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Friday, August 10, 2007

NDP celebrations (Part II, the celebrations)

Went back HQ, took a nap, and what it seems like minutes, we have to wake up again, to have our own group's way of celebrating NDP.

We had a picnic at our HQ. Free food!! Pizzahut!!!

Seriously, for this year NDP, i am not sick of the pizzahut's sponsered pizza, in fact, i grew to like it more!!!

But there's ain't such thing as a free lunch, or rather picnic. Those pizzas comes with a price.

Yes. Washing ambulances. all the 3 big ambulances. Almost the whole ambulance.

From Interior......

To exterior

From the top......

To the bottom.

From the front.....

To the back.

From the engine.....

And the windscreen.

To the tyres.....

All of us did it.

And after the work, its play time, or rather, feast time!!

Our poor belated birthday boy....

Basically, though it's siong, especially the thousand-year strains on the top of the ambulances, had a hard time clearing it off, it's fun, especially with the whole gang.

And when everyone's rested enough, it's time to go NDP. I was back as the ambulance crew, enjoy free buffet dinner, having ice-cold desserts, ice creams, apple, and pizza as a night snack.

We spend time talking cock, telling jokes and playing police and thief.

Oh shit... both of us got shot. HW shot me and i shot him back..... with my camera...

And at night, when everythings over, 500,000 liters of water and 260,000 packets of food packs, few months of preparation, rehersals, it's finally over. YES, IT'S FINALLY OVER!!!

A wonderful day.

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