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Monday, August 27, 2007

AGI rehersal


While almost everyone is still sleeping and one is complaining, i was awake (actually, it's late morning) to do some deliveries.

Met up with QZ and Sars to go watch a show at the stadium, AGI Rehersal, after i had finished my task.

Basically, we were there to have fun.

3 officers having a conference. This picture was taken at about a distance of 100 meters away. Still can see... WAH!!! I am amazed.

Saw my kakis over there...

Have a nice time with HW and TS, who were there on a offical duty, while me, a total spectator.

TS, still being the same is still forever "pose" for photos.

Get my meaning?

What's a event without a MC?

One of the MCs for that event is none other than GQ.

GQ later mentioned that that picture is very nice, which immediately prompt someone to do likewise...
I don't know, but somehow, it looks and feels different.

Soon, the MC announced.

"Ladies and gentlemen. Let's raise and welcome our guest-of-honor for today......."


And see the picture below...

What is he doing??

Is he not feeling well?

Or trying to tie the Contingent Commander's shoe laces?

Or digging for some worms?

Or the sun very hot?

Or did he dropped some money?

No... he's changing the markings for the CC.

After the whole thing, the 5 of us went to R.K eating house (yes, the famous no pork thingy) to have our makan. Somehow, the prata man doesn't look so fierce, but still i decided not to make fun of him, as i have no desire to spend the night in a police lock-up.

And we had a long great time over there.

Telling jokes, suaning people, talking about great plans, arrowing in the process.

And drinking lots drinks.

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