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Monday, August 11, 2008

NDP 2008

Alright.. National day is over... Time to go back and work.

The weekend was tiring... Very tiring... Very super duper freaking tiring.

In fact, on sat morning itself, i was so tired that i have to put on an act...

Act busy...

And soon, the contingents came.. The last chance to take unglam photos of the participants from the SJ contingent. In actual fact, i only got the morning to do so.

I will be banished to the exile island for the rest of the day.


And soon, i was "sentenced" and banished to the exile island... National Stadium Carpark B. It's more exile than carpark F, more isolated, more desolated piece of tar on a isolated piece of land which hold a isolated stadium.

And it rained.


Dinner did taste a bit funny with rain water.

Turnout a couple of times, which may impressed the few passerbys, while i swear, the police forward command post personnal look on at us with amused.

The only good thing was that i was able to capture the heart, which from my views, is a very distorted one. Perhaps from the angle.

And the rest of the RSAF Black Knights display, which in my view, from a super far distance away, ain't very impressive.

I was bored. Damm it.. For this year's NDP, i ain't have a chance to go into the stadium somemore!!

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