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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Of dreams and ambitions

Its amazing how a human mind wanders. Here i am, working right now, and started to think about my past.

During Primary school, a common essay topic was being tasked by my english teacher. "what do you want to be when you grow up?"

I wrote that i want to be a policeman when i grow up, and arrest all the bad guys in the world. During that time, with my primary school mind, policemen are the heros. They braved their lives, throught gunfire (maybe i watched too much TV at that time) to arrest the bad guys. They investigate and think of brilliant ideas to trap the criminals.

During secondary school, my ambition changed. My mum had always want me to become a doctor or a lawyer, but being the rebellious me at that time, i rejected the idea straight. What do i want to become then? Well, I dreamed of being a scientist (invent new things), i got interested in science, but soon realise that i am hopeless in physics. More interested in Biology. Led me to have an interest in Biotechology course in Poly.

Tried very hard but managed to get into the course. My ambition changed again. What's new? I wanted to become a researcher (in medical science) or go into forensic science. I dream of finding cures to diseases, or to investigate crimes. (Guess that detective part of me still exist huh?). Then i realise that to be a researcher, you need at least a Master or a PhD. Diplomas and BSc can only wash test-tubes. And its almost impossible to go into forensics sciences too.(How many murders you see in Singapore everyday?)Only the best of the best of the best can go into forensics.

Look where i ended up working? Am in the TCM industry. More related to (Health Sciences area).

How many of you peeps out there got into the industry that they wanted since young? So, is it wrong to dream too much, coz prob, you would not get into it? How many parents want their child to get into well-paying jobs? How many of you have the ambition of being a taxi-driver or even a char kway Tiao seller? (I don't mean these 2 jobs are no good, i am just citing an example).

From young, people always wanted to follow their hero's footsteps, but as when they grow up, they realise that the world ain't perfect after all, and their dream job is either not easy to get, or, not as interesting as they seems to be. Then their ambition changed as they got new interest, hobbies.

So, is dreaming good? That question, you have to answer to yourself. What is your ambition?

Dream on.

Words of Wisdom from the S.O

There's no right or wrong in dreaming, but dream the correct dreams.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Cues and Smoking

What a tiring 2 days.

Sunday, woke up super early for RT. Turned out to be quite relaxing. Then go home and fell asleep. Woke up, its already night time, go Bukit Timah to get thrashed by JB at pool.

Ladies, and gentlemen, there's a new cue out in the market, and stuart is the second one to try using the new cue.

Ain't the new cue looks cool and neat? i can even use to shelter you from the rain!!

Come Monday. Went work, had a bit of a quarrel with someone in WLNY forum, and finally, end up at the Q (Cue) shop with Jos, Stuart. The 3 of us got trashed by a 6 year old kid. He was that fantestic in pool, especially in 9 ball pool. Hope to see him representing Singapore in future SEA Games, Commonwealth Games and even Oylmpics, and to get a medal back for the honor of Singapore! Train hard!

Think there's a new movie coming out. It best suited for ppl like us.

"Thank you for smoking" (in a non smoking area???)

This is going to be a interesting movie.

Read in the news that the death toll in Indonesia exceeded 5,000. My deepest sympathty for the loss of families and loved ones. Wish that i could be there to help out in the relief efforts.

Words of Wisdom from the S.O

* The challenge in solving of the problem lies in finding the right solvers.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Durians, Giving and Taking and Earthquakes.

Hi all, seems like i survived the RT today. But not so hopeful for the RT later at 0800. (its now 0300 hours, as i am typing now)

Went down to Monique's house for dinner with Aaron, Joshua, Henry and Cai Ning. The chicken wings were yummy!! Thanks for the dinner, Monique!!

Last minute decision, we went down to Geylang. Guess what we did there? Dunno? wanna a hint? What's famous about Geylang?

Oh Yeah, the king of fruits.

Durian seller? Or rather, Durian Marketing Specialist?

Nope, Its the Durian Marketing Consultant!!!

Yes, we went for some durians. Yummy!

This is what happened 15 minutes later...


After eating, some people wanna go around to look at the other "famous thing" in geylang, but the final decision is that we are going back.

As i was driving back home, a lesson struck me. Its about taking and giving. Aaron initially wanted to go home after the dinner, but the others wanna have a durian supper. He gave in and join us. Stuart initially want us to tabao the durians back and eat together, but Cai ning wanted to eat there, for the atomsphere, so we gave in to eat there. (initial plan is to eat one durian there and tabao the rest back to eat.) After eating, the others wanted to see the sights of geylang, but knowing Aaron needs to go home for his medication, we gave in to Aaron.

Giving and taking is important not only in a relationship, but also in friendships and buddies. We have a happy durian outing today, partly to everyone giving in and sparing thoughts for everyone else.

When to Henry's tyre shop today to get the 2 front tyres changed. One of them is balding, while the other is getting unbalanced and may "explode" anytime. Reach there at around 0200 hours.

That's why i am blogging so early in the morning...


More than 3,000 dead, thousands injured in Indonesia quake

YOGYAKARTA, Indonesia : More than 3,000 people were killed and thousands more injured when a strong earthquake rocked Indonesia's densely-populated island of Java on Saturday, the social affairs ministry said.

At least 3,002 people were killed, more than 2,500 people were seriously injured and at least 3,824 houses were destroyed, said an official at the ministry's disaster relief center in Jakarta.

Thousands of families fled their homes in panic after the 6.2 magnitude quake struck early in the morning, many running for higher ground amid false rumours of a tsunami like the one that devastated the country in December 2004.

Many could not escape in time and were buried under the rubble of collapsed buildings or struck by flying rocks and debris as the quake devastated towns and villages across the south of the island.

Hospitals in the densely-populated ancient city of Yogyakarta, located in the shadow of the simmering Mount Merapi volcano, were overflowing with casualties. Hundreds lay injured outside awaiting medical attention.

Emergency rescue and medical crews rushed to the worst-hit areas as officials said the death toll may rise.

Aid agencies were sending tents and food to the area to help those left homeless, while an appeal for blood donors was launched.

The quake struck just before 6:00 am local time around 40 kilometres (25 miles) south of the city, rattling a region that had been on edge for weeks amid fears the lava-spewing Mount Merapi would erupt.

One of the worst hit areas was the Bantul district south of Yogyakarta which was flattened.

"There is only one house remaining standing here, that of the head of the hamlet, but even that is not safe anymore as the walls are cracked," said Ngadiyo, 63, crouching in front of the rubble of his house in central Bantul.

"I have never gone through an earthquake this strong during my entire life," said his elder brother, Jodi Riwono, 46, who was trapped unconscious under rubble before being rescued by a grandson.

"I thank God that I am allowed more time to live," he said. Purkasih, an elderly women, pleaded with passers-by to help look for her older sister Duljiah, who was trapped in a collapsed kitchen.

"Elder sister, elder sister," Purkasih wept as a dozen young men, some with open wounds, dug at the rubble. Seven hours after the quake they pulled out her body.

"Even us, healthy men, could not see if we could run, because of the dust raised by the falling houses," said Bakit, 18, a high school student, the left side of his face badly bruised and swollen.

"I was thrown by the quake and could only crawl out as everything was falling around me," he said.

Heru Nugroho, spokesman for the state-run Sardjito hospital in Yogyakarta, around 400 kilometres (250 miles) east of the capital Jakarta, told AFP 1,500 victims were being treated at the hospital, many of them in the hallways.

People of all ages with broken arms and legs and bruised faces lay out on tiled floors covered in blood waiting for attention. Bodies were covered with bedsheets.

The quake also forced the closure of Adisucipto airport in Yogyakarta, Detikcom news portal said. The airport was badly damaged, with the roof of an airport section collapsing and at least one person trapped, Metro TV reported. Flights have been diverted to the nearby city of Solo.

Meteorologists said the quake measured 5.9 on the Richter scale, but both US and Hong Kong monitors registered it at 6.2. Seismologists said the quake would not increase the likelihood of an eruption at Merapi.

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono ordered Health Minister Siti Fadillah Supari and Social Affairs Minister Bachtiar Chamsyah to travel to Yogyakarta immediately to oversee rescue efforts.

"The president is deeply concerned," presidential spokesman Andi Malarangeng told a press conference.

Malarangeng said that the president also ordered military chief Air Marshal Djoko Suyanto to send in troops to help evacuate victims.

Yudhoyono himself was to visit the region on Sunday, he said.

Yogyakarta province police chief Bambang Hari Sampurnojati told local radio that the earthquake was reportedly followed by tidal waves, striking panic in a nation that was the worst hit by the 2004 Indian ocean tsunami.

"We panicked when we heard that there was a tsunami. We were ready to flee," Yogyakarta resident Clemon Cilik told the state Antara news agency.

More than 20,000 residents living near Mount Merapi, which has been spewing heat clouds and on top alert for a major eruption, are already staying in emergency shelters after being evacuated from the slopes.

Damage was hampering the rescue effort, Sampurnojati said, with electricity at the police headquarters in the city cut due to a blackout following the quake.

"Electricity is out and communication is difficult," he told ElShinta.

Indonesia sits on the Pacific "Ring of Fire", where the meeting of continental plates causes high volcanic and seismic activity.

An official at the meteorological office said the quake was not related to the volcano, which has been rumbling in recent weeks. - AFP /dt/ls


Words of Wisdom from the S.O

There's no WOW today as the blogger is suffering from pre RT depression syndrome.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Of Decision making, Mac-donald and parking summons

I have a very fortunate life. Yes, sometimes i am broke, unable to get the things i want, or to save up for a long time to get the things i want. But think of this, I am not straving, i got a roof over my head, a job, a van, a TV and a DVD player in my room, my beloved computer. Am i living a good life?

To the many ppl out there in the streets, i am living in a very normal life, having things that are very normal and which the other process. But to some other less fortunate people, i am living in a life of luxury.

Interviewed someone today for a job opening in my company. He's not young, with a family of 3. He has been retrenched for quite some time now, his wife is not well, and his daughter is still schooling in a secondary school. He needs a job desperately, as been a sole breadwinner in the family. There's more to it that i shall not say, out of respect of privacy for that fellow.

To the many of you out there, the response is simple, just hire him. To me, i got other factors to weight on. Can he cope with the work? Can he handle the stress? Can he contribute to the company? Its not easy being in the management level, making decisions. Yes, my boss will back me up on the decisions i made, as long as it is justified. As a management level position, i am supposed to think more about the future of the company than other personnal life.

And also for the first time today, i got another major decision in my hands. Its about someone who has a medical problem, which makes him unsuitable for our daily company operations. Yes, i can follow the book, but i am putting myself in his shoes. Will i be affecting his future? What am i supposed to say if he applied for a job in some other company, and they called me for a reference? In the other retrospect, what happen if he substain injuries while working?

I hate making those types of decisions, but as a saying by Richard Marcinko, (founder of US Navy SEAL Team 6 and Red Cell) You don't have to like it, you just have to do it. I don't like it, but since i am sitting in the management chair, i have to do it, no matter how much i hate it, in fact, i have to get used to it, because, its just the beginning, and its gonna grow bigger.

My left middle finger got crushed at work. (NO FRACTURES LAH), but there's internal bruising and bleeding, and cannot close my finger, so, if you ask me to fold my hand into a fist, i will be showing you my middle finger instead. As at now, i am typing, i am feeling a lot better, can close liao, but will be in pain. RT tomorrow, see how i die.

Met up with Aaron at NUH after work. Both of us went down to Bukit Timah for a round of pool with Joshua. I need to vent off some stress of decision making. Monique came later, followed by Henry and Cai ning.

Went to Mac for dinner at Beauty World Center. Guess what we saw?

No one's cleared all the tables.

The burgers they serve us were only slighty warm. We were disappointed with the service. Worst is they got no napkins or paper towel. they had run out of it... Can you imagine it?

"enjoying" the food.

Went back to my van early, and managed to get off from getting a parking summon. Ahmad was near where my van was parked. Heng, has not reached my van. Drove off in a hurry.

RT tomorrow evening and Sunday morning. Going to be damm siong. Wish me luck.

Words of Wisdom from the S.O

* Experience usually arrives late and only after you had just needed it a few moments back.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Delivery and See Hum...

Yes, i am used to that. Know what i am refering to? Those who know me very will know. Those who don't know, well, i am used to driving around Singapore.

Okie, here's my route for today, for some deliveries.
1) Science Park to Enterprise Road
2) Enterprise Road to Wan Lee Road
3) Wan Lee Road to Tagore Drive
4) Tagore Drive to Enterprise Road
5) Enterprise Road to Balastier Road
6) Balastier Road to Sembawang Road
7) Sembawang Road to Bukit Timah Road
8) Bukit Timah Road to Bukit Panjang.

Can't see clearly in this photo, but the rear windscreen of this van is smashed... there's no windscreen at all...

Fantestic? Well, this is not my personnal record. My record is where i went to the 4 corners of singapore, North, South, East and West. Well, i think i just enjoy driving.

Some people will know why did i went to Sembawang. Here's what me and Halim did at Sembawang:

Oh Yeah, my lovely little SEE HUM!!!

Ain't Halim and me creative? This piece is titled " After see hum session"

See Hum, its thumb licking good, you better lick it good!

Falling asleep after see hum session...

Then, it another activation to pool factor. I think i am playing too much pool liao...

Goanna miss the movie today. Da Vinci Code. CY, Jos, Ah Wang going, i cannot. Sad. Nvm, i shall read the book some day.

Words of wisdom from the S.O

* Your learning ability goes down when your lips are moving. Faster the lips movement, slower the learning ability.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Guitars and music

Sometimes i wonder what is music and songs, and why does almost everyone likes it? The modern ppl likes the pop, rock, sentimential, techno etc etc etc. Last time, people use music and songs for chants, celebrating events, festivals, religion use music and songs for prayers, tribal people uses it for chants to ward off evil. There's one million and one uses of music and songs, and i am just scatching the surface.

Me? I uses music and songs as a way to de-stress and to relax, to enjoy. But how does it helps in de-stressing and enjoying? Is it because of the frequency of the sound waves that induce human bodies into a relaxing mode? I think i need to think about it, and if i got the answer, i shall write it in.

Went down to 2 music shops (one in greenridge shopping center and one in bukit timah) to look at guitars. Found one that i like, a TGM, but its quite Ex.

Another one which is more affordable, but halim says its not good...

Maybe i shall go to more shops to see. ( Halim recommands a Blast Guitar)

Since i am at Bukit Timah, played a few rounds of pool, with Joshua, JB, William. Stuart came after me and william left.

Well, i guess i shall sign off. Rather a boring day today. Time to go back to my guitar jamming session, folks.

Words of Wisdom from the S.O

Just a website link for this post.


My arms are aching right now. Yes, both arms, and soon, my legs will be aching, follow by my whole body. I can just feel it, soon...

Went for RT (Remedial Training) at Maju camp. My first RT. I feel like a complete fool, not knowing where to report in the camp. But thinking that Maju Camp is now the home of 6 SIR (Singapore Infantry Regiment, last time located at Selarang Camp, Changi) and i was from the 6 SIR during my NSF days, i felt a bit at home.

After warm up, we went for a 3.2km jog. (First round is the orientation round, followed by the 2.4km jog). I guess i was ill-prepared for the regimes of RT, i suffered cramps during my third round, and have to take a rest to stretch the affected area.

This was followed by Chin-up, a 2 way combination, to train up strenght and endurance. Followed by a complete body work out to train up cardiovasular strenght and endurance. Now you know why my arms are aching. Guess, i was not prepared at all... (i did not even water parade myself for RT.)

Mobilisation activated by Joshua for a pool session. I had played eariler at the canteen with Micheal (canteen boss), same as last time, best of 5. I won him 4-3, but have to leave before the 5, coz i am running late for RT.

Back to pool factor...Stuart and Joshua had bought a cue each, and i tried both cues. Joshua's cue is heavier and i prefer his.

I gonna hit the balls in

Since Stuart cannot hit the balls, its my turn to hit his balls

Dammit!!! i miss it too!!

I was on form... even though my arms are starting to ache...

Lets move back a day. Went to NUH to meet Aaron there...(He went there for his follow-up). Snapped new photos of his leg (new X-ray done)

Operation on Aaron's leg most prob will be on Tueday (30/05/2006), at which he may have to stay a night at the hospital.

Take care folks,

Words of wisdom from the S.O

* Everybody lies. But does it really matter? Nobody listens anyway.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Summer's Bday and New Paper Big Walk 2006

Happy Birthday to Summer!

Yep, I had a nice time at the party. Thanks William and Lina for extending the invitation to me and the supper gang. Wish summer have a fantestic year ahead, and stay cute.

Well, after party, its work time. Went down HQ for briefing and preparation. (i did not do anything loh..)

That's Enoch, who is very busy settling the admin stuffs using 2 computers at the same time!! But while we are busy, we also never forget fun...

For me, i am quite tired, and ACTUALLY fell asleep while watching movies on my notebook... (usually i will not sleep on such occasions...)

Comes the Big Walk day. I was stationed at HQ, so, manage to grab more sleep during the first hour of duty. Saw quite a number of people brought along their dogs for the walk. 10 kilometers for a dog is actually a long long distance for them, especially for miniture dogs. They are panting quite badly.

And while people are busy enjoying their morning stroll, some people are enjoying watching people busy enjoying their morning stroll....

While some other people just don't bother what's going on (kidding lah)...

Sent a case to KKWCH (KK Women and Children Hospital) today. A kid had fell, and substained suspected head injuries and fractures in his right arm. He was screaming non-stop. What piss me off (and everyone else too), was that i could not evacuate the kid immediately to the hospital, instead, i was told (by the MIKE DELTA) to bring the kid to the first aid post. What the heck for? He needs to be evacuated to the hospital. Why waste time? (It was around 15 minutes of time wasted) He was evacuted anyway.

I think that MIKE DELTA have no sense of urgency for emergency cases. What if there's a casualty that is very critical? What does that MIKE DELTA knows about managing ambulance services anway?? Does he knows about the term, "LOAD AND GO"?? A life may be lost from these unnecessary actions, a serious waste of time. Seconds counts.. The whole group of us was pissed off by him.

Well, went back HQ, damm suay, stepped on dog's poo. Maybe i must go buy 4D liao. Too tired, fell asleep in HQ with Enoch (he's the ground commander for the duty). We are that tired...

Tomorrow still needs to go back work. Hope everything turns out fine for me tomorrow.

Words of wisdom from the S.O

There's no words of wisdom today, as the writer, blogger is suffering from post duty tiredness brain-dead syndrome.

Friday, May 19, 2006

An afternoon with CY

Actually we (CY and me) have a great plan. Its going to be a great friday, but alas, everything went wrong.

Play pool with my work place canteen's boss. First of 5. Not surprisingly, I lost, 5 - 3.

My supposed program with CY:
1) K lunch (i cannot due to working)
2) Play CS at lan shop
3) Go Paragon guess shop to look at clothes.
4) Go watch movie, (Da Vinci Code atPS)

I added a program.

1) Go IMM and shop.

Guess what happen? Me and CY went to IMM. I only wanted to buy a printer ink for my company printer, but end up buying besides the ink, also a HP stand for my vehicle and a VCD. CY never buy anything. Spend quite sometime there till i realised its getting late.

Anyway, i saw this at a t shirt printing shop at IMM.

Find it familiar? Shu Yan and all the YTSS ppl?? whaahhaha..

Also saw this label at the windscreen of a car.

No need me to say anything. Click on the picture for a clearer view.

Drove down to BPP. Logged on internet, trying to check and book movie tickets. But, all sold out, SOLD OUT!!! unless midnight movie, whereby only front row seats are avaliable. Damm sian. Cancelled movie outing with the supper gang.

Rotted at starbucks with CY... till now.

A great friday turned out to be a dull friday. CY's program never went ahead, and here we are, rotting with William and Xinzi.

Words of Wisdom from the S.O

* Those who can do, cannot teach. Those who can't teach, administer. Those who cannot even administer, finally become successful consultants.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Aaron's bike, Part 2

Sorry folks out there. Think i miss out some critical information out there who are anixous to know more about Aaron's condition.

Some facts from Aaron.

Fact 1)
The other driver is a lady. (I know the ladies out there will start cursing me, but facts are facts.)

Fact 2)
The car substain front damages, while Aaron's bike damages are mainly on the right hand side ( you can view photos from my blog), so who knock into who? you guess

Fact 3)
Aaron was going straight, while the car was turning right, so, who has the right of way, and who should give way? you guess again

Fact 4)
There's a red light camera at that junction (pls correct me if i am wrong regarding this). If Aaron beat red light, then it will be recorded. And Aaron knows there is a red light camera there, will he be stupid enough to beat red light?

Fact 5)
Aaron's bike come to a stop quite far (about 5 meters) from the impact zone, and aaron was thrown (or rolled?) about another 5 meters from his bike.

From these 5 facts, i can ASSUME that Aaron was going straight, with the green light in his favour, the car wanna turn right, and it turn, and knocking into Aaron's bike. Knowing the positioning of the vehicles, and the damages of his bike, one can ASSUME that the car knocked into Aaron's right front and center portion of his bike, causing the fractures, Aaron's bike skidded and Aaron was thrown clear. Did the other driver saw Aaron's bike approaching, and what's her defensive driving actions, no one knows.

Anyone has any different theories from mine? can bring up and discuss. Thank you

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Aaron's Bike

What a day!!

Spend the whole day outside, ( i am at BPP starbucks now, haven go home yet). What have i done today?

Went Aaron's house. Drove Aaron and Monique to Ubi. Aaron got an appointment (write statement) with the IO (Investigating Officer) of the Traffic Police.

Went down to TP (Traffic Police) Vehicle Pound. Wanted to collect Aaron's bike. But they are closed for lunch. (1200 - 1400).

Went Hougang for lunch. Jio HS also. (HS, all the best for your interview!). Thanks Monique for the lunch... Went back to TP Vehicle Pound to collect Aaron's bike. Okie fellows, i know you all wanna know the condition of his bike, so, here goes.)

As you all can see, his bike is being towed to a bike shop in senrangoon, to a shop called Glen Enterprise, and this shop specialised in repairing and claims of bikes invloved in RTA (Road Traffic Accident).

Finally, we all ended up BPP starbucks, where i am enjoying a cup of ice-blended mango flappuccino (thanks to Aaron bro) and a mango cheesecake.

Aaron going for follow up on his leg tomorrow. Wish his leg can be operate on soon, and before that, Aaron!!! Go all out to enjoy yourself this coming sat!!

Words of wisdom from the S.O (someone told me not to call myself asshole, but S.O)

The quickest way to double your money is to fold it in half and put it back in your pocket. Similar way you can quadruple.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Supper gang outing

Its been ages since the supper gang had an supper outing.

Went down starbucks at BPP, and its one of the largest outing since god knows when. William, Lina, Joshua, Rina, Aaron, Morique, Stuart and me were there. Man, we have a joival time out there.

Chatted about that fateful day, while Joshua, William and me at starbucks, when that call came in. Aaron involved in an accident and in hospital. During that time, we were shocked, but when we chatted about it now, it seems funny. Guess, when everything's fine, we all can laugh over it, and when something is not right, its not fun at all.

Also chatted about the times in the hospital where Aaron chatted about nonsense stuffs, like KFC, Roller Coaster, World Cup, etc... We all had a good laugh.

Good to see all in a good mood, having a good time tonight. Hope to see the old regulars back as well as new blood in the supper gang.

Words of wisdom from the asshole:

If you want a winning team for the high jump, you find one person who can jump seven feet at once, not seven people who can jump one foot each and try to mount on top of each other.

Monday, May 15, 2006

A brother's love

Something happened on my way home just now. Run into the same ice-cream van which me and CY had chased all around BP a few days eariler. Bought an ice-cream and chatted with the ice cream seller.

Saw my neighbour bring her son (about 3 or 4 or 5 years old) down to buy ice cream. So, we went up together. In the lift, an uncle (whom we all know, but seriously, i don't know his name) ask the little kid to give him some ice cream to eat. The boy flatly refused again and again... Ahhh, the selfishness of the human race...

So the uncle said "You don't give me some ice cream, i shall carry away your baby sister". Upon hearing these words, the little boy immediately gave a scoop of his ice-cream to the uncle. The uncle refused, and the boy insisted, until the lift stopped and the uncle went out.

We continued on upwards in silence. I am thinking about other stuffs when upon reaching our floor, the little boy's mum (my neighbour) said "that uncle (me) is going to our house to carry away your sister."

The little boy grew panic, and started to chase after me (i was walking quite fast). When he realise that he could not outpace me, he started to do something that all of us (especially the gals) are good at... he started to cry, wail and scream. This stopped me in my tracks. I turned around and told him that i am going back home, and not to his home. He cried louder. His mum tried to explained that i am not going to carry away his baby sister, he cried louder still.

All these mayhem continued till i walk pass their house straight towards my doorstep, and hey persto!! He grew silent and suddenly he said one thing, " kor kor (brother) , bye bye"

It may sound comical to you readers out there, but, this struck me one thing. That little boy is only around 4 years old, but he protects his baby sister fiercely. Is this what we call brotherly love? he refused to give the ice cream to the uncle in the lift, (all humans are like that) but upon hearing that his baby sister might be carried away, he selflessly gave his ice cream away, and insisted when the uncle refused his ice cream?

He tried to stop me by chasing after me, and cried, wail, scream when he was informed that i am going to carry away his baby sister. All these actions only meant one thing. HE LOVES HIS BABY SISTER AND HE WILL NOT ALLOW HARM TO BEFALL HER.

His actions really deserve a salute from me, as i keep hearing things about sibling hatred, read about cases whereby family members, siblings sue one another over some trivial matters, and worst, murder of siblings. Are we all not comparable to that little kid? Are we worst than a 4 year old? I guess its time for me, you and all the others out there to do a reflection on how we treat our siblings. ( i have learn new things today). may god bless that little kid and his sister ever.

Ah yes, another thing i had learn from that little eposide... Kids will believe anything you tell them the first time, even when its meant to be a joke. And they will still believe it when you tell them the turth. So, in short, dun lie to kids.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day special

Yes, its once again, a yearly affair, whereby most mums all over the world got special treatment, be it flowers, breakfast in bed, dinners at restaurent, cards, presents, etc etc...

In a mum's point of view, its her special day, whereby, she could stop work for a day, to be really able to sit back and relax, taste the (horrible???) food that the rest of the family cooked, making a mess of the kitchen out of it at the same time, basically she gets VIP treatment once a year.

In the family's point of view, Its planning time, cooking time, washing time, cleaning time, purchasing time, in order for their mums to enjoy the VIP status.

In the business point of view, its time to earn big bucks, selling mother's day gifts, cooking speical mother's day dinner, and i can imagine all the bosses rubbing their hands in glee, on hearing the cash register ring non-stop, and the NETS / VISA / MASTERCARD etc being swiped non stop.

But i am sure that in the past, most of you agree that mums is the most important person in the family. Basically they run the family household, taking care of the family while the menfolk goes out to support the family in terms of finanically. But the society nowadays demanded that both, mum and dad have to go out to work. Household become a duty to be shared by husband, wife and kids, or the maid. So, has the role of mother been changed? That's a view that everyone has to think about, but i am sure, that a mother's role is still very important, and a mother's love is the greatest in the world.

But nevertheless, its still mother's day today. If you can, readers out there, show your mum how much you love her. (and may god bless your wallet)

Some of you may know that i am on a bad relationship with my mum right now, due to something sometime in the past, but i like to wish my mum a happy mother's day, and always remain in a good health.

And finally, this asshole here would like to wish all mothers a happy mother day.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Vesak's day

Yup. Its a public holiday today, and lots of you peeps can sleep late, go out shopping, movies, outings etc etc...

Think about those ppl who have to work today. Ppl in the service line, Bus / MRT Drivers, Health care workers, those on alert Red standby (SAF personnal) etc etc.. Public holidays mean nothing to them. This thought came to me when i was preparing to go to work. Holidays mean nothing to me now.

But there's a minor thing. Holidays to me means boss is not around, and this is what happen in office today.

Please take note. We are not slacking around, we are waiting for the machinary process to finish, and there's nothing else we can do. Even the canteen is not open, and have to go out and tabao makan.

Took a picture of a vehicle at Aaron's area..(yah, went to visit him) Finally found a civilian car that must traval slower than my van!!

A Honda CRX, with a maximum speed limit of 60kmph?!?!?! That vehicle better not overtake my van.

Went down to one of my favourite place, to chill out.

When i say chill out, i really mean it. That place was cold siah. Ask CY about it.

CY, a little words for you:
Time can heal all wounds, even though it will leave a scar. Move on, dun think so much. Dun not forget there are still good friends (beside wlny ppl) around you.

Words of wisdom from the Asshole:

* In a hierarchy, every employee tends to rise to his level of
Incompetence. Work is accomplished by those employees who have yet
to reach their level of incompetence.