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Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Short Talk:

Day 1: Need to LUN!!! (Endure)

It's human nature to look attractive. That's why the fashion and the cosmetics industries are booming, and to bring the message of their products and services to the masses, the advertisement industry is growing also.

Don't believe? Take a walk down Orchard Road, and compare the number of shop selling clothings, clothing accessories, cosmetics, shoes, hair salons... etc etc... vs the number of shops selling other stuffs, like daily essentials, stationary etc.

Or you can take a walk to the heartlands shopping malls, and do the same comparision.

The shops are screaming to you. "Come in, and i promise you will feel, look better when you walk out!!"

Even advertisements, be it on TV, Radio. You will see slimming centers, hair loss centers, cosmetics advertisements, all telling you about the benefits of using their services / products.

And how many times were you tempted to go?

Arhhhh.... The power of media advertisement.

Some advertisements even got their own trademark "slogan". Like Nike (Just Do It), KFC (Finger lick'in good)... And in media advertisement, sometimes, their "speech" become household dialogue.

For example. Vidal Sassoon (shampoos) mentioned in their advertisements. "If you don't look good, we don't look good"

And sometimes, other companies would take the other companies "trademark speech" and countered out their own.

How??? Just see the photo below.

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