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Monday, August 13, 2007

Just another weekend

Another weekend had passed. National Day Parade had passed. Suddenly, i feels very old, and there's a reason for it. Ain't going to mention it here....

Quite a happening (not the good type, though) Sat.

A lonely bored shadow, who refuses to go to sleep.

Friday night, Hang out till very late, (or rather, early morning) with a group of friends (Read, washing our vehicles). After all, it's friday.

And one of the conversation that me and ZX had while washing vehicle ....
Me: I need to get new tyres... My spare is punctured, and one is wearing out.
ZX: Go change loh, then no need spare liao. Can save petrol. Spare tyre heavy leh...
Me: Then my tyre puncture again how? No spare liao leh.
ZX: How suay can you be? How often do you get tyre puncture?
Me: You'll never know...

Ended up going rounding to Woodlands area, to see the moon, the sea and the sand.

Even in the wee hours in the morning, the causeway is packed, full of traffic.

Yep. There's a lot of vehicles and motorcycles trying to enter Singapore. Even at 0543 hours.

Went back to fetch ZX to B.G for his trip to Malaysia. Here, i am, trying to plan a holiday trip, he is going on one. How i envy him... I guess, i really need a holiday trip to Rest, Relax and Recupurate. R cube.

And the results of fetching ZX??

Can you see clearly what had happen?? (I know the rim is clean. I just washed it on that same night.)

It's not clear, but my front left tyre had puntured... again... Second punture in 10 days. And this time, it's one of my new tyres (still new) who got kena. How come it never rain, but it pours?

Look at it... a big goddamm screw got into it. Until it's non-patchable. (the metal wires in it was broken). Suayness never comes alone.

I called ZX up, and we had a good laugh over the matter. How "zhun" can one be?

The only "heng" (lucky) thing is that i noticed it (funny sound from the tyre when you are driving) and rushed down to HT's tyre shop before the air is all gone. (i ain't got any spares for it liao. My spare tyre is the pervious punctured one).

So, i got to replace 2 tyres. And now, all 4 tyres are new tyres, while my working spare is the old one.

The rest of the weekends is spend on the BFA / AFA examinations at HQ and at home, sleeping.

I never knew that Doramon can be controlled by RC.


MS, this is especially for you.... Since you want that "Decent photograph" that i took at TTSH.

Here goes....

Happy?? wahahahha....

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