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Monday, August 20, 2007

Lessons of the brolly

Short talk

Want to see "unglam" pictures of me?? Go to Hwee Peng's blog. She's got more pictures than me.

It was raining these few days.

Picture taken from Stomp! website.

So much so that it was flooded in some areas, making people sleep longer, resulting in being late for school, making the traffic speed lower, resulting in those already late more late, and making the bolly (unbrella) sellers smile broadly, and the air-con dealers down in the dumps.

Ahhh... Talking about brolly.

I got some very bad habits with the brolly.

You see, i seldom take brolly out when i go out. The carpark is downstairs. I rather brave the rain and make a dash for it. Once in my van, i can now laugh at the other poor souls caught in the rain without a brolly.

But times had changed. My season parking is away from my house.

And when it rained, i need to carry a brolly, unless i want a bathing session. And i was so unused to carrying one, and it end being forgotten, left in my van, my office. And soon, i got no more brolly, and other drivers are now laughing at my poor soul.

Arhhhh.... This is Karma.

Can anyone remind me to bring my brolly back home from my office?

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