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Friday, August 31, 2007

South Korean Hostages freed

Short talk

Happy 50th birthday to Malaysia!!!

Taliban free last of South Korean hostages
Posted: 31 August 2007 0333 hrs

" GHAZNI, Afghanistan : Afghanistan's Taliban freed the last of their 19 South Korean hostages late Thursday, ending a six-week kidnapping drama as Seoul drew criticism for negotiating with the rebels. "
Source, Channel Newsasia,

Cheers!! The South Korean crisis is over.

All the hostage are being released. But the sad thing is that 2 hostages had been killed in the process.

I know there's never a right or wrong in these heavy politics, nor i know the reason why the US and the rebels are fighting each other, nor why Seoul drew criticism for negotiating with the rebels.

I mean, it's a chicken or egg issue.

The rebels want freedom, and will fight for it. And when they fight, the US and her allies, in order to protect their interest, will sent troops to engage the enemy. It will never end. The more intense the fighting, more troops will be sent over to that area of conflict.

And the worst affected are that troubled countries citizens, who may caught in the crossfire, dying, suffering. Some organisations in the world will feel sorry for those normal citizens and sent in aid groups to help them.

And the rebels and the US, being stubborn, refused to give up fighting, and the rebels, knowing that they cannot fight against the large calibre and the technology of the US, started to kidnap unarmed non-combatants, who happen to be in the country to help them. (minus the religion part).

This results in other goverment involved, and the goverment, wanted to save their citizens, starts negotiating with the rebels, and drew criticism from other countries.

So what's the goddamm root of that problem?

Why can't everyone live in peace and harmony?

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hopes dashed

I was happily working at the office when my mobile phone suddenly rang.

Me : Hello??

Lady : Hello, can i speak to Mr S.O, please?

Me : Speaking...

Lady : Hi, I am calling from (what so ever company), on behalf of (another company name) and they are expending, and we would like to extend an invitation to you to attend a interview session.

Me : Pardon me?

Lady : No, (that company) is expanding, and we are offering you a career as part of the expanding process...

I was flatten... WOW!!! I AM BEING HEAD-HUNTED!!!

Pay slips stating 10k started to float before my eyes... Dreams of a brand new posh car, a bunglow, dream holidays started flashing in my brain.

And as i was dreaming on, i asked....

Me : What's the company again?

Lady : (mentioned a insurance company name), and we are inviting you to become one of our finanical advisor.

POOH!!!! The words came in like a sharp pin, piercing my balloon of dreams. There goes my posh car, my 10K pay slip, my bunglow, dream holidays faster than you can say "Damm it".

Me : No thanks. I am not interested.

Lady : Okie. Sorry to bother you.

And i went back to work in a not-so-happy mood...

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Going to be busy

Would not be posting so much these couple of days, as i am currently setting up another blog, on behalf of the SJAB Zone 3 NCO Course 2007 working committee.

It's going to be the officical recreational site for all the happenings in the NCOC 2007. Before the course, during the course, and after the whole course.

Meanwhile, trainees-to-be, stay tuned for officical blog release of snippets of news of the whole course, to get prepared for the course. And of course, the updated news about the course.

Wanna the URL?


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Pissed off

Some people just refused to change.

And they are still as irritate as before, asking me to clear their shit when they sit on a request for too long.

And calling me when i am busy working...


Monday, August 27, 2007

AGI rehersal


While almost everyone is still sleeping and one is complaining, i was awake (actually, it's late morning) to do some deliveries.

Met up with QZ and Sars to go watch a show at the stadium, AGI Rehersal, after i had finished my task.

Basically, we were there to have fun.

3 officers having a conference. This picture was taken at about a distance of 100 meters away. Still can see... WAH!!! I am amazed.

Saw my kakis over there...

Have a nice time with HW and TS, who were there on a offical duty, while me, a total spectator.

TS, still being the same is still forever "pose" for photos.

Get my meaning?

What's a event without a MC?

One of the MCs for that event is none other than GQ.

GQ later mentioned that that picture is very nice, which immediately prompt someone to do likewise...
I don't know, but somehow, it looks and feels different.

Soon, the MC announced.

"Ladies and gentlemen. Let's raise and welcome our guest-of-honor for today......."


And see the picture below...

What is he doing??

Is he not feeling well?

Or trying to tie the Contingent Commander's shoe laces?

Or digging for some worms?

Or the sun very hot?

Or did he dropped some money?

No... he's changing the markings for the CC.

After the whole thing, the 5 of us went to R.K eating house (yes, the famous no pork thingy) to have our makan. Somehow, the prata man doesn't look so fierce, but still i decided not to make fun of him, as i have no desire to spend the night in a police lock-up.

And we had a long great time over there.

Telling jokes, suaning people, talking about great plans, arrowing in the process.

And drinking lots drinks.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

PD - Netball

Short talk:

Jay's "The secret" OST sold out within the first 3 days... Not much stocks coming in.

Another day.

At Atrium@Orchard. (Outside Plaza Sing)

Doing duty... Bored.

But when boredness sets in, wildness comes out.

Guess whom that hand belongs to??? BOO!!!

The bored people.

Friday, August 24, 2007

New ERP news

I knew it's a matter of time i got affected.

And yet, the announcement came as a shock to me. And now, i am being affected in every way i go.

Going to work, Going to HQ, Going for deliveries.

Major roads are going to be more congestion, while expressways are going to be more expensive.

There's gonna be more ERP gantries and extended operation hours.

Pictures are from Channel News Asia,

Damm it...

Spend some time thinking about it before i sleep. Now, it's "no horse run" (direct translation from hokkien to english, means cannot escape liao) for me. Going to work, going HQ, is going to cost more for me.

Unless i am either too early or too late to work.

Damm.... I might as well get a off peak car now, if i decided to use the timing to escape from the ERP charges...

Comes at a nice time, when the public transport fares had increased, and the GST had went up.

And to think of it, this ERP thingy will give the public transport companies, SMRT and SBStransit another excuse to yet increase the fares again.

Singapore is becoming not a easy place to settle down, with the high cost of living. Cost of living had gone up, and my salary had not gone up to match the cost of living.

So, in other words, i am getting poorer and poorer.

As i think about it, the words "Stayer or Quitter" comes to mind.

A yearly affair... (Part II)

Okie. In day one, we played with the infant manikins...

In day 2, we play with the adult manikins...

Opps... What have we done? 7th Lunar Month somemore...

We are too bored....

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Just a yearly affair

Short talk:

I simply love Jay Chou's movie "The secret" OST!!! I will definitely buy it!!!


NUS (National University of Singapore) Medical Year 1 Community First Aid 2007

Yep. A yearly affair. To teach some basic first aid to NUS medical year 1 students.

Dun pray pray....
You been warned... hahahaha

I find it ironic. They will graduate as doctors and we first aiders will have lots more to learn from them. Their modules includes:

1) Adult CPR, Adult conscious choking

2) Infant CPR and Infant conscious choking

3) Bandaging

And the instructors are from.....

1) Singapore Civil Defence Force

2) Singapore Red Cross

3) St John Ambulance

And as per normal, we had our fun when we are too bored...

Wanna see a "Infant fight"?

"Ting!!!" Round 1, Fight!!! A suprise "No Shadow kick" from the rear!!!

I got you pinned down!!! let me take that big bottle and spray you all over with disinfection!


I lose balance liao!!! Ouch!!! My head hurts!!!

And some people, when they are bored, they just do this....

Sit there and smile, while stoning...

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sad life

If you think your life is sad enough, read this...

At seven, Lim Ah Liang was raped by a stranger. A year later, the boy found out that the man he knew as Dad was not his biological father.

Three years later, Lim told a psychiatrist, he dropped out of school where he had been branded an illegitimate child, and helped his mother at her hawker stall.

Later, while serving National Service, he went absent without official leave four times and stole, which landed him in the detention barracks for months.

Two years ago, in a sad and twisted climax to his life thus far, Lim killed his male lover, stabbing him 13 times in a money-related spat.
Taken from Channel News Asia Website.

Be thankful that you have a better life than Lim.

So, start living positive today.

The Secret

Short talk:

1) Yesterday (20/08/2007) was the 8th anniversary of me enlisting into NS. I went was enlist 8 years ago. How time flies....

2) Enountered another RTA at BP. Single casualty, not serious. This is my 18th RTA that i had helped out. Learnt something new about the SCDF vehicles also...

Went for a early movie. The secret, starring and directed by Jay Chou.

I was stunned. Very shocked.

For someone who starring in a movie for the second time, and directing a movie for the first time, the whole show is fantestic. Much better beyond my expectations.

Jay is totally suitable for that character. A new student, fantestic guy on the piano, who met and fell in love with a gal who has a secret.

The plot is good. Storyline is good. And there are 2 best scenes, one during the piano battle and the other is at the end.

At the end of the movie, there's a few questions hanging above my head. There's a few unanswered questions.

I kept thinking the whole night, and finally, this morning as i woke up, i realised the answer to some of them.

It's like when you wake up to a brand new day, it's like entering into something new. Just like in the movie. And of course, the answer comes naturally to you.

A show that is worth watching.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Personnal views of the National Day Rally 07

It has been classified as the "most important speech of the year" by Channel News Asia. The National Day Rally by Prime Minister Lee. What about Budget speech leh?

I missed that rally live on TV. But i got the important points from it.

Seems like mostly good news to most Singaporeans. The most important is that there's a 1% increase in interest rate for the CPF of Singaporeans. Finally, an increase that's in favour of us, instead of just GST and public transport fares. But only to the first $20,000 bucks or $60,000 bucks in all the CPF accounts combined.

That works out to an increase of $200 every year.

And unless you are freaking rich, you have to work long, till 67, before you can retire. That does not really bother me now. That road is still too long for me to see ahead. What i want now is to become freaking rich and can retire as and when i like.

However, if i slipped and fell in pursue of my dream of being freaking rich, at least i know there's a new re-employment law that will ensure that i get a job, no matter how low paying and how bad the working condition is.

Housing subsidies have increase for low income families.... Unless i am planning to get married, what about housing subsidies for singles? I still have to wait till 35, get a little bit of subsidy from the goverment to buy a 3 room flat, that cost $120,000. How am i going to raise all those money? I cannot expect the $200 increase in CPF yearly to bear the weight of $120,000 right?

That means i still don't have a place i call "home", till i reach 35. Or till i drop the (wedding) bomb on all my friends. But that's quite distinct.

Human Transplant Act has been changed to include Muslims on the list, unless they opted out. I am not sure about the religious issue on this, but i am happy to know that, if i got kidney failure, the chances of a suitable transplant for me will be higher.

And Education gets a boost if Singapore set up a fourth University. And that only further proves my point that you take a stone and throw into the crowd at a busy street during lunch hour, chances are that you hit a degree holder or higher, and along with it, comes with a law suit for assult.

That's what happen when you gets a good educated citizens in a country. Lawsuits are getting too common. The phase "Wait for my lawyer's letter" is becoming too common. Look at the Stomp! website. That trend is already there, when stompers post someone doing somethings, the normal comments by visitors is to contact the relevent authories to get legal action.

Maybe i should quit my job and study law now. Law will be the next big thing after life science.

Lessons of the brolly

Short talk

Want to see "unglam" pictures of me?? Go to Hwee Peng's blog. She's got more pictures than me.

It was raining these few days.

Picture taken from Stomp! website.

So much so that it was flooded in some areas, making people sleep longer, resulting in being late for school, making the traffic speed lower, resulting in those already late more late, and making the bolly (unbrella) sellers smile broadly, and the air-con dealers down in the dumps.

Ahhh... Talking about brolly.

I got some very bad habits with the brolly.

You see, i seldom take brolly out when i go out. The carpark is downstairs. I rather brave the rain and make a dash for it. Once in my van, i can now laugh at the other poor souls caught in the rain without a brolly.

But times had changed. My season parking is away from my house.

And when it rained, i need to carry a brolly, unless i want a bathing session. And i was so unused to carrying one, and it end being forgotten, left in my van, my office. And soon, i got no more brolly, and other drivers are now laughing at my poor soul.

Arhhhh.... This is Karma.

Can anyone remind me to bring my brolly back home from my office?

Sunday, August 19, 2007

A day's happening

Short Talk

After all the advertisements, hooha about the 2 new brands of drinks in town, "ANYTHING" and "WHATEVER", some hawkers still does not know what it is, and accused us of making fun of them...


Early sat morning...

While the sun had just risen up, lighting up the whole darkness to another promising new day, while the rest was still snoring at their beds, i was already at YTSS.

Waiting for the security guards to open up the gates to start some training.

Weather was not very good. So, we had some "lecturing" times under the shade. Briefing them on the expectations and the reporting time for an annual parade.

And there's one member that, that's more interesting in leaves than our "lectures". An aspiration to become a botonist when he grows up?

While others are more interested in the camera woma (HP) than our "lectures"

Smile!!! The picture is an evidence that you are not paying attention!!!

And it's the officers gathering once the whole thing is finished...

Went to makan (eat) at one of our usual hangouts, the one where we used to (not anymore) consume our famous "SEE HUM" (cockles).

I was about to illegeal park my vehicle at that food center, when the "Mata" (police) came. Finally, parked at the multi-storey carpark on top of the food center.

A quick recee by QZ reveals that there's no halal food at that food center. The muslim stall is not open. Well, we cannot have our lunch with a hungry Sars looking at us eat, so, the decision is made to go to sun plaza to have our lunch.

Ended up at the kopitiam. my first piority. Get tables and seats to seat 6.

Sars first piority. See if there's any halal food or not.

Lesson learnt. Next time, we goes out as a group, looking for places to makan, first task is to see if there's halal food for our muslim friends.

There's ain't any muslim or halal food at the kopitiam at sun plaza!!! Can you believe it? What's wrong? Kopitiam management having a race discrimination?

So we ended up having our lunch at this place.... (OPEN YOUR EYES WIDE)

Yes. We ended up at KFC.

And i realised that i still got quite a phobia over KFC, especially at this time right after the NDP, even though we only had one KFC food package during NDP. The phobia is still there.

I ate less and slower than ZQ.

And the YTSS people provide entertainment for us. By having a WWE match while waiting in a Q to order food.

Saturday, August 18, 2007


Suddenly thought of ET (a foster child in my house before, not the ET in the pervious post), as i was driving back home late at night.

My memories floodgates was triggered, and the whole wave of memories come flashing before my eyes.

How is he getting on now? How's his studies? How's his social life? Is he having good meals?

Will he still recognise me?

Suddenly, I miss him very much....

Very terribly much...

Friday, August 17, 2007

Recorded conversation

A "recorded conversation" that went something like this. (Am trying to re-produce this to the maximum accuracy)

ET: I got a headache.

SO: Fight fire with fire.

ET: ??

SO: Go bang your head on the wall. Hahaha... :P

ET: Cannot.. Like that my head will bleed leh...

S.O: Good. Then you will not focus on the headache liao.

ET: Can bleed to death leh...

SO: In that case, then pain will no longer be an issue to you liao, rite??


Sometimes, i think i am very wicked!!! Wahahaha

Calculations on this post...

Received an interesting E mail.


It takes less than a minute.

Work this out as you read.
Be sure you don't read the bottom until you've worked it out! This is not one of those waste of time things; it's fun.

1. First of all, pick the number of times a week that you would like to go out to eat (more than once but less than 10)

2. Multiply this number by 2

3. Add 5

4. Multiply it by 50

5. If you have already had your birthday this year add 1757 .... If you haven't, add 1756

6. Now subtract the four digit year that you were born.


You should have a three digit number. The first digit of this was your original number (i.e., how many times you want to go out to restaurants in a week)

*The next two numbers are YOUR AGE! (Oh YES, it is!!!!!)


Some people are so amazing...

And so bo liao... (Nothing else better to do) to come out with all those stuffs....

But still... it's interesting.

And another thing.... That fornula can work for all years... not only 2007... Just add one to "1757" or "1756" for every year that passes.


Thursday, August 16, 2007

What does the NDP mass display means for Mr Brown

Short talk:

Thanks for the concerns and well wishes from Sophia, Crystal and qz. Feeling better today, but still a bit "lost" and extremely sleepy.

This is a good one on

He was writing about the NDP 2007 celebrations at Marina Bay.

Boundless Flight: representing the swift migration of the top talents of Singapore, who leave for other countries, never to come back.

Then there was the Riot Police vehicles rolling in, disgorging riot cops. That just freaked me out even more. Again, I should have had the sound on, but my head went, "This is what we can do to you if you protest on the streets. We have the power to kick your ass so hard, you will think twice about protesting at all."

The mass Taichi display made me think, "This represents the taichi attitude of Singaporeans. Not my department, *taichi*not my problem, *taichi* not my fault, *taichi*"

The radio-controlled butterfly kites segment looked cool, but seeing these high tech kites made me say out loud, "This is the gahmen telling you to fly a kite. Don't like our decisions? Go fly a kite. Don't like the GST hike? Go fly a kite. Don't like the ministerial pay hike? Go fly a kite."

Is this what iss going on in your mind when you are watching the parade?

Me? Nope. I was too busy eating the Buffet dinner provided by the SCDF, eating pizzahut, and trying to stay awake on that day.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Feeling miserable

Feeling miserable.

My left nose had choked. The right side keeps running away.

I keep yawning. Getting restless. My eyelids are getting heavy...

I keep wanting to lie down and sleep. But it's not because i am tired or sleepy. It's something else.

I am displaying the signs and symptons of having a flu.

I looked like i just got out of bed. My hair is messy...

I got work to be done, and finishing seems so far away.

I am demoralised.

I am miserable.


Short Talk:

Day 1: Need to LUN!!! (Endure)

It's human nature to look attractive. That's why the fashion and the cosmetics industries are booming, and to bring the message of their products and services to the masses, the advertisement industry is growing also.

Don't believe? Take a walk down Orchard Road, and compare the number of shop selling clothings, clothing accessories, cosmetics, shoes, hair salons... etc etc... vs the number of shops selling other stuffs, like daily essentials, stationary etc.

Or you can take a walk to the heartlands shopping malls, and do the same comparision.

The shops are screaming to you. "Come in, and i promise you will feel, look better when you walk out!!"

Even advertisements, be it on TV, Radio. You will see slimming centers, hair loss centers, cosmetics advertisements, all telling you about the benefits of using their services / products.

And how many times were you tempted to go?

Arhhhh.... The power of media advertisement.

Some advertisements even got their own trademark "slogan". Like Nike (Just Do It), KFC (Finger lick'in good)... And in media advertisement, sometimes, their "speech" become household dialogue.

For example. Vidal Sassoon (shampoos) mentioned in their advertisements. "If you don't look good, we don't look good"

And sometimes, other companies would take the other companies "trademark speech" and countered out their own.

How??? Just see the photo below.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Just blabbering

Thanks to Mr and Mrs AM, ZX, AF, WX and KT for their well-wishes. I had forgotten about it, and they remembered. Once again, thanks.

Even though it's a special day yesterday, to me, it's just a normal routine day. Work, delivery, eat and sleep. Just like any normal day.

I just don't have a habit to celebrate it. Hell, i had forgotten about it even. Guess, that's what happen when we reach a certain time in our lifes that those things ain't important anymore.

I feel old.

Yah.... the website is up again!!! Here's my daily doses of humor!!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Mail from E mails

Another funny E mail that i had received.

Before marriage:

He: Yes. At last. It was so hard to wait.
She: Do you want me to leave?
He: NO! Don't even think about it.
She: Do you love me?
He: Of course!
She: Have you ever cheated on me?
He: NO! Why you even asking?
She: Will you kiss me?
He: Yes!
She: Will you hit me?
He: No way! I'm not such kind of person!
She: Can I trust you?

Now after the marriage you can read it from bottom to the top !!!!


Just another weekend

Another weekend had passed. National Day Parade had passed. Suddenly, i feels very old, and there's a reason for it. Ain't going to mention it here....

Quite a happening (not the good type, though) Sat.

A lonely bored shadow, who refuses to go to sleep.

Friday night, Hang out till very late, (or rather, early morning) with a group of friends (Read, washing our vehicles). After all, it's friday.

And one of the conversation that me and ZX had while washing vehicle ....
Me: I need to get new tyres... My spare is punctured, and one is wearing out.
ZX: Go change loh, then no need spare liao. Can save petrol. Spare tyre heavy leh...
Me: Then my tyre puncture again how? No spare liao leh.
ZX: How suay can you be? How often do you get tyre puncture?
Me: You'll never know...

Ended up going rounding to Woodlands area, to see the moon, the sea and the sand.

Even in the wee hours in the morning, the causeway is packed, full of traffic.

Yep. There's a lot of vehicles and motorcycles trying to enter Singapore. Even at 0543 hours.

Went back to fetch ZX to B.G for his trip to Malaysia. Here, i am, trying to plan a holiday trip, he is going on one. How i envy him... I guess, i really need a holiday trip to Rest, Relax and Recupurate. R cube.

And the results of fetching ZX??

Can you see clearly what had happen?? (I know the rim is clean. I just washed it on that same night.)

It's not clear, but my front left tyre had puntured... again... Second punture in 10 days. And this time, it's one of my new tyres (still new) who got kena. How come it never rain, but it pours?

Look at it... a big goddamm screw got into it. Until it's non-patchable. (the metal wires in it was broken). Suayness never comes alone.

I called ZX up, and we had a good laugh over the matter. How "zhun" can one be?

The only "heng" (lucky) thing is that i noticed it (funny sound from the tyre when you are driving) and rushed down to HT's tyre shop before the air is all gone. (i ain't got any spares for it liao. My spare tyre is the pervious punctured one).

So, i got to replace 2 tyres. And now, all 4 tyres are new tyres, while my working spare is the old one.

The rest of the weekends is spend on the BFA / AFA examinations at HQ and at home, sleeping.

I never knew that Doramon can be controlled by RC.


MS, this is especially for you.... Since you want that "Decent photograph" that i took at TTSH.

Here goes....

Happy?? wahahahha....