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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Stupid bad news


Crabpot cheese pie...

Reached back home, and saw a letter lying on my bed... In the darkness, i thought that a cheque had arrived, and i was like "woah!! got money liao"...

Switched on the lights, saw the letterhead, and i started to have lots question marks.

Opened the letter and....


Received a goddamm letter bearing a absoluting stupid bad news.

My first again...

Need to ask a few "experienced" guys on that matter...

Friday, August 29, 2008

Staying at home today

Haiz~~~ i had lost the battle again...

The virus or bacterial won. I had fallen sick again...

Never mind.. i know i had lost the battle, but i gonna win the war...

Come on, my white blood cells, my macrophages, my antibodies, IgA, IgG, my T cells, my NK cells etc etc, dun let me down!! Chiong har!!

(This is a sure sign that the blogger is going blonkers. Must get his head examined.)

Am resting at home right now. And, seriously, it's been a super duper long time since i spend the whole morning at home on a weekday, wide awake. I look outside, seeing the others rushing for their bus, others rushing to work, i see aunties comeing home from the market...

In other words, i am looking at things from another point of view... In a more relaxed manner...

I see the others rushing to work, i was thinking to myself... "hahaha.. you got work, i no go office... coz i am sick..."

I look at the carpark. It's empty... "Wah... so different from the view in the evening..."

I look at the roads, busy with traffic... "Drive more carefully hor... it's friday liao, and you all dun need an accident to spoilt your weekend".

I look at the aunties..."Is that what you do everyday?"

I refuse to look at the direction of the clinic. It seems to be that the doctor inside is waving to me, saying "come, come, i know you are sick... come and give me more money!"

The best part of being sick at home is that you can watch the whole morning of Kids Central. Cartoons aglore!!! More cartoons!

I miss the cartoons of my days... Transformers, Mask, smurfs, He man, disney, loony tunes... etc...

But the darn thing is that... damm.. the LUP (lift upgrading program) is still in progress, and the construction noise are damm, well, noisy...

Something which i never experience while i am at work. They are drilling, knocking, hammering, dragging equipments....

Well, what a typical weekday morning...


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Falling sick

Once again, the time has came...

Has come for me to fall sick...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Shooting arrows

As you know, Singaporeans are famous for "shooting arrows", especially those in the higher up.

So, here's some practice for your to start shooting your own arrows.

Too bad, there's no function to allow the archer to place a jpg file on the opponents, ie, to place one's photo of your "enemy" to shoot him.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

An interesting weekend

Hmmm... an interesting weekend had gone past.

Friday. After the fireworks display, i went for an interesting spin. Cannot talk too much about that spin here, but i learned something that day.

Sat. Spend the whole day sleeping, except for the morning part taking the student's First Aid Exam. Was trying my hardest not to get pissed off.

Sunday. Went to HQ for meeting. I was late, yet early.

After meeting, went for a spin around Singapore. North, South, East, West, Central, I went thr it all.

Ended up at Changi Airport, T1 for dinner and T3 for a walk and to sent someone off. First time went to T3, and well, got some surprises. I mean, in the new T3, there's a couple of displays, like some mushroom that looks like a nut, a onion that looks like dunno what, a display of an engine and propellers.

but the best display of it all was this...

a fire extinguisher.

In the sky train, when the train was about to move off or stop, there's this announcement to warn the communters to hold the handrail, GL did hold on. Tightly.

Wait.. that's not holding on tightly... That's hugging the pole...

Thank god that it's only hugging the pole.. What next? Pole dance?

And the reason why we were at the airport. CT is going off to US to further her studies. We were there to send her off.

The forever 4 buddies.

Dunno why they always like to squat down... haiz~~

Zone 3 people... Wait!!! except one

The whole group of people who is sending CT off...


My.. ain't she popular?

Yah... you wanna know the story of the Mopiko drink? Am waiting for GL to post, so that i can "cut and paste" from his blog.

Me too lazy lah...

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Singapore fireworks festival 2008

Went to the fireworks festival last night.

Here are the photos. Enjoy!

Nice practising photography on fireworks. a rare chance indeed in Singapore.

Dreamt of AT

Had a dream. Dream of AT.

Suddenly, i miss him very much.

Wondering how he's doing. Ever since he left my family 3-4 years ago, i had not seen or heard from him. We were not allowed to do all those, i supposed.

But i just want to know how's he doing.

Well, scully, he had forgotten us.

I still miss him.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Singapore won silver

I know it's old news, but heck.. who cares anyway...



It's basically a China vs China match.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

9 years ago

Today, 9 years ago, i became botak.

Yes. I was enlisted into NS 9 years ago, on this day.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Thinkings lately

Things are really heating up...

The shit is about to be launched towards the fan.

Situation status : SNAFU

I need to stay awake.

meaning of polytechnics

Heard the meaning of the letters for the local polytechnics...

Heard from only hor.. don't come bash me up...

SP - Sure Pass
NP- Never Pass
NYP- Not Yet Pass
RP- Rarely Pass
TP- Ta boleh Pass

Now i know why i spend 4 years in poly, instead of 3.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Memory loss?

Come to realised a lot of things recently...

Or rather, come to realise that i forgotten lots things recently...

Someone told me that i was spotted on sat, i was there, trying to recall what the hell have i done on sat.

And i realised that i cannot remember what i did on sat.

Seriously cannot remember what i did, or went to on sat.

And on sunday, we went to a wake, and there, i spotted one fellow who looks very familiar, in fact, i know that i know her. She recognise me too, but i spend the whole night trying to recall where i met her, and what's her name.

What's wrong with my memory??

Saturday, August 16, 2008

On leave for these

No work today.. On leave...

But yet, no rest for me...

Morning till mid afternoon, went over to NUS for the community first aid for the Nursing Students. Enjoyed myself there. They are fast learners. Enjoyable to teach them.

And i thought i can go home rest (sleep lah) after that. Afterall, it's been a super hot day. (And i mean HOT!)

Not so... DC called and off i went to West Coast Park for a duty. DC called after i had parked my car somemore!

It's been donkey years since i went to West Coast Park. Super donkey years.

A park. Seaside. Sunny day. Lots activities. VKP around. Other models around. With all these situations, how could i not whipped out my trusty canon camera to take photos??

So, here are the photos. Enjoy!

A nice scenery of the sea, with PSA port, terminals in the back ground.

And not to forget, engineering works.

Somehow, it ain't look peaceful... So, i decided to focus on 2 groups of models for my camera.

Guess who's the first model??

He's none other than........ the usual.....

Can guess?? Come on... it's that simple...


I'm flying!!

And they got some works going on, apparently to plant some trees... Using an excavator.

How i wish my army platoon got one of those excavators during our upcoming reservist In-Camp Training.

Definity will get recon 1 for our shellscrapes. No contest.

Hopefully the Chief of Army sees my post and spare a thought for us.


Alright. Here's the continuation of my blog. More of vkp.

And i turned my attention to the rest of the West Coast Park.

Like the events...

The public...

The funnier side of the public...

The nature... like the SUN...

The sand...

And the sea...

Nah.. this ain't a Navy advertisement. Cos there's things to add...

Like the clouds...

The flower...

Bored people...

Which is part of my next group of models...

Tried some photo styles, but i guess, i failed miserably. Couldn't get what i wanted.

Can see? Simply could not capture what i wanted.


So, don't waste their time, and let them have some fun...

Sunset time.

Time for photos again...