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Friday, August 24, 2007

New ERP news

I knew it's a matter of time i got affected.

And yet, the announcement came as a shock to me. And now, i am being affected in every way i go.

Going to work, Going to HQ, Going for deliveries.

Major roads are going to be more congestion, while expressways are going to be more expensive.

There's gonna be more ERP gantries and extended operation hours.

Pictures are from Channel News Asia,

Damm it...

Spend some time thinking about it before i sleep. Now, it's "no horse run" (direct translation from hokkien to english, means cannot escape liao) for me. Going to work, going HQ, is going to cost more for me.

Unless i am either too early or too late to work.

Damm.... I might as well get a off peak car now, if i decided to use the timing to escape from the ERP charges...

Comes at a nice time, when the public transport fares had increased, and the GST had went up.

And to think of it, this ERP thingy will give the public transport companies, SMRT and SBStransit another excuse to yet increase the fares again.

Singapore is becoming not a easy place to settle down, with the high cost of living. Cost of living had gone up, and my salary had not gone up to match the cost of living.

So, in other words, i am getting poorer and poorer.

As i think about it, the words "Stayer or Quitter" comes to mind.

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