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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mid autumn festivals, the celebrations

So, what's a mid autumn without any lanterns, mooncakes, candles, fun, joy and laugher?

It's just like christmas without presents, cartoons, and Chinese New Year without Ang pows (red packets).

Few of us gathered at some park to have some fun.

Lanterns!!! Hope it will not burn up!!!

"I wish my lantern would start burning..."

And at the same time, we shared the mid autumn festival joy with our indian friend... That what's racial harmony is all about, right?

I got 2 lanterns, you got none!!!! Bleah!!!

And what's celebrations without candles and flames?

Must arrange nicely wor...

Oh man, she just can't wait to start the fire!!!! I mean, light up the candles!!!

And the outcome??
It only take a spark, to get a fire going... and soon all those around, can warm up in it's glowing

That's how it is with God's love, once you experience it, you spread it round

To everyone, you want

To pass it on,
That was one of the campfire song that i had learnt during my uniformed group days...

And what's mid autumn without mooncakes?

Eek!!! what's that brown colour round round thingy? Har?? Mooncakes?? what's that? Is it edible??

Of course it's edible... here, let me show you...

And a stroll in the park, carrying lanterns?

Oh no... not walking again... thank god we got the lanterns... we are scared of the dark...

And finally, playing with sparklers?

What's vkp doing?? Staring at the sparklers??

And there's lots of patterns coming out from the sparklers!

Fire performance !!!
Kin leh... take the photo leh... arm aching liao leh...

And creating lots and lots of smoke in the process....

Sir!!! SMOKE SCREEN FORMED!!!! Looks like we are in Genting hor??

All of us became kids once again, when there's a playground...

Bollywood actress??

A strong man and an strong lady... dun pray pray with them...

And the best attraction on the playground is the swing...

Everyone had a go at it.

Creative time!!!

And soon, it's time to go home.....

Thanks to everyone for the fun night... And i guess, our Indian friend enjoyed the most...

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