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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A real life comedy scene

Every month, a trip to the HDB branch office at CCK unfolds a entertaining scene, which i find it mightly amusing, a total comedy.

Wait. First, let me tell you why am i at the HDB branch office monthly. The reason i go there is to buy a greeny round piece of expensive paper. Its very expensive, and can only use for a month. It's only uses is just for display, to prevent you from getting another expensive piece of long rectangluar greeny piece of paper, which is known commonly as a summon.

Yes. I am talking about season parking coupon. Why expensive? Because it costs S$65 a month. My carpark is an open air one. Multi-storey carparks charge S$90 monthly.

So, if you are free, walk around your carpark with a counter, count the number of cars/vans/lorries, multiply with the amount, and see what HDB earns by just letting people park their vehicles monthly.

Anyway, back to the main topic.

I was at the HDB branch office during lunch time. As i was walking away from my van, towards the lift, a guy suddenly rush past me. At first, i could not comprehend what happened. But in the next few seconds, i saw it... He was trying to get into a lift when the lift doors are starting to close. He was running really fast. Sad to say, he made it.

So, i press the button for the next lift. There are 3 buttons, and by pressing any button, will activate all the 3 buttons and lifts. So i wait, patiently. Another guy came in, and press all the 3 buttons. Another lady came soon after and press all the 3 buttons, again and again and yet again and again, this time, with force. I am amazed that the buttons can withstand all those punishment.

I was standing at the center of the 3 lifts. Soon a small crowd gathered at the lifts. All pressed the 3 buttons if like pressing all the 3 buttons will allow you to strike the 10 million TOTO jackpot.

One lift came down. The crowd rushes to the door. It stopped at level 1. (we were at B1). By this time, the center life came directly down to B1, and since i was at the center, i should be the first one into the life.

I was wrong. The moment the sound chimes to signal the lift's arrival, the crowd rushes like mad to the enterance, like they are going for a 90% discount sale. Sad to say again, i was the last one to enter the lift.

At 7th floor, where the HDB office is, again, everyone rush out and go into the office. There was a long queue at the counters. Some started running towards the queue at a pace that is definity much faster than my grandmother. (An army joke), at a pace that would have made my CSM proud.

So, we queue up. An indian man tried to cut my queue (i was standing precisely at the turn point), and that evoked hostile stares from the ppl behind me. I informed him that we are also part of the queue. He than went all the way to the counter, and this time, evoked hostile stares from all the ppl in the queue.

He noticed the stares and left the scene. Thankfully, or Singapore might have a mass casualty incident.

As i was queueing, i saw the same scenes again. Each time a lift arrives, it would disgorge a handful of ppl, and some ppl would take the chance to do some serious workout, a 30 meter dash to the line at a speed which would shame a PTI.

It happens every time i was there. More so today, as today is the last day of the month, and its lunch hour.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Stages in life

I came to realise one thing....

People at different ages react differently to relationships. When i mentioned relationships, i mean BGR. And not only they themselves react differently, their parents also react differently.

Look at it...


Young Stage

When we were young, as in kindergarten school, the teacher would form us up into 2 lines. One of them is boys and the other line is formed up by girls. Normally, the boys and the girls would not want to hold hands with each other, or when they are forced to, will evoke a "Eeeee!!!" from the boys and "Yucks!!!" from the girl.

And when a boys got close to a girl in kindergarten or primary school, the other ppl will exclaim that they are sissy, or the like.

Parents who see that will often tease their child about "that girl" that held hands with their boy, or asking about how's that girl like.

Teenage Stage

During this stage, boys will start to have a crush on the fairer gender and vice versa. Normally, at this stage, they will start going out secretly, without telling the others, except for their best friends. No "Eeeeks!" or "Yucks!" when they hold hands.

For the parents, all the teasing will stop, and parents will normally sternly lecture their kids about studying, future or the consequences of having partners at this stage. Parents normally will object to a relationships of their kids, and parents of teenage girls will normally dislike the guy on their first sight.

Young Adult Stage

This stage will start another change. Your friends will dare you to talk to a girl, to hold her hand. No more mentioning of being sissy when guys get close to girls. Couples going on a relationship at this stage will not do it secretly, except for some who rather maintain a secret to their parents.

Parents on the other hand, will always try to pry into your relationships information. Not much of an objection to you going out on a date, and sometimes, your parents will start to tease you back being in a relationship. When you bring a date home, its interrogation time for your unfortunate date, and later, when your date is has went home, your parents will then tell you their accessment of your date. No more instant dislikes at this point.

This stage will also start when your parents will tell you about their relationship when they will young.

Adult Stage

You know you are at this stage when ppl around you are getting married.

Your friends will try to matchmake you to the opposite sex who are still single and avaliable at every chance. They will speak good of you, or the other party, which frequently turns out to be a failure. Friends will ask you the question: "when you getting a date?"

Your parents will enlist the help of their relatives to join forces to "pressure" you to go into a relationships. At this stage, when you bring a date back for the first time, parents will not interrogate the date, rather, the relatives will do the job.

Parents normally will not have comments about your date.

Older Adult Stage

Friends will more or less stop matchmaking of their friends to you, but they will still ask the ever hateful question "When you getting a date and marry?"

Relatives will just keep quiet, and parents will shake their heads and resign to fate.


Does this happens to most of you out there?? Think about it.

Something wrong

Something wrong's with me nowadays....

Maybe i am sick... maybe i had suddenly aged... But it seems to me nowadays, i am losing my memory and my concentration... to a serious extend.

Take yesterday for example... I changed my motor mount for my kite. The motor was bound by 2 screws, and as i unscrew them, i tell myself that i cannot drop the screws, as it will disappear. Then i lost one of them.

Took Viper, me and ZX quite a long time to search for it. (we were at a badminton court below AF's house).

I reach home. Realised that my house keys were missing. Went searching my entire van for it. Called ZX and AF to see if i had dropped them at the badminton court.

Finally called my home, and my dad told me that i had forgotten to take my keys. In fact, i had unlock the metal grills, went out, and just go out, without locking the door.

Today... went out without taking my mobile... had to make a detour to go home and take it. I had tell myself eariler to remember to take my mobile... and i had forgotten to take it.

What's wrong with me??

Monday, February 26, 2007

More than Monday Blues

I think today is more than just the Monday blues... A storm is brewing in my head... A perfect storm of hurricanes, twisters and my brain is starting to spin round and round, just like in a dryer.

Headache had come a-knocking on my head again. My eyelids are heavier, my stomach is doing sumersaults on my lunch.

And the worst thing is, i am still in the office...

I think i am suffering from PMDTDS.

"Post Multi Duties Tireness Depression Syndrome".

Its back...

Its back....

Days of holidaying, relaxing are over... its back to work, Mondays to Fridays... No more holidays till April. It's back to the same old thing... Car parks quite full today. Seems like the festive seasons had all gone and all the staff are dragging their souls back to work.

Its a Monday. Feeling the blues. Maybe, i had a smoking night, with the ppl burning all the joss, paper, and the sugarcane, with all the cracking sounds that sounds like a pop gun going amok, spitting out pellets all the time.

If you had a similar light to mine, bear in mind its burns in the name of religion. So, try to bear with it. Harmony breeds prosperity.

After Chingay duty on Saturday, i was feeling weak when i met with my friends early in the morning. I was feeling very hungry, so, i went for a ba chor mee supper with AF, and ended up throwing up half the mee that i ate. After i reach home, i felt very weak, developed a fever, and a severe headache, and seeing double.

Slept for a long long time. Missed a SJAB CNY gathering at HQ, woke up late in the afternoon. Felt a hangover. Just lay around in my bed, drifting into sleep every now and then, woke up with a start, basically doing nothing while waiting for my head to get lighter... Slack the whole time at home.

And that's why i got the blues today...

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Chingay / First Aid duties

Chingay 2007. Parade of dreams....

Chingay procession has been around in Singapore for many years, and in the past few years, it had process from a local event to an international one. Now, various cultural groups and organisations are invited to Singapore to perform in Chingay from around the world.

I got not much memories from Chingays in my past. All i know is that Chingays in the past consists of beautiful floats going around Singapore, and it always happen around CNY period.

For the past few years, i had been covering medical duty at Chingay. I cannot recall exactly which year did i started going for it. Chingay is always a messy affair, the coverage area is big, the road closures are a hassle for our ambulances... Its sometimes to me, the most messy duty of the duties covered.

Yesterday night is the Chingay preview. 2 cases of casualties. Both happens around my area. But what caught me unawares and pissed off is a lady.

The whole orchard road is closed off. All the way up to Plaza Singapura. What the lady wants (does not seem to be a local lady to me) is just to cross the road and go home. That's all she wants... as she had claimed. But due to the closure, no one can cross.

She came up to us, asking where is the underpass, and HP directed her to Orchard MRT station. (we were stationed at killney road). She got angry and started shouting at us. Appreantly, someone had directed her to walk down, and now, we are directing her to go back up.

In the end, we just shooed her off to the Cisco police officers, whereby she spend 15 minutes talking to a officer there.

Come on lah... WE ARE NOT THE ORGANISATOR, WE AIN'T A INFORMATION COUNTER!!! WE ARE JUST THERE TO PROVIDE MEDICAL COVER TO THE EVENT!!! SHOO OFF, ALL THOSE PPL LIKE HER!!! All she asking is where to get to a underpass. And we directed her to one, and she just flared up like that.

Other members of public did ask us about the crossing too. We told them in a nice manner, and ended up joking with the members of public. It was so unlike that damm lady... We know the constraints face by them, we are also facing the same constrains (there's a 7-11 just opposite us, but it might as well be miles away). Everyone is facing the same problems, and they can face it in a jovial manner, so, what's her problem, why can't she?

Macham like we can stop the whole procession just to let her cross the street....

HELL, We cannot stop the procession even just to sent a casualty across the street!!!

I hope this message goes out to all.


I mean, if you have any queries, i will be happy to help you to the best of my knowledge and ability, but bear in mind that we are not the organiser, we do not know everything. We only have a mission in the event, and that mission is to provide medical cover to the event, to the organiser.

Thank you.

Friday, February 23, 2007

CNY countdown Photos

The CNY Countdown photos are out!

SJAB volunteers in action along the busy road of Chinatown.

Part of the SJAB team. We have been providing medical cover for CNY countdown for about 5 years. A lot of us skipped our reunion dinner for this duty.

The duty siaos.
As what HS had written in a past SJ newsletter... While the others are having dinner at home, we are doing duties.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

CNY holidays are over

Well, the CNY holidays are over, and its working day again...

So, how's the yields for CNY? In terms of ang pows collected and in terms of gambling?

I almost strike 2nd prize for 4D... Well, almost... I received a Ang Pow from DC, who is accompany the god of fortune during the CNY countdown duty. Inside the ang pow is a set of 4 numbers.

So, i let my friends know what's the numbers, contribute a bit of money to buy the numbers.

That 4 numbers open... only thing is, in different sequences...

So much for good fortune huh?

Talking about good fortune, the year of the pig is supposed to be a very good year for ppl who is borned in the year of the horse, as "spoken" by DC's mentor, the god of fortune during the CNY countdown. He is a master in chinese horoscopes and the like. However, ppl born in the year of the horse needs to save up, as the next year, in the year of the rat, is supposed to be a bad year for the horse.

For me, this CNY is considered to be good, bad, busy for me. Good, as in i got lots free times, to catch up on my sleep, to hang around, doing nothing for the first time. Had been busy recently, and CNY is a perfect time for me to laze around, doing nothing.

Bad as in terms of relative visiting. There is no absolute visiting at all. Not even a gathering of all our relatives. Also, my kite damaged. The crystal (a piece of chip whereby it recognise the radio frequency from the transmitter) is damaged, and i am grounded till i buy a crystal of the same frequency.

Busy... in terms of duties. Basically, all my weekends burned liao...

Went to watch ghost rider on monday night. Graphics is great, while the whole show sucks... We went back to AF's car and got a shock... There's bird shit all over of his car. The open car-park beside cineleisure is really a hot spot for bird shitting, and Viper got a direct hit on his head.

He has to go buy 4D or TOTO liao...

Monday, February 19, 2007


2nd day of the Lunar New Year...

Went to AF's house, ZX house so far... Nothing much... No relative gatherings...

Its the most boring lunar new year ever...

But i do like the peace, and quiet... and plenty of chances for me to rest and catch up on my sleep..

So, did you get lots ang pows?

Sunday, February 18, 2007

CNY countdown

The day has arrived. The new year...Year of the pig...

Went down to Chinatown for duty. As per normal. Fourth year in a row... 4th CNY countdown. And still going for it...Ppl are asking, if it eats into my reunion dinner timing.

All i can say is that yes, it does... in the past. But this year, there's no reunion dinner for us. My sister-in-law had just given birth, and its a rush to look after the kids.

But then, ask one saying goes, if we don't do this, someone else have to... And besides, doing duty with the duty siaos, nothing can be compared with that...


Let me inturrupt my initial blog with a special update...

Just now, as i was typing my post, YX called me... She informed me that there's a guy, lying on the sidewalk, face up. They stopped the vehicle, to assist, thinking that he was a casualty. but he is drunk. So, YX called me not to attend to that drunkard.

EC and me went down. The drunkard was still there. Tapped him hard and called... No response. EC turned him over. HE woke up, stared at EC, and went back to sleep.

EC turned him over, he stared up at us. That's when i told him this " You sleep here, police come."

He got up to his feet immediately. After checking that he is alright, we left him.

Damm drunkards... damm them totally. I just hate drunkards... ecountered too many of them, especially at duties...

Friday, February 16, 2007

CNY 2007!!

1 more day to CNY!!!

Here, i wish all my dearest friends in Zone 3, SJAB, the Duty Siaos, BP WLNY Supper group, BP RC Kite flyers, and all the others a Happy Chinese New Year... May you have a great year ahead, all your wishes come true, and maintain their health!


As per tradition, my boss will be giving us, the employees a treat. And the main office will be giving us an angpow. Have yet to collect, though.

Tomorrow is the eve of the lunar new year. It's the day for a family reunion dinner. But i most prob will not be having the reunion dinner just like the past few years.

I will be on duty. Medical coverage for the CNY countdown. This is the 4th year running that i am present for the CNY countdown duty. How time flies... 4 years liao.


Thursday, February 15, 2007

15th Feb

15th Feb... This day is always happening... So much things had happened....


1) It's the day after valentine's day... A day of poor unfortunate ppl complaining that their wallet had TA "dry"... Perhaps, A day of florist, restaurants counting their earnings with glee... A day of single ppl heaving a sign of relief that the romantic day is over... And perhaps, a beginning of a headache to some gals who had received gifts from different guys, and is still undecided who to attach to..... And so much more...

To those who had enjoyed valentine's day with your loved ones, good for you...

For those who held flowers, waiting stupidity for that someone to appear, which did not in the end, dun be sad. Nothing is going to be worst than that, and hope that you have the sense to sell the flower at daylight robbery prices to the poor unfortunate guy who needs it more than you...

For those who are waiting for that special someone to make the first move, with dissappointing results, dun lose hope. It maybe that your special someone does not know. Why not you make the first move? And dun tell me that you are a lady, and guys should make the first move crap. It does not work anymore...

For those single like me, there's always friends to go out with, to enjoy together... Anyway, valentine's day is also known as friendship day.

For the last few who did not go out at all, staying at home in front of the tube-box, lamating and wondering how the hell are you going to spend the night, I only got a word of advice for you!!!


2) Budget day... The whole country, especially middle-class working adults, and other Singaporeans tuning in to the budget speech, listening to the good and bad news that the goverment is going to offer. As the saying goes " AFTER THE GOVERMENTS TAKES FROM US TO BALANCE THE BUDGET, WE HAVE TO BUDGET THE BALANCE".


3) 65 years ago, the British surrender Singapore to the Japanese to start a life of hardships over 3 years and 8 months. That was in 1942, and that day happens to fall on the Chinese New Year.

In 1945, the Japanese surrendered, and British returned to Singapore, only to face the resentment of the local population, leading to unfortunate clashes, riots, that lead to the independent of Singapore, Malaysia and other South East Asia Countries.

Think of this... If the Japanese never surrender, what would have happen now??

Well, personally speaking, i think that we will have sushi for meals everyday....


4) This event is linked to the one above... On this day every year, at 1205 hours, you can hear something across Singapore... Its the public warning system.

Yes, 15th Feb is the TOTAL DEFENCE day. Total defence consist of 5 defences for the well-being of Singapore. Military Defence, Social Defence, Civil Defence, Economic Defence and Physicological Defence.


Whew... what a 15th Feb.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's day!

Today's the 14th of Febuary.

Its a very special day today. Know what's that?

It's a day whereby most of the guy's name around the world are changed to "ROBERT".

And yes, today is valentine's day... It's a day for couples to go saying "I love you" to their partners, bring them to a candle light dinner, movies, star grazing etc etc, a day for married couples to pledge their love to their better half one more time...

Valentine's day is also a day whereby businessman rubbed their hands in glee, thinking of all the $$$ that would be pouring into their toffers. Restaurants all over the world offers special set dinner for 2, and singles like me would feel out-of-place at those restaurants, with couples all over me.

Shops would offer valentine's gifts of all sorts, florist would have a busy time wrapping flowers, and delivering them. And the prices for all those items would be sky-high. Hence the name "ROBERT" for guys.

Cinemas would most prob be packed. Beaches will also be busy with romatic couples strolling, and with luck, you just can see a couple of cars shaking in some shady car parks.

To singles, fret not. Though you may feel lonely on Valentine's day, seeing all the couples hugging on the streets, do not forget that Valentine's day is also known as Friendship day. Go on, wish all your friends a happy valentine's day!!

Hmmmm..... just a question. Valentine's day is named after a fellow called St Valentine, and that's all i know. But what is the story behind it, i dunno... Can anyone enlighten me please?


Happy birthday to Jolyn!!! Her birthdays falls on Valentine's day!

This is the third birthday celebration that i had attended for the past 5 days...

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Chinese New Year

CNY is coming. 4 more days...

Have you readers done with your new year goodies shopping? Have you finish spring-cleaning your room? Have you bought new clothes? Are you all planning to have a reunion dinner, and perhaps to go to chinatown for the countdown?

Ask this question to any kids (16 and below), "Why do you like Chinese New Year?" and the answer they prob reply is "Coz got ang pows (red packets with money inside) to receive."

Ask me the same question and i will reply "Coz its a good time for me to have a rest."

To Singapore kids, CNY is only to receive Ang pows? I had seen kids complaining that the ang pows from that uncle contains too little money, as compare to that auntie. During CNY season somemore. They do also like to compare how much they "earned" during each CNY, and to resolved to go visit more houses next year, "just to beat my neighbour who got more ang pow money than me".

Hey, is that the meaning of CNY?

CNY is also known as the spring season. That means it's to celebrate the arrival of spring in China, to acknowledge the beginning of another 4 seasons of a new year, Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.

Its also to celebrate the bumper harvest of their crops in the pervious year. Its a time to celebrate with a feast, with whole families, relatives eating dinner together, known as a reunion dinner.

However, in the modern China, Singapore and other Chinese communities around the world, the main purpose of CNY is not there. You will still find it at urual areas in China.

To me, i can make use of the long weekend to rest and catch up on my sleep.


Pictures from KT's party

Here are some of the photos from KT's birthday...

Its the BP WLNY supper gang with the birthday boy.

The 4 chiobus posting.... Opps.... its 3 chiobus and 1 ghey lou....

The board that all of us wrote and drew on our wishes to KT, including all of other KT's friends.

The nicest deawing is done by our artist, graphic designer, AM!!! Can you spot where's mine writings? Whahaha... do that in your free time, if you got nothing better else to do...

Monday, February 12, 2007

Disabled lots

Imagine, there's a group in trouble... Out of good intentions, you go to help.... which is a success.

After the crisis, the head of that group fears that you have too much respect from his group, hence he losing face and respect, and bites you in return... You managed to escape, and when the same crisis happens... will you return to help?

This must have sound familiar to some of you, especially movie lovers. Yes, that is the storyline for the movie "Battle of wits", starring Andy Lau.

In the movie, Andy plays the character, Ge Le, from the Mozi trible, who preaches and believes in universal love, and that remind me of christianity.

Anyway, a country is in danger, and Ge Le goes to assist to defend the city, and its the battle of the wits between the 2 armies. Ge Le won, and won the admiration and respect of all common folks.

That's when the king and his adviser got worried, accuse Ge Le of staging a revolt over the goverment by winning the hearts and mind of the common folk, and arrested all those who spoke up for him, and excute him.

I hate that. I dun mind if ppl dun appreciate my help, but turning around and biting me back is the last straw, and i am sure it's the last straw for most of you out there too...

As the saying goes "Always remember the source of your water". (Chinese proverb).


AF, ZX and me went routing to look for plants in the wee hours in the morning. AF and ZX tried very hard to get a good bargain, but to no avail. They really tried hard, to the extend that other customers in that store could not help it but smile.

AF sent me back. (i did not drive), and at my house carpark area, he noticed a car parking at the disabled lot. That is normal to me... It always happens. The problem happens all the time (click to view my past posts)... i am immuned to it.

Anyway, there's a number to call, and we called the number. The operator told us that ppl will be coming in 1/2 hour's time, so we decided to wait and watch the show later... Waited till AF fell asleep. No one came.... Still we waited.

Till ZX cannot take it and wants to go home. At that point of time, still, no one came.

This morning when i went to work, the car was still there, and there's no summon.


For me, i never parked at the disable lots. $400 fine is a big deterrent for me, even though i dun think there's any disable person registering a car to park at my house area.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

2 birthday celebrations

Its Venod's birthday last friday, and Kenneth's birthday on Tuesday (if i am not wrong.)

The zone bought a small cake for Venod to cut, and later at night, at Kenneth's birthday celebration at a chalet, he cut his cake. So, can say that i had attended to birthday celebrations on sat.

Was out the whole Sat. Woke up with a splitting headache, rest a while, then proceed to NHQ for a zone activity. Afternoon got a zone meeting. And after the zone meeting, that's when we cut the sang the birthday song for Venod.

Proceed down to chervon at JE to kenneth's bday BBQ. Had a whale of a time there. Threw him into the swimming pool. And when he climbed out of the swimming pool, AF fooled him and pushed him back in.

Kenneth later started chasing us after he climb out again. And he kept on chasing me... Basically run around in circles, swevering now and then to outwit him. In the end, when both of us are panting, i gave up and allow a hug with him all wet. (from the swimming pool).

Played bball and flew kite there also.

Soon, its time to leave. (I initiated it). Basically the whole BP WLNY gang squeezed into my van, and when i drove out, the first thing that i saw was a road block. (on the opp. lane). This results in my taking a longer way back.


Friday, February 09, 2007

life and death, sweat and blood, rain or shine

It's Michelle's and Jason's wedding yesterday!!!

The dinner was fantestic... I would have enjoyed it more if not for some troubles hanging in my mind...

Anyway, a message to Michelle and Jason. Wish you have eternal martial bliss, and "good good make human" (convert that to chinese). Hope that you all will "live happily ever after."


Next topic....

Read a long E mail from EC. Regarding some issues in a organisation. I was touched by a paragraph from his E mail:

"What make (a organisation) special to us is the satisfaction of serving. In fact, our friendship within (a unit) are built on what I call, going through Life and death, Sweat and Blood, Rain or shine together during numbness duties and casualties. This is the kind of friend we have."

How true it is!!! Life and death. Sweat and blood. Rain or Shine. Numbness duties and casualties... We have been through it all. Been there, done that.

And i do agree that after going through all those issues, the friendship bonds of us, the Duty Siaos are even stronger than a covalent and ionic bond of molecules.

Reading that paragraph has provoked my memories. Sweet and bitter memories. Remembered the first time i went duty with them. When we are free, basically, we can go wild by just talking cock. When casualties are reported, the way we chiong can make a Infantry Commanding Officer glow with pride.

We had been so acustomed to each other that we actually can work as one. Without shouting of orders, instructions. We simply know what the others are doing, and and we should do, be it at the head or the torso or the feet of the casualty.

Remembered the time, NUS Splashdown 2006. There's a drowning incident. When the casualty was pulled up by the life guards, he had no breathing and no pulse. We swung into action. 3 of the duty siaos was there. We worked as one. That casualty revived.

Come on, duty siaos... We are one, life and death, sweat and blood, rain or shine... We work together, chiong together, have fun together and now, WE FIGHT TOGETHER!!! Let's unite and show those sorry bastards what we are made up of...

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Sad feelings

Put a fellow on the top of a organisation who cannot makes any decision, and listen to only certain party, with a committee of ppl who are keen on getting more and more power, biases, and below them, some ppl who reject every request, or over-quote for services rendered, and what would you get?

A total disaster, right?

Am wondering how come that organisation can still survive? Am waiting for that day when the organisation collaspe totally, and i wonder when. The thing is that the ppl at the top are too comfortable with their seats, their own bosses in their little kingdom, refusing to listen to the ppl who are in the field. With a few exceptions.

Perhaps someday, someone will be the whistle blower. Perhaps some one will wake up, realised that for the good of the organisation, for the reputation of that organisation, something must be done straight away. But at this time, anyone who has awaken will get shoot down, stabbed in the back by those who are still in slumberland.

Sometimes, i would really wish that those at the upper management would just disappear... *poof!!! just like that.

I am getting tired. Very tired. Tired of being involved in politics. Tired of working so hard, spending so much time in that organisation, and all i get is being bad-mouthed, shot in the back, stabbed, beheaded, degutted, while they smear salt on my flesh. Tired of not getting support (except the ppl and management from my little kingdom).

Maybe i should stick back to my own little kingdom, bo-chuping everything, doing what i need to do, nothing more, seeing the organisation name being sunk deeper into the stinking hole, and maybe, deserting before the ship sinks.

But deep in me, i know i cannot do that. I simply cannot be rats deserting a sinking ship. But with these type of higher management, i simply have no space to turn, much less chiong. But seeing the ship sinking, with us being tied up, gagged, unable to help, that feeling is overwhelmed.

As what my friend had said... "the last battle had already been fought and I had already perished in the midst of this crazy and stupid war."

Tell me, what should i do??

Is it worth it to spend so much time on something that you gets shot in return?

Sometimes, i really do want to meet up with Richard Marcinko.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Yesh... after a trip to a garage, my van radio is finally up and running!!

Yesterday night, we (AF and me) did some stupid things.

I got 2 car adaptors, and i had wanting to convert one of the adaptor to something useful when we are flying kites. ie: charging the batteries while i was driving. Both of the adaptors was damaged in my memory, but i am pretty sure that one can be used, and the other is FUBAR.

Let me side-step a bit here. In my dictionary, there are 3 stages of a situation.

Stage 1: When everything is progessing well, its SNAFU (Situation Normal, All F*** Up).

Stage 2: When something goes wrong, but still under control, its TARFU (Things Are Really F*** Up).

Stage 3: When the shit hits the fan, its FUBAR (F*** Up Beyond Any Repair).

So, i am sure that one adaptor is FUBAR. Only thing is, i dunno which one.

So AF and me crammed into my van. I started the engine and insert the first adaptor. It's SNAFU. AF then use a multi meter to read the output voltage. (The voltage is critical in battery charging, kite batteries needs only a small range of voltage variation. Any beyond that, you can say bye to the battery). In case you dunno, the output voltage in a car ciggie lighter varies depending on the engine RPM.

That adaptor could be use. The variations of the output reading falls within the range.

So i plugged out the adaptor, and insert the other one in.

My car battery meter's lights immediately went out.

"Oh shit..." i exclaimed.

"Simi Tai Chi" AF asked.

"Fuse blow." i replied... "Only thing is, i dunno which fuse blow."

I took out the multi-plug head, unscrewed it, and took out the fuse. Not that fuse. Well, if's its that fuse that had blown, i could have replaced it on the spot, for i have spares.

Next, i uncovered the main vehicle fuse. Indeed, the ciggie lighter fuse had blown. And i ain't have the correct spares. (I only have 10Amp spares, while that fuse needs to be a 15Amp.)

The results of that fuse blowing results in my electric supply to my HP charger, radio, air ioniser etc being inactivated.

And just now, during lunch time, i rushed to a garage to purchase the fuse, with spares.

I dun want to be caught in a FUBAR situation again.

After that, 4 of us (VA, AF, ZX and me) did something quite stupid also. We wash our cars in the middle of the night. (It was way past midnight). All those are considered SNAFU.

Spring cleaning

My notebook is now in hospital. Status: unknown.

What happen? Basically, it hanged, and after which it cannot boot up and reboot. So, called DC up and pass over to him to see what can be done.

Life without PCs and internet is a bit unbearable.

But then, i grew up in a world without PCs and internet. If i could survive then, i can survive now.

Yesterday (Monday), i did not go to work. And since i got so much free time, and without my dearest notebook and internet, i did something unimaginable.

I packed up and tided up my room. Unbelievable!!!

Masses of rubbish to throw. And i realised that there are 3 old mobile phones with me. I found 4 lighters. I found a long lost music CD, still playable, with a song that i had liked very much. I found items that i had listed missing or had thought i had thrown away. You will not believe the "lost treasures" that i had discovered while cleaning up my room.

And now, my room looks more spacious. And to be frank, my room is only 1/3 tidied. I dunno if i can finish in time for the CNY or not. Anyone out there wanna help me??

I had made a hard decision to throw away all my poly notes. Notes that i wanted to keep for future reference for 5 years. In these 5 years, technology had changed. The notes are out-dated. Besides, i need space for my new "Archie" comics that i had taken from AF.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Police checks

Seems like i got fate with the law-enforcers for the last 2 days.

Yesterday. We (Viper, AF, ZX and me) went Yishun for some supper and kite flying session. At Mandai Road, there's a police road block.

I stopped at the road block, a policeman with a torch light shine into van through the rear windscreen. He was shining inside for a long time. Too long for my comfort.

Next signal for me was to park my vehicle along the road. First time i have been stopped at a road block.

Our IDs plus my driving licence been requested. And while they are checking thr their ops room, we went for a smoke. Had a chat with the police too.

After the police had done their checking, we were allowed to proceed on the way. Nothing else... No breathalyser test... Though i wanna know how is it like...

Today. 9 of us had gathered at the training shed, basically to talk cock, to fly kite... Police came.

"Are there 2 groups of ppl here?" he asked.

We stared at him.

"Do you all know each other?" He tried again...

"yes." Viper replied.

"What time will you all be staying?" was his next question.

"Soon." AF replied.

"You all have to go now. Got residents complaining." he commented.

So, we all started to pack up our kites, and as i was packing up, the police came up to me and asked if that kite is for a project. I told him it's not. We bought the kites and Viper commented that the kite runs on batteries and its very quiet.

The police then waited for us to totally clear the area before moving off.

That's the encounter.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Kite in the tree

Thursday night. ZX received his first batispm of his kite struck in a tree...

In a way, that needed the help of poles to bring it down.

Finally... We had a jolly good time laughing...

And i flew badly. More like the kite controlling me than me controlling the kite. Maybe its that i had not enough sleep.

Vincent (my ex-neighbour who plays with RC nitro cars) came. He tried his hand on the simulator, and got the hang of it. He was fast.

And i tried my hand on the helicopter simulator, and still haben got the hand of it. But then, i do not want to get the hang of it to the extend that i forgot how to fly my kite...

Let me be a bit more pro first in kite.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

A shocking story

Went to plaza today with Anthony.

Target: The pet shop. Mission: Buy dog feed.

While there, i was looking at the doggies or to be exact, the puppies there. After Anthony had finished purchasing, we stand outside the shop for some fresh air.

At that time, a couple walked past, and turned to enter the pet shop. I was sort of looking at the gal. She is quite pretty, and it's a normal guy's reaction to have more than a glance at pretty ladies...

Suddenly, she turned her head in my direction, saw me, gave a little startled look, waved to me and said "Hi Simon".

So, i waved back and say hi to her. After which the couple entered the shop.

The next thing i did is to turn to Anthony and asked him... " WHO IS SHE, I DUNNO LEH..." During the precise moment when she greeted me, i was in a state of shock.

Seriously, i cannot recognise her, and cannot recall who she is, and the worst thing is... she knows and recognise me.

This is not the first time this had happened to me.

The first time was in 2002. I was taking distance learning studies at Far East Shopping Center. Before the lesson, i was at Burger King with GK, queueing up to order our meal, when suddenly, someone called my name.

It was a gal. With her boyfriend, i supposed.

I stared at that gal. I could not recogise her. My brain went into afterburner mode to recall all my past. No luck. I still could not recognise her.

"Cannot recognise me har?" queried the gal. "I am YY leh"

I was shocked... I stunned there for several moments. She is YY... I cannot recognise her at all. Its been years since we last met.

During the class afterwards, i was quiet. Very quiet. GK noticed that and ask if everything is all right. He knows something is wrong with me. I was one of the class joker. But that day, i was too quiet for comfort.

So, i told him the story.

YY was the first gal that i liked. That was during my Secondary School days. That reason was okie... What shocked me was that she still can recognise me, knows my name, and yet, i totally could not recognise her. That was the shocking part.

Is it that my looks has remained unchanged after all those years that ppl from my sec school days still recognise me?