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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Just a yearly affair

Short talk:

I simply love Jay Chou's movie "The secret" OST!!! I will definitely buy it!!!


NUS (National University of Singapore) Medical Year 1 Community First Aid 2007

Yep. A yearly affair. To teach some basic first aid to NUS medical year 1 students.

Dun pray pray....
You been warned... hahahaha

I find it ironic. They will graduate as doctors and we first aiders will have lots more to learn from them. Their modules includes:

1) Adult CPR, Adult conscious choking

2) Infant CPR and Infant conscious choking

3) Bandaging

And the instructors are from.....

1) Singapore Civil Defence Force

2) Singapore Red Cross

3) St John Ambulance

And as per normal, we had our fun when we are too bored...

Wanna see a "Infant fight"?

"Ting!!!" Round 1, Fight!!! A suprise "No Shadow kick" from the rear!!!

I got you pinned down!!! let me take that big bottle and spray you all over with disinfection!


I lose balance liao!!! Ouch!!! My head hurts!!!

And some people, when they are bored, they just do this....

Sit there and smile, while stoning...

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