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Friday, August 10, 2007

NDP celebrations (Part I, The pre celebrations)

National Day went passed, and except for the school students, and those took leave for a super duper long weekend, the rest, like me, are back in the office.

And with it, pass the "exciting events" that consists of 3 duties, countdown, and a movie outing. All stretched from the 08/08/2007 to the wee hours on the 10/08/2007.

Duty at East Coast Park.

The Sun, The sand, The sea and lots of people.....

It's a biathlon, telematch, R&R events of a company. One of the employee, also our liaison, is DC.

JH giving the deployment briefing, while the rest looks on.

And there's nothing in the beginning. I got bored, took out my camera, and start snapping away.

The crashing waves. One can "capture" the amount of energy from those waves for our usage. Save the enviroment somemore...

It's ain't a very good weather...

A bird walking on the beach, looking for something to eat, ignoring the onrushing waves...

East Coast Park was crowded. There are people playing soccer, and a poor lady got "hit" by the ball twice in the same minute.

There are some people learning how to rollerblade there. I gave a lady some encouraging words.

And to most of them, it's a beautiful afternoon to camp there, hang out with their friends, and some chose to spend quality time with their family.

A happy boy plays with his bubble making machine, with his father, while the mother snaps a picture.

And the members, while bored, are making heart shapes from strips of paper!!

Who are they making for?? I wonder...

And when everything comes nearly to an end, and we are happily munching away on our dinner, we had a case, which was sent to the hospital, after which, we were given instructions to return to base!!!

And i left the group to go back to my neighbourhood area. I got an event, whereby AF and Viper flew their kites (and shot down one time each, thanks to those si gi na (little boys and girls), who have absoluting no brains at all.) after the countdown to mark the National Day at a Community Club's event.

And it's time to go for another duty at Siloso Beach, Sentosa. A beach party, where you got to see bikini babes, and musculur hunks, but i prefer to take a nap instead.

Everyone's prefer to dance at the main stage area, rather than buying makan, and drinks....

A very boring duty, and in fact, this is a last minute duty, that had went un-noticed. A overnight party.

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