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Friday, August 31, 2007

South Korean Hostages freed

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Happy 50th birthday to Malaysia!!!

Taliban free last of South Korean hostages
Posted: 31 August 2007 0333 hrs

" GHAZNI, Afghanistan : Afghanistan's Taliban freed the last of their 19 South Korean hostages late Thursday, ending a six-week kidnapping drama as Seoul drew criticism for negotiating with the rebels. "
Source, Channel Newsasia,

Cheers!! The South Korean crisis is over.

All the hostage are being released. But the sad thing is that 2 hostages had been killed in the process.

I know there's never a right or wrong in these heavy politics, nor i know the reason why the US and the rebels are fighting each other, nor why Seoul drew criticism for negotiating with the rebels.

I mean, it's a chicken or egg issue.

The rebels want freedom, and will fight for it. And when they fight, the US and her allies, in order to protect their interest, will sent troops to engage the enemy. It will never end. The more intense the fighting, more troops will be sent over to that area of conflict.

And the worst affected are that troubled countries citizens, who may caught in the crossfire, dying, suffering. Some organisations in the world will feel sorry for those normal citizens and sent in aid groups to help them.

And the rebels and the US, being stubborn, refused to give up fighting, and the rebels, knowing that they cannot fight against the large calibre and the technology of the US, started to kidnap unarmed non-combatants, who happen to be in the country to help them. (minus the religion part).

This results in other goverment involved, and the goverment, wanted to save their citizens, starts negotiating with the rebels, and drew criticism from other countries.

So what's the goddamm root of that problem?

Why can't everyone live in peace and harmony?

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