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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

An interesting weekend

Hmmm... an interesting weekend had gone past.

Friday. After the fireworks display, i went for an interesting spin. Cannot talk too much about that spin here, but i learned something that day.

Sat. Spend the whole day sleeping, except for the morning part taking the student's First Aid Exam. Was trying my hardest not to get pissed off.

Sunday. Went to HQ for meeting. I was late, yet early.

After meeting, went for a spin around Singapore. North, South, East, West, Central, I went thr it all.

Ended up at Changi Airport, T1 for dinner and T3 for a walk and to sent someone off. First time went to T3, and well, got some surprises. I mean, in the new T3, there's a couple of displays, like some mushroom that looks like a nut, a onion that looks like dunno what, a display of an engine and propellers.

but the best display of it all was this...

a fire extinguisher.

In the sky train, when the train was about to move off or stop, there's this announcement to warn the communters to hold the handrail, GL did hold on. Tightly.

Wait.. that's not holding on tightly... That's hugging the pole...

Thank god that it's only hugging the pole.. What next? Pole dance?

And the reason why we were at the airport. CT is going off to US to further her studies. We were there to send her off.

The forever 4 buddies.

Dunno why they always like to squat down... haiz~~

Zone 3 people... Wait!!! except one

The whole group of people who is sending CT off...


My.. ain't she popular?

Yah... you wanna know the story of the Mopiko drink? Am waiting for GL to post, so that i can "cut and paste" from his blog.

Me too lazy lah...

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