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Saturday, September 01, 2007

A night at East Coast Park

I was invited to FTP SJAB BBQ gathering session at East Coast part.

As a thanks for helping out with their camp which happens eariler this year.

The chefs in action!!!

The gluttons in action!!!

I have always like going to the beach. To see the sun/moon, the sand and the sea. Who says you can only see that when you are in the Navy?

And besides the sun/moon, the sand and the sea, you can always see the birds too!!!

Nice sunset scenery...

And the waves...

Ahhh... the soothing sound of the waves which can make an insomnia person sleep like a baby.

And the wind is strong too.

Ahhh.... the sea side. So nice, quiet and peaceful.... so... heavenly.... I can sit there, with my guitar, playing songs, listening to the whistle of the winds, roar of the waves and the whispering of the leaves.

A total place of inspiration.

But alas, with the group of people below,

You simply cannot have peace. You can't help but join in the jokes, "sabo" acts, the laugher, the wildness and madness of the adrenaline overboost youngster, who goes around spraying people with their water guns, dances,

Does that dance step look familiar?? OH SHIT NOT AGAIN!!!

You simply don't feel old with the youngsters around.

Can you see a couple of James Bond wannabe???

When night falls, the madness and the wildness gets worse. The saboing gets up to a whole new level. Basically, everyone besides me and Sars, got hit, 99 air combo.

You can struggle, but you cannot win!!!

Hmmm... a wrong way to TOC... Members, never learn this hor...

Please, i beg you, let me off.....

Wahahaha... you are now at our mercy!!!!

Hmmm.... hello, hello, are you okie?? 2 "casulties" spotted laughing and struggling on the ground.

And after the "saboing" session, we decided to camwhore a bit...

Hmmm... how come my pose always the same one har??

Guess who's the shortest?

Wow!!! Ain't me a happy man that night!!! :P

And everyone left that place a happy man.....

While the ladies gave a thumbs up...

An enjoyable evening indeed.

And the best picture taken that night.... with (me and sars) new found knowledge on photography, here goes...

Sars commented put someone there, the whole thing will be nicer... so, i asked my 2 models to pose...

I liked it very much.

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