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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Woo Haa at my tagboard

There's a big woo haa (as described by mantou) in my tagboard.

To me, i am amused. Highly amused.

Someone by the nick of "DL" (whom we all don't know who) had wrote these "deframatory" remarks. "Let c how long u guys (SJRU) can last... bunch of action if very gd like that".

Upon reading that post, i could not help smiling to myself. That fellow is slapping himself. He mentioned the word, "action busybody". Think about it. Isn't he one himself? He's a busybody to tag such nonsense at my tagboard. When it does not concern him at all.

The funny thing is that he/she did not identify himself/herself. All he/she put in is "DL" and who are we supposed to know?

You all know how the police works. You want to make a complain to the police, they will have to ask for your particulars, and you have to give them your particulars before they sent in their patrols to investigate the complains. If you refuse to give them your particulars, they will treat the complain as non-valid.

It's the same to the shops, companies, corporate world out there.

So, i am treating that tag as "non-valid"

Another point. He may not want to identify himself, but there's a way to identify him.

I may be a ITI (IT Idiot), but at least i know that everytime someone makes a comment, or write a tagboard, or even visiting my blog, they left a "fingerprint" on it, in the form of the computer IP address.

And yes, i got the IP address, traced it, and now, i know that he's using Singnet as a service provider.

Internet is never anonymous, my dear "DL"...

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