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Thursday, August 16, 2007

What does the NDP mass display means for Mr Brown

Short talk:

Thanks for the concerns and well wishes from Sophia, Crystal and qz. Feeling better today, but still a bit "lost" and extremely sleepy.

This is a good one on

He was writing about the NDP 2007 celebrations at Marina Bay.

Boundless Flight: representing the swift migration of the top talents of Singapore, who leave for other countries, never to come back.

Then there was the Riot Police vehicles rolling in, disgorging riot cops. That just freaked me out even more. Again, I should have had the sound on, but my head went, "This is what we can do to you if you protest on the streets. We have the power to kick your ass so hard, you will think twice about protesting at all."

The mass Taichi display made me think, "This represents the taichi attitude of Singaporeans. Not my department, *taichi*not my problem, *taichi* not my fault, *taichi*"

The radio-controlled butterfly kites segment looked cool, but seeing these high tech kites made me say out loud, "This is the gahmen telling you to fly a kite. Don't like our decisions? Go fly a kite. Don't like the GST hike? Go fly a kite. Don't like the ministerial pay hike? Go fly a kite."

Is this what iss going on in your mind when you are watching the parade?

Me? Nope. I was too busy eating the Buffet dinner provided by the SCDF, eating pizzahut, and trying to stay awake on that day.

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