucks at Shaw Tower. Even much more donkey years since i stepped into Starbucks at Shaw Tower with one of my long time coffee kakis.

Wow... it must been a old donkey indeed.

In the event you happened to be around bugis area, and hungry, wanting a nice meal at a cozy place, let me recommand the place just for you.

Located at Liang Seah Street, a place where you can find pubs, small restaurants, of course, the famous steamboat restaurants and a 7 - 11, tucked away in a small area is this shop.

PIVDOFR. ( pronounced as pre - door, i think, but sometimes, i spoke too much and it became piss-off), a restaurant that serves western cuisine.

Alright. What's so special about that restaurant?

First, the restaurant gives you a very cozy feeling. It's not that large, but then, it's not that small. The deco inside is interesting. There's a frame with absoluting lots coins inside. The deco, in a way, west meets east. Nevermind about the chairs, which is not so comfortable.

Next is the food.

They serve the absoluting, mouth-watering, fabulous, heavenly best tasting escargot i had ever eaten. Baked in butter, garlic, and other ingredients, the smell is heaven, and when you had your first bite of it, you are going to heaven, and when you taste the gravy of it, you ARE in heaven.

If possible, after this dish, buy beg steal borrow some bread, yes, some white bread, to dip into the sauce and eat it. It's a must after finishing all the escargot. And yes, you must finish all the gravy. Never mind it's fattening or what. You can always diet later.

Bread never tastes so nice.

The set meals (sorry, no photographs for it) are nice. So are their chicken wings. If they have the roast pork or the mixed grill special, arh... that's my recommandations.

Next is the dessert.

No need me to say much. The photos tells you everything.


And after our meal, we trooped over to Shaw Tower Starbucks for a after-meal drink.

Me and my long lost coffee kaki, my advisior, my good friend, CH.

The group that was relaxing at Starbucks...

Arhhh... been a long long time since i relax till like this. That's what i call, life.

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