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Monday, September 10, 2007

Growth of Technology

Technology has grew by leaps and bounces.

In fact, i realised one thing yesterday. Technology has overtook me. I am now classified as behind the times, behind the technology, especially mobile phones technology.

I still remember the first mobile phone that i see. It belonged to my brother. It was the heavy, bulky "waterbottle" phone that can use as a weapon to smash other people's head with, and yet it's workable after you used it to wack people's head.

And god bless the people whose head got wacked by those phones.

The first "lightweight" phone i see belongs to one of my cadet during my NPCC days. It's a call zone phone. You need to be within 10 meters from any call zone area to make a phone call. Otherwise, the phone in your hand is just usless. And yes, you cannot use it to wack your enemy's head. The phone will break instead of the head.

And the first mobile phone i got (a Motorola Flare), that uses a PCN network rather than the GSM network. It did not last long. And after which i got a Motorola Master (basically, both are the same). That was my poly days.

The phone can only make calls and SMS. That time, i did not use the SMS function at all. I only used it to make and receive calls.

And now, looking at the mobile phones, i was ashamed. I did not even know some of the functions on the mobile phones, there's simply too much functions and services that one can have (and seldom used).

Things like, SMS, MMS, 3G, GPRS, E mail, bluetooth, infared, FM radio, MP3, camera (dual some more) Video calls, video camera, WiFi, GPS, alarm clock, etc etc, all comes into the phone.

And there's a PDA phones, that is more powerful than my first computer (a 286).

Frankly speaking, there's so much functions on my mobile phone i am currently carrying, that i seldom or never use some of the functions at all.

Before my NS days, i went to work part time in Singtel, dealing with corporate mobile phones. I prided on myself as having the frontline knowledge on the most advance mobile phones on market. We tested the newest phones before it went to the shelves. That was the era of the Ericsson 888 / 868 model.

And i even bought a 868 model for myself. (888 and 868 model are the first to be able to surf the internet wirelessly when connected to a computer)

Others WOW at me. Stared in envy with my new mobile phone.

Times had changed. I WOW at others. People talk about WiFi, and i can only think of HiFi. People talk about GPS, and i think about the GPS that we used during my NS days. People talk about bluetooth (when it was just launched) and i stare at their teeth, wondering if they are colour blind, or i look at my own teeth in the mirror.

I am behind the times. I still do not know what the hell WiFi is... Another version of HiFi??

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