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Friday, July 24, 2009

YEAH!!! Thanks a lot to SM, who help me to find somethings that i wanted for a long long time!!!

And it has proven true again that i am an ITI... :(

Another story....

Went in to Malaysia yesterday night in ZX's car, and guess what?? We only stopped for around an hour to eat, and his car was "bombed". 6 "bombs" on his rear, and about 6 more "bombs" on the roof of his car...

The best part?? His car just finished washing about 10 minutes before we stopped to eat.

Anyone got medication for birds on diahorria??

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

NDP 2009 Family day Part II

After the parade, comes the show.

By then, the skies turn dark. And it's time to make full use of one's imagination on lightings!!

For the show segment, there's lots animation on the giant screens which will really capture your attention, and hence, not much focus was on the performers or dancers.

THe animations was really eye catching. Poor performers... no one's gonna watch you all. :P

The pyrotechnics (fireworks) were great. Especially during the grand finale. The burst were so much that you would have thought you were in the middle of a intense battle, that would have break even the bravest soldier.
Grand finale.

Only thing that bothers me about the fireworks is that, if you have realised it from the photos above, all are the same colour.

Errr... organiser, can add more colour into the pyrotechnics?? Especially at the grand finale??

Perhaps, during the preview and the actual day, there would be more variety.

well, judging from the amount of pyrotechnics, perhaps the SAF would consider using the fireworks for exercises... And during the fireworks period, there's so much camera flashes from the spectators, that if you are standing in front of them, in their direction, you would have thought you were under fire from a whole division of infantrymen, if the flashes were muzzle flash.

I wonder how's their photographs will turn out.

Monday, July 06, 2009

NDP 2009 family day


National Day Parade.

A day which took almost a year to organise, involve thousands of people, SAF, school kids, working personnal, in fact, involves people from all walks of life, be it in marching contingents, dancing participants, ushers, marshallers, traffic control, crowd control, temperature screenings, and of course, the back stage crew, who put up all the props, the wiring, the audio, the lightings...

In fact, to me, the most work (physically) are actually the back stage crew, who put in so much effort, but got the least recognition, and the SAF personnal, who did lots back stage work, without any recognition.

All for the our nation's birthday celebration.

I went for the last CR (combine rehersal) and was impressed with all the displays.

All along, the only part that interest me during NDPs is only the Parade segment. And coming out of the Marina Bay are yesterday night, i was impressed. The show segment was impressive. In fact, the whole celebration was very nice, except for the marina bay wave part where a car and motorcycle was involved.

The pre parade display, with the 5 hosts

(mediacorp celebrities) was a bit dull, with not much spectators co-operation to heat up the event. Perhaps, the NE show with full of hyeractive screaming primary school kids will be more interesting to watch.

And personnally, i like the "terrorist incident" segement, the sea display. Too bad, there's ain't a air show segment only whereby the chinook chopper flew close to the bay area and the 2 AH64 Apacha Choppers.

The freefall was the same every year, but it never fails to bring out much screamings from the spectators. Imagine jumping out of a perfectly working aircraft. They got guts... (Salute them).

Next come the parade.

The same every year, with 2 exceptions. 3 F-16 bomb bursts with full afterburners.

And the firing of the 21 gun salute. It's done on the bay instead of hard solid ground.. Impressive.

And the parade wise, well, even thought it's the same every year, the smartness of the guard of honor contingents and all the other supporting contingents, the uniformed groups, other civilian contingents, the SAF and Police bands, all make the march past an interesting part to watch.

Imagine the hours they had put in trainings.

Okie... I shall end here on the part I of the NDP 2009. I shall come to the show segment soon (hopefully).

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Thoughts from TV show

I am not really a fan of Korea drama shows, but sometimes, the TV programs on TV are so damm stupid that i have to resort to either 1) turn off the TV, 2) watch some shows that i am not a fan of... (read: Korea Shows)

RIght now, it's one of those times, when i am resort to watching Korea drama.

And the "meaning" of the shows struck me.

The scene is about a son who just started a small eatery business. And his father is worried about him, to the extend that he cannot sleep until his son comes back safety...

He wrote all his heart in a small diary, all his worries on his business, worries on if he will get any scalds and burns, as he is quite clumsiness, worries on him driving alone late at night back home. And the father also realised the fact that he's getting old and staying up late is affecting his health.

And then the son came back. The father only asked why he's back so late, and quietly stepped out of the house to help the son carry the stuffs back in.

The son response? The moment he saw his father's room lights are still on, commented that his father is giving him stress, by not sleeping.

When the father stepped out of the house to bring the stuffs in, all the son did was to throw a bit of temper, and getting the father back to bed.

From a TV viewer point of view, well, it's the generation gap of father and son.

It's nature that parents worry about their kids, what they do outside, how successful they will be, all the way from studies, to career, to relationship and setting up a family.

But to the kids, all those worries and concern will translate into stress for the kids. The higher the expectations, the higher the stress. A kid will not understand the amount of the worries of the parents on their child and similarily, a parent will not understand the stress level of their kids.

So, what is the best remedy for this kind of situation? I am sure all or most ppl out there will face this situation right now, or perhaps, in the future.

Think abuot it, folks... Be understanding to each other...