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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Jokes and Pok....

Hahaha... its basically a night of laugher.

Today when the flyers meet up, there was no flying. Pretty rare. ( I did fly before, with Vincent. He play his nitro car, while i fly my kite).

6 of us. ZX, William, AM, piglet, Viper and me. Came prepared with snacks and drinks.

We sat down and started telling jokes. William was the biggest contributor of the jokes.

Jokes, jokes and more jokes. Basically, we were telling jokes for about 2 hours. Non-stop. You should see Viper at the end of the session. He laughed till he got stitches. No joke. He cannot take it anymore.

And who says, "laugher, the best medicine?"

And if you ppl want something to laugh about.. hear this... and try not to fall from your chair... Man, i pity that Indian...

They did succeed huh???

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Another blog set up

Hmmm... i had set up another blog...

Do visit and drop commments when you all are free!! Tagboard not up yet. Basically, that blog is more or less our video clips of us flying kites, our encounters, what had happened during our flying session.

Last Sat. busy the whole day. Went down to Kranji Sec corps to be a judge in their corps first aid competition. Was the footdrill judge. Had a great time there, considering that i did not sleep the whole night. Had fun talking to the officers and my station marshal.

Next, its down to NHQ, to prepare for the duty. Chinatown lightup. Some cock ups in that duty, that YN keep asking to reveal today, and i declined. Its the past anyway. Just hope that countdown will be a better one.

After sending some members back, its time to link up with the kite flying gang. Basically, i was very tired, and slept at the void deck. AF took some photos, but too bad, my phone started giving me problems, and i could not upload into the blog.

Talking about my phone. It started to go haywire. I guess, it needs to be admitted into IMH. All the games are gone, to the horror of Anthony. Some pictures are gone, and some others could not be recognised.

Well, anyway, i had aimed my next phone liao.

But i am still on a goddamm contract...

Monday, January 29, 2007

Videos of Kite Flying 1

Some videos of our kites flying are out on U tube!!! Not all thought... got lots coming up real soon!!!

Meanwhile, enjoy!!!

Prawn fishing

Ask you all a question out there. Imagine you plan to have a last minute BBQ in the middle of the night, where do you get FREE charcoal?

Ans: Go to Lau Pa Sa.

Here's the story........

We (Ace, Anthony, ZX, William, karen, and me) went prawn fishing on Friday night, and have a small BBQ there. We went to a 24 hours shop (shop and save) to get our stores.

It was past midnight, we wanted to have a small BBQ, and we had no charcoal. "What's the big deal", you may ask, "just go and buy loh"... But the problem is... WHERE TO GET CHARCOAL IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT?

1) Bukit Panjang...
- Shop and save's charcoal - sold out.
- 7-11 - don't have.

2) Steven Road...
- Caltex petrol kiosk - don't have.
- Esso petrol kiosk - don't have.

3) Tiong Bahru...
- 7-11 - don't have.
- another 7-11 - don't have.

4) Tanjong Pagar...
- 7-11 - don't have.


So, how do we finally got charcoal? Lau Pa Sa... Anthony made a good deal. We got the charcoal free. All he has to do is to buy some raw satay.

Hmmmm.... Buy satay, free charcoal. Good deal huh?

Imagine me driving around half the Singapore looking for some goddamm charcoal...

So, if you guys out there need some charcoals in the middle of the night, there's a good suggestion. Buy some satay at lau Pa Sa, and received free charcoals.

As William had commented, he learnt 2 lessons that night...
1) How to fish prawns.
2) Where to get charcoals in the middle of the night.

I learnt 2 more lessons...
1) Convience stores (7-11 and petrol kiosk) are not convience at all when it comes to buying charcoal.
2) Buying satay comes with a free gift.

Here are some photos taken during prawn fishing...

ZX with a rod. If you are not carefully watching the picture, you may think that he is pissing...

William with the largest catch of the night.

Anthony got the smallest catch...

Seems like Anthony, the garang one, preparing to dive into the pool to catch the prawns by hand. Which was partly correct. He did not dive, but he's trying to catch the prawns by the net basket.

And truthfully speaking, we all had great fun.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Parking lots

Every night, almost every night, past midnight, i face the same old problem... And its recently that the problem worsens, it just become worse, and worse... And yet, there's nothing much that i can do to solve the problem...

So, what's the problem? (Hint* past midnight).

No lah, i am not the male version of Cinderella. I don't wear glass shoes, for fears that they cannot stand my weight, and break, and there goes my toes and legs.

I face a huge problem of finding a parking lot for my van every night, especially its past midnight.

Either the ppl living at that few blocks (7 blocks only) are darn rich that they can afford a few cars per house hold, or the parking lots are very limited. I happen to think that both are the case.

Come to my house after 1am, and you can see vehicles everywhere... parking lots, no parking spaces, along kerbs (all the way till the entrance), in front of the rubbish dumps, motorbike lots and even disabled lots. Its that serious.

I am just waiting for the time to come, when one night, i go home, find no lot to park, absoluting no lots at all, even illeagally, i think i shall sleep in my van.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Night shifts

Hmmm... i posted something about me working afternoon shift a few days ago. But for the last 2 days, i was working night shift.

Same thing. It's been ages (more than 1/2 year, i think) since i work the graveyard shift. The feeling of being alone, in the office, with about less than 10 ppl in the whole building.

I still remember my first night shift, when i first join the company. Was looking forward to it, actually. Thoughts of being alone in the office, extra $$ (that time, i was still entitled to shift allowances), doing nothing except constant monitoring of the fermentation process.

I spend the first few hours going back to the monitoring computer faithfully. At maybe, 15 minutes intervals. At the same time, i always check the temperature of the vacuum dryer cooling water (running at the same time), changing the water once its gets too warm.

Then came a time, i went up for a smoke break. Encountered 3 other ppl from PSB working night shift also. Chatted with them, and they invited me for supper. They will call me when it's time.

Soon, the time came, and we went behind NUS for supper. Once full, and back to the comfort of the office, i have a tendency to get sleepy. First night shift, a bit siao on, so, did not sleep...

Well, as time passes by, one tends to slack. I did slack, catching time for a nap till the next monitoring time. But i did not compromise the monitoring... To the extend that i even have my own reserve sleeping quarters on a metal shelf. Ask Halim about it, and he knows. And time passes by, its my turn to jio ppl for supper instead of other ppl jio me...

Since my position changed, i did not do anymore night shift... till now. Quite boring actually, but i came prepared yesterday night, with my guitar.


In my last post, i talked about the BP WLNY Supper Club / kite flying ppl, whom i enjoyed hanging out with.

In this post, I shall focus on another group. My SJAB Zone 3 family. Duty Siaos will feature in my next post.

All those who knew me closely knows that i was formerly not a SJAB member in my secondary school days. How did I end up as a Senior NCO in SJAB zone 3? This question was posted to me by many SJAB officers in other zones, and other external ppl.

During my secondary school days, i was from NPCC (Nationa Police Cadet Corps), WDL Unit. Joining SJAB did not cross my mind at all. I almost cannot join NPCC. Though i put NPCC as my first choice, i got into NCC (National Cadet Corps). I failed the medical check-up for NCC recuits. (Why? i dunno. No reason given).

So, i joined NPCC. Attained the Rank of SSG, and went on to become a CI (D94 batch).

It was in my poly where i met a good friend of mind. GK. He was from SJAB, Zone 3.

It started in 1998 where he suddenly asked if i am interested to be a external instructor in his zone's NCO course. I agreed.

On that day, i wore my NPCC CI uniform, and talked about logistic / inventory book-keeping to the future NCOs, wearing SJAB uniform in SJAB HQ. My presense raised a few eye-brows in SJAB HQ, especially to non- zone 3 members and officers.

Come the NCOC Camp. GK just got his driving license, and hence, could not drive the ambulance. I volunteered to help. Registered my name, and started driving the ambulance for the camp.

Once i started, ppl (LCB) started to ask my help to drive ambulances for duties. That's how i got more involved into SJAB.

NS came. I had to quit from NPCC (a Singapore policy), and after NS, 2002, the Zone Supt, (now Zone Comm) gave me an invitation to join in as a uniformed member of the brigade. After much consideration, i agreed.

That's the story.

Anyway, i never regret joining SJAB. Its like a family to me. Zone 3 is unique in a way, process something that does not exist in other zones. SJAB also taught me about first aid, a skill that comes in useful in many times, (dealing with life and death is not a joking manner).

Zone 3 officers at SIN-MA Competition Dinner, i am not in uniform...

Me, DT, HS and LCB together with the newly commissioned officers in 2005. Same thing, i am not in uniformed. There's a story behind that.

Zone 3 officers during the annual brigade dinner, 2006. The "3" has become our trademark. Few of us went straight down to Sentosa for Zouk Out duty straight after the dinner.

Zone 3 lady officers during NCOC 2006. That day happens to be DT's birthday too.

Zone 3 male officers with DT.

Zone 3... Prob the best zone in the world...

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I got this wonderful feeling back, which had not appeared for quite sometime.

In 2005, i started playing with this website,, and started posting in its forum. That's where i started to know more about ppl living in my neighbourhood.

CY then jio me out for supper. In fact, they had a supper gang formed, meeting almost everyday for supper (more like laming and talking cock session).

I remembered clearly that the first time i joined them for supper was on my birthday. I had jio ZX along, and had a good time there. From them on, i used to meet them up every now and then for supper session.

As time passes, more members join in, to a extend whereby in a single session, as much as 3 - 4 tables were joined together. That's how much ppl we had.

We went through the good times and the bad times. We celebrate festive seasons together, went Malaysia (JB City Square) shopping together, went Sentosa together, and i remember clearly that a lot of ppl showed up at the hospital when AM got into an accident, helped out with a funeral when CN's mum passed away, providing help, advice when anyone's in distress.

That how we are.

But soon, everyone had their commitments. Studies, NS, Job, relationships set in, and in a way, the group was dispersed. Only left a few hardcore members meet up regularly for laming sessions.

Till just now.

On orders from WC, we (not all) met up in the usual place for supper, doing what we do best. Joking and laming. It just like in the past. Such a wonderful feeling i got.

And some of us had taken up kite flying as a hobby, thanks to AF. So, dun be surprise that you can see brightly lit UFOs flying around BP at night.

Below are some photos of the fun that we had together in the past.

WC, AM and me posting with SA.

The gang celebrating WC's birthday...

Durain session...

Gathering at WC's house for Christmas

Talking cock at a void deck...

Alica's birthday at Pasir Ris...

JF's Birthday at BBQ in BP...

Best Picture of all, thanks to my crow buddy, KT... the one picture that sums it up all!!!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Afternoon shift work

Afternoon shift today...

It's been ages since i have to do an afternoon shift work.It may seems sian, but in fact, to me, it sounds better...

1) Can wake up late.
2) No morning traffic jam.
3) No evening peak hour jam.
4) No boss face to see.

Last time, i was entitled to shift allowance too, but since i was assigned to a position, whereby i am not entitled any shift allowance...


Monday, January 22, 2007

Interesting ppl...

In this world, there are lots of people, be it, old, young, male, female, shemale, fat, thin etc...

But what is interesting about all the ppl in the world are the types of ppl that is extremely interesting...

For example:

Some ppl are really innovative and creative...
A water heater with safety features also!!!

Some ppl paint the floor of the life in a way that its seems like there's NO FLOOR DOWN THERE!!!

Some ppl are always lazy, and would like to find more time in bed...
Even when using the computer and surfing the net!!!

While some ppl do things without thinking what's the point of doing it...
When looking at the picture, who knows who's who??

Other ppl, are just plain dangerous,

Too flexible,

Or just plain dumb...

Sometimes, it's a fact that animals are better than human...

Me?? I am just a average Loser Asshole, who happens to be a ITI also...

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Duties and secrets...

Weekends burned liao...

Its that time of the year... Multiple duties coming up. Chinatown light-up, CNY countdown, Yuan xiao, Chingay...

Not to mention other events organised by other organisations, like NUS, NYP etc...

Duties, duties and more duties!!!

But still, i enjoy going duties with the siaos! People like DC, EC, Rafi + 1, JH etc... Looking forward to the duties!


I was chatting with someone in MSN eariler... Talking about some nonsense things, and suddenly i post this...

(me): Hey, i got some very serious to tell you... Its personnal, and its a secret... dun tell the others pls...

(that someone): Okie, yah? (response is something like that...)

(me): I am going to sleep now... gd nite, take care and sweet dreams...

The other party post a (FAINT) picture...


Friday, January 19, 2007

Story telling time

Story telling time...


One day, in a elementary English class, a teacher tell his students to write a 3,000 words essay as homework, and the top 3 essays will be published in the local newspapers, and win some prizes.

All the students were talking excitedly about what stories to write, only Johnny was sitting alone, staring out of the window.

The next day, all the students submit their essays in anticipation.

Within the next 3 hours, the teacher called Johnny into the principal's office.

When all the 3 were present, the teacher started her rattling...

"Mr Smith, I asked my students to write a 3,000 words essay, and this Johnny here, did not write any. I proposed detention class as a punishment for him." complained the teacher.

"Johnny did not write any essays?" queried the principal.

"No!!! I submitted a 3,000 word essay!" protested Johnny.

"No, you did not." exclaimed the teacher. "Mr Smith, here's what Johnny had submitted to me today." and handed over 3 sheets of paper to the principal.

"Hmmm... that's some nice drawings you got here. But Johnny, i did not see any essays." the principal responsed.

"Wait.. let me explain. I learn from my English class the other day that a picture is worth a thousand words, so, i drew 3 pictures."replied Johnny.

Teacher and Principal:"..........."


Joshua's Birthday

Its Joshua's Birthday today (19th Jan)!!!

Happy Birthday to you!!!

The cake. Its a cheese cake from NYDC. Thanks to Ace and Karen who went all the way to Holland V to purchase it. Its a nice cheese cake, BTW...

The birthday boy and the birthday cake... Guess Joshua's age... Come on... Guess his age. Hint: Do not always believe in the number of candles.

Birthday song... We sung (not so loudly) in English, Maindrain and Cantonese...

Birthday boy cutting the birthday cake... Becareful not to cut the hand hor...

Group photo taken with a 1.3 mega-pixal camera phone. Sorry for the quality...

Had an shark of a time at the void deck. I say shark, not whale, coz i am suffering from gastic pain, since the time after we had ate at bukit timah market. I guess, if i am fine, i will still be at the void deck till now...


Thursday, January 18, 2007


i came across a couple of interesting questions from a stranger's blog, and i thought i will post them in here, and let you readers to choose the answer.

There's a moral from these questions...


Question 1:
If you knew a woman who was pregnant, who had 8 kids already, three who were deaf, two who were blind, one mentally retarded, and she had syphilis, would you recommend that she have an abortion?

Read the next question before looking at the response for this one.

Question 2:
It is time to elect a new world leader, and only your vote counts. Here are the facts about the three candidates.

Candidate A.

Associates with crooked politicians, and consults with astrologist. He's had two mistresses. He also chain smokes and drinks 8 to 10 martinis a day.

Candidate B.

He was kicked out of office twice, sleeps until noon, used opium in college and drinks a quart of whiskey every evening.

Candidate C
He is a decorated war hero. He's a vegetarian, doesn't smoke, drinks an occasional beer and never cheated on his wife. Which of these candidates would be your choice? Decide first... no peeking, then scroll down for the response.

Give an answer before you scroll down. Seriously think about the questions and give an answer first.
Candidate A is Franklin D. Roosevelt.
Candidate B is Winston Churchill.
Candidate C is Adolph Hitler.

And, by the way, on your answer to the abortion question: If you said YES, you just killed Beethoven.

Pretty interesting isn't it? Makes a person think before judging someone.

Never be afraid to try something new.
Remember: Amateurs...built the ark.
Professionals...built the Titanic


So, how the hell are we going to judge someone?


There's a change in the air. Something is amiss. Something is not right. Just not right....

After living the past 2 months with closed bedroom windows, grey, cold which is caused by raining almost everyday, the weather has changed. In-fact, a deal lot more things had changed together with the weather.

People are not carrying umbrellas when they are going out nowadays. The sun had made its first appearance after days. Look up into the skies at night, and you can see millions (just look up into the skies in a dark enviroment) of shiny glittering stars who seem just like winking at you non-stop, signaling a clear weather ahead.

Has the rainy season passed?

As mentioned, a changed in weather brought some changes. ITs like a chain reaction, non stop. Birds are starting to chirp... I see butterflies dancing around some flowers. The squrriel that is the permenant residence at our building carpark started appearing, scurrying around, looking for nuts.

And brightly lit kites (Some called it UFOs) had also started appearing in the skies over bukit panjang, to a extend that a police patrol car STOPPED in the middle of the road to take in the beauty of the flying kites.

And today is the last (unoffical) day of my RT.

Very soon, the burning sun will keep coming out, the raining taking a well-deserved break, and its a matter of time before the mortals on planet earth will grew tired of it, and wish that the rain will come back to quench the heat off.

How funny ppl are...

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

FA workshop at SAC

Sometimes, i think i can be cheeky in front of a camera...

Yep, that's me... That's the First Aid Workshop held at SAC for the teachers. Somehow, the added effects of no sleep, no medication and a short-circuited brain will end up being cheeky in front of the camera...

That's my head being bandaged. Somehow, to me, it seems like a...
1) new fashion
2) new cap, to prevent hair from getting wet...

while the lay lecturer was teaching some bandaging stuff, (below),

Some one was having fun...

Seems like i am not the only one who is short circuited on that day. And since they were talking about bandages, i might as well do more demostration, and ended up like this...

Thank god i stopped in time, otherwise, i would end up being a mummy at the end of the class. Hey, i can be the "mummy" in the upcoming movie, "mummy IV"!!! Good idea...

Tea break came... While some of our student helpers are enjoying themselves over a nice cup of tea/mile/coffee...

Now you cannot see me...

Here comes me, for forever picture destroyer....

Now you do!!!

Ended up 3 guy dunno doing what... Seriously, i cannot recall...

Had a sleepy and fun time there...


Graduation - Vitamin C

A nice song... Graduation by Vitamin C...

Hmmm... the band name creator must be a nutritionist, or a doctor. Anyway, got the guitar chords for this song. From a stranger. There was a small group of ppl playing guitar, so i walk over, intro myself, and join them in playing guitar, and we exchanged chords.

The Chords for this song is very simple, and repeating.


Graduation - Vitamin C

And so we talked all night about the rest of our lives

Am Em
Where we're gonna be when we turn 25

I keep thinking times will never change

Keep on thinking things will always be the same

But when we leave this year we won't be coming back
No more hanging out cause we're on a different track
And if you got something that you need to say
You better say it right now cause you don't have another day

Cause we're moving on and we can't slow down
These memories are playing like a film without sound
And I keep thinking of that night in June
I didn't know much of love
But it came too soon

And there was me and you
And then we got real cool
Stay at home talking on the telephone with me
We'd get so excited, we'd get so scared
Laughing at our selves thinking life's not fair

And this is how it feels

1 - As we go on

Am Em
We remember

All the times we

Had together

And as our lives change

Am Em
Come whatever

We will still be

Friends Forever

Changes in Bus lane operation hours

To all drivers/riders and potential drivers/riders, got some updates, if you dun know. Must update yourself, or you kena summons also dunno, or you gong-gong struck in traffic jam when you can reach your destinations faster...


Changes to bus lane operating hours from April

SINGAPORE : There will be changes to the bus lane operation hours from April 2007.
The Land Transport Authority will be extending the full day bus lane scheme to other areas in the Central Business District, namely Eu Tong Sen Street, Hill Street, Victoria Street, Bras Basah Road and Somerset Road.

The weekday bus lane operation hours of 4.30pm to 7pm will be changed to 5pm to 8pm.

The bus lane operations on Saturdays will cease at all locations, except where full day bus lanes are in effect.

And in another move, more niche bus services are in the works.

The Public Transport Council is currently reviewing guidelines for this premium bus service.

These measures were announced by Transport Minister Raymond Lim on Monday evening at the opening ceremony of the new Fort Canning Tunnel.

The three-lane tunnel took nearly three and half years to build and was constructed at a cost of $34 million.

The tunnel will be opened to the public from 6am on January 16.

It will lead from Stamford Road to Penang Lane. There will be an ERP gantry at the end of the tunnel. - CNA /ls


Third week of RT... 4 more sessions to go, including 1 IPPT.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Blood Diamonds

Movie - Blood Diamonds...

This movies highlighted the states of some country that is rich in diamonds but they are very unstable. Civil wars, unrest happens. It also highlights the plight of the child soldiers.

Imagine you buy a toy gun to your kid who is about 7-8 years old, and in those countries, those kids of a similar age are holding real AK-47s, firing and killing ppl, without discrimination.

It is still happening in the world today.

Diamonds are a woman's best friends, but how many ppl know the diamonds that you buy for your girl-friend or wife, are conflict diamonds? As in, how much ppl had died, how much "suffering" those child soldiers had endured, how much families had broken up, just for the sake of the diamonds.

As the movie summed it up. Insist only on conflict-free diamonds. But how many can prove it? Documents can be faked, lies can be said.

That movie left me anothe questions...

"How come most of those countries that are rich in "rich" natural resources are not stable? Countries in the South Africa contingent, Middle East, always have conflicts. If everyone work towards the interest of the nation, they would have been a superpower, not the Americans.

Anyway, the movie reminds me of another 2 movies. "Black Hawk Down" and "Tears of the sun".

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Suddenly got this idea of writing about my trophies collection collected from competitions.

1987 - Jin Shan Primary School Sports meet.

I participate in the rope skipping event, and got runner-up.

1988 - Jin Shan Primary School Swimming meet.

The 3 trophies are champions in 50M freestyle, 50M backstroke and 50M butterfly. I decided not to take part in the 50M breaststroke as i knew that i would not win.

1994 - NPCC Campcraft Competitions, Team Boys - 8th.

That's a great achievement for us. That competition is a very intense competition. Schools with NPCC units look forward to that competition every year, and only the 10 ten teams will go into the finals. We spend 3 days training after school, did countless push up, countless punishments, just to pitch up a proper tent (old 6 man tent) and a flag pole in under 8 minutes from the 9 of us.

We got the 10th place, went into the finals and got 8th.

For your information, that is the first time in my school's unit history (quite a long history) to enter into the finals and got a 8th place. We were very proud of ourselves.

1994 - SSC / SASA 8th Inter-Branch Age Groups Swimming Meet. 4 x 50M Invitational Freestyle Relay

I represented the Police (that time, i was still in NPCC) for this competition. We got Bronze against 4 teams.

1994 - Woodlands Secondary School Annual Inter-Uniformed Groups Footdrill Competition, Champion

We (NPCC) emerge champions against other Uniformed Groups, NCC, SJAB, BB, GB and Scouts. It's an annual affair, and the champions usually gets the Guard-of-honour (GOH)contingent during the school speech day.

Not in 1994. NCC had insisted of being the GOH that year.

2006 - NPCC Inter-area .38 Revolver Shooting Competition, Team Invitation,6th

That's the first time i represent SJAB in the .38 revolver shooting competition. We are up against NPCC HQ, NPCC Alumni, NCC, MOE CCAC Branch and one more team which i had forgotten. There were only 6 teams.

There are others, as tokens of appreciation for various my various helps.

Nothing much, as compared to my bro and sister, who got numerous medals and trohies, all taken from swimming events, touraments.

Friday, January 12, 2007


I told ZX, AF and Karen that i am going to write something interesting is this post. Its really interesting, in a way... Keep noticing that this "problem" always surface.

Noticed that my group of friends, neighbourhood friends, especially those, you know who yourself, always give the same excuse. Example, i go a someone's house void deck for talking cock session, and when i reach, usually i will give them a call to notify them.

Normally, they would say " okie, coming down..."

But 15 -30 minutes passed, and i still don't see a familiar face passing me. i would give them a call to "chase" them.

And its at that moment that they will give the same excuse, everytime... well, almost.

It happens to quite a number on ppl that i had waited for.

"Coming down lah... just now in toilet shitting..." is the excuse.

Hey... come on... How come everytime ppl must shit before they come down and meet me? At all times of the day, must be at that time? So coincidental har?

Readers out there, are you the victim of this excuse or are you the one giving this excuse? Imagine you are late or missing from your table, your boss called you, and you say "coming lah... in toilet shitting"...

It happens in my work place also. Sometimes, i would go and look for my colleague to check on some work, and he is not present in the factory. I would call him up, and normally, his excuse was "coming.. in toilet" No shitting...

There's also a time i called him up while alone in the toilet, and he gave the same excuse....

Also there's a time, my boss had informed me that there's a visitor coming, and would like me to meet him. They came at a time when i was in toilet shitting. By the time i disposed all my shit from my body, the visitor had left.

"Simon, where had you gone?" my boss asked me....

"I was in the toilet shitting..." was my reply...

"so coincidental har??" was the next sentence from my boss....

I kept quiet...


RT IPPT just now. And it rained just now.

So, there's no 2.4km run. We were waiting impatiently at the out-pro area, waiting for the green light to out process.

We are getting very impatient, as we had waited for about 1.5 hours.

All of a sudden.....

"I GOT GOOD NEWS!!!!" a PTI exclaimed loudly....

"What?? can out-pro liao har" was the response from many of us...

"NO!!! I AM GOING KTV LATER!!!" was his reply...


Thursday, January 11, 2007

Visit from old colleague

Received a SMS from an unknown number yesterday after.

It read "Free today? Beer?"

I stared at the msg, wondering who the hell is trying to jio me drink. To conserve my brain cells, i elected not not think and sent the msg back "I dun drink leh, you are?"

The msg came back. "Antony lah"

Hmmm... AL was my ex-colleague. We were the first pioneer batch in the company. Actually he is the first employee in the company, being 15 days eariler than me. The 2 of us did the research, experiments with the fermenter. In other words, the both of us set up the standards and the SOP of the manufacturing process.

Basically, we started everything in the company.

And we had drank (beer) together in the canteen, after work for some occasions. The last time i drank with him in the canteen was his last day of work in the company.

I called him, and informed him that the canteen no longer sells beer.

We meet up anyway, for some drinks, (canned-soft drinks) in the mist of conversations of updates.

Informed him about the progress of the company. The problems that we are facing now, the buy-over stake, the colleagues now. We chatted about the old times. I update him about the other ppl working in the same building.

And then, someone else came and talk about MLM (multi-level marketing), which pretty pisses me off, and so, off we go...

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The day i wore a bra

Blogger was down yesterday night when i wanted so much to post something new.

And yes... When i wanted to post a new post, it means that i got a good folktale to share. Mind you, my folktales will never start with "Once upon a time" and end with "and they live happily ever after". It goes something like this....

RT session yesterday (Tuesday). As i collected my number tag, i was told to wait at the training shed, while my friends was not told the same thing.

This set off an alarm in my head... i observed around. Most are still lingering at the main in-pro area. Only a pitiful handful went to wait at the other training shed, not knowing what is happening. I refused to wait at the training shed, yet.

More alarms went off in my head. My common sense told me to follow the crowd, not to stand out like a sore thumb. Alas! my number tag (029) had decided my fate. I was repeatedly invited to proceed to the training shed for something, which the PTI at that point, refused to reveal what the goddamm thing is all about.

Then i see it. Watches, some weird looking gadets, sensors that looks suspiciously like Jame Bond's props.

The PTIs teach us how to "install" the sensors around our chests, secured with some rubber straps and program the watches. To my dismay, that watch is not micro-camera or a micro hidden weapon with the ability to shoot laser beams that can vapourised anything that it hit, as i had imagined it to be.

My dreams of being the Singapore version of James Bond, Simon, the Ah Beng, was dashed, gone, vapourised.

The sensor and the straps looked like a male bra when placed around your chest. There are supposed to be 30 of us "experiemental lab animals" (The PTI comment that we are the "Special RT forces", but who cares...) but some are smart to fade into the crowd, but they were being picked up and invited to join in the "bra club"

Finally, we knew what's it for. Its a heart rate monitor. The sensors on the chest picked up your pulse rate, and transmitted wirelessly (bluetooth??) to your watch. That way, you can monitor how fast your heart is beating when you are doing a workout.

But the sensor, with the strap, still looks like a bra straps when we worn it. And during workouts, we always adjust that sensor's strap, (so that the sensor right on top of the heart), just like the fairer gender adjust their bra straps.

Basically, from what the PTI said, is to let one see if his workout is good or not, but later add that it also can be used to monitor your heart beat so that you will not over-workout, leading to cardiac arrest. I happened to think its mainly because of the latter reason that prompt the SAF to purchase the Jame Bond's bra thingy...

So, the 30 of us got special treatment. We skip the chin-up regime and goes home later then the rest of the phase 2. There were some jokers in the 30, and its really enjoyable being around with them. "Welcome to the special RT forces bra club!!!" we would exclaim from time to time...

Back home. Tabao Mac, eat at ZX's house void deck. played aeroplane chess, fly kite until 2 things happen together. And when i say together, i mean, together...

1) Police came just as we had decided to pack up, go to a big field to fly kite. They said some residents had complained. Well, this proves that that complainant is just another 100% Singaporean. The policemen were very polite and were a bit curious about our kites too.

2) It started raining. That puts an total end to our kite flying plans.

Monday, January 08, 2007


Its my dad's birthday today.

Nothing much. Just went for a simple dinner with my sis, my sis's bf and me with dad. At the coffee house below my block. Had a great dinner.

Happy birthday dad!!!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

RT session

It was with tireness that i have to wake up, drag my half working brain, non-functioning body out of the house to go for some morning workout, yawning throughout the whole journey to the venue.

I reached the camp (military) early, and decided to carry on the chess session with grandfather Chow. Found a wall, promptly plant my butt onto the ground, adjust into the most comfortable position, leaning against the wall, and wander into slumberland.

Alas... I was awoke that seems only seconds after i had wandered off. In-process queue was long, and as a result, i miss the warm up and have to go straight for the run, followed by mess PT (it's really a mess, i swear!) and chin-up regime (more mess!)

This is the second RT regime that i am undergoing throught. Somehow, it feels different from the first. Very different.

The ppl in the present RT regime is much less motivated then what i had undergone before. They chatter while doing exercise, they refused to do, CKing at every chance they got (facts: All ppl in RT regime do CK, its just the extend of the CKness) to quite a extreme. Basically, they just walk away when they don't want to do anything.

I sort of pity the PTIs there. But, what can they do? They are NSF, and we are NSmen.

In a way, i almost lost my motivation. Being surrounded by a brunch of non-motivational guys, and you have a tendency to "follow the crowd" which by right, is the most sensible thing to do. Stand out from the crowd in that situation would land you in deep shit.

I still prefer my last RT regime. A brunch of jokers, (me included), which make the whole RT session a interesting, joyous and cheerful one. We would play jokes on the PTI, talkcock with them etc. Not this RT regime.

Maybe it's the time factor. We did not attend all the RT sessions as some falls on holidays and block leave. There's ain't time for the bond.

Still, i felt despondant. 7 more sessions to go.


Been a week after new year.

Nothing much these few working days. Same thing, same old things all over again.

It's been ages since i went back office on weekends, and today (sat) i went back to office, to stop some machinary process. Was basically lazing around in office, spending more time then its required. Had a quick nap in office too.

After which, I went to a friend's house, and end up watching TV, Mahjong session (Frankly speaking, i dunno how to play mahjong), later, while the rest prepared dinner, i fell asleep.

Went back to BP for another round of kite flying and lame questions and jokes. Had a fun time there.

RT later. Need to go Maju camp early in the morning... -_-!!! 3 more weeks to go.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Misleading picture

Someone sent me the picture below via E mail. Apparently, this picture was taken on a train in Japan.

Take a good look at the sign and guess what's that meaning. Come on, guess...

Keep guessing!!!

I know what you are thinking, but that's not the meaning lah...

The sign was above a seat that is reserved. Just like the trains and buses in Singapore, where there are seats reserved for disabled and expecting mothers.

The meaning is "The seat is reserved for: (from left to right)

1) Person with injured arm.
2) Person carrying a child
3) Pregnent lady
4) Person with injured leg

Aiyoh!!! What are you thinking of!!!

But i do admit, that picture is a bit misleading... Whahahah...

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

First working day of 2007

First working day of 2007.

Nothing interesting, nothing exciting, nothing happening....

Hey, when is work ever interesting, exciting and happening? Unless you really like what you are doing 8 hours a day, 5 days a week and 52 weeks a year.

In fact, i was very sleepy and tired. All thanks to the holidays whereby i became nocturnal. And asking me back to be a normal man, its too suddenly. My bio-clock has not been re-calibrated, alarm as not been set, and my hour hand refused to move.

So, if such things happen, there's only one cure... "GO TO BED EARLY!!!"

Okie, then, i shall have 40 winks before going out to fly kite. It's raining now, anyway...

A lazy Tuesday...

Tuesday. Woke up by the sound of my mobile ringing... It was YAF (Younger AF), giving me a morning call for a outing.

"I am still very tired... you go first, and i join you later." was my response. And i went back to bed.

Woke up about an hour later, dressed and off i go, to Corporation Road. Why there? Coz it's a place where ppl gather to fly RC (Remote Control) Model aeroplanes and Helicopters. Second time going there.

An interesting place if you are interested in RC flying. You can see all kinds of planes, from battery powered to gasoline powered.

People fly these (picture above). That plane is powered by gasoline (petrol). While we (YAF and me) flew these....

Yes, we flew kites. First time i flew my kite (blue one) in such a strong wind. Basically, i can hover it directly into the wind, and keeping it stationary at a spot, head on into the wind. But i still lack good control and it crashed a couple of time. I was exhilarated.

12 noon. The weather was warm. Hobby flying was stopped and we went for a meal. Then basically its back to BP for a session of car washing. ZX and Karen joined us. 3 men and a woman washing 4 vehicles.

Washing vehicles is pretty boring right? Nah... Not us... By the end of the vehicle washing session, we got 4 clean vehicles and 3 very wet men.

It all started (correct me if i am wrong..) with YAF spraying ZX, and ZX retaliate. When both of them are wet, ZX commented that it's unfair that both of them are wet, whilst i was still dry. That's when YAF started to hose me down, and i retaliate too... Hence, we got 4 clean cars and 3 wet men. Karen was spared.

After washing, we spend the afternoon playing aeroplane chess and flying kite. Inside a multi-storey carpark.

YAF playing the kite inside the multi storey carpark. The whole carpark at that level was empty.

After a while, when all of us was bored of playing aeroplane chess, kite flying, we started some decorations.

"Decorations?" you may ask....

Yes... We started some decorations. We started to decorate our vehicles.

Check this out.

The next time you see my van, please look out for the ULTRAMAN above the left headlights and some stickers at the side of my van!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Rainbows spotted

Did you all see any rainbow today?

I saw a perfect rainbow. It occured in the evening, around 5-6pm. It has an perfect arc, without any signs of fading along the way. I had not seen such a nice rainbow for a long long time!

Too bad, my camera phone does not have a wide (bird's eye) lens. This is what we (Anthony and me) managed to took. Imagine a 1.3 megapixel camera phone can capture this rainbow, one can imagine how nice that rainbow is.

If you took a closer look at the pictuer above (you can click on the picture to enlarge it), you can find another rainbow above the clear rainbow. Anyway, if you ain't aware, rainbow always comes in pairs. One is clear, the other is faded... I wonder if anyone found any gold at the bottom of the rainbow..

Too bad, i could not spot any carebears...

First day of the new year, and such a rainbow formed. I hope this signal a good start to a good year ahead.

Went for a movie today. "Night at the Museum". A comedy show. At some scenes, i was laughing hard. A good stress buster movie.

Encountered another RTA on the way back after topping up fuel. A van had crashed into a traffic light. Police was there when i pass, and i slowed to ask the police if there are any casualties.

"No" was his reply.

So, off i went, back to home.