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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The day i wore a bra

Blogger was down yesterday night when i wanted so much to post something new.

And yes... When i wanted to post a new post, it means that i got a good folktale to share. Mind you, my folktales will never start with "Once upon a time" and end with "and they live happily ever after". It goes something like this....

RT session yesterday (Tuesday). As i collected my number tag, i was told to wait at the training shed, while my friends was not told the same thing.

This set off an alarm in my head... i observed around. Most are still lingering at the main in-pro area. Only a pitiful handful went to wait at the other training shed, not knowing what is happening. I refused to wait at the training shed, yet.

More alarms went off in my head. My common sense told me to follow the crowd, not to stand out like a sore thumb. Alas! my number tag (029) had decided my fate. I was repeatedly invited to proceed to the training shed for something, which the PTI at that point, refused to reveal what the goddamm thing is all about.

Then i see it. Watches, some weird looking gadets, sensors that looks suspiciously like Jame Bond's props.

The PTIs teach us how to "install" the sensors around our chests, secured with some rubber straps and program the watches. To my dismay, that watch is not micro-camera or a micro hidden weapon with the ability to shoot laser beams that can vapourised anything that it hit, as i had imagined it to be.

My dreams of being the Singapore version of James Bond, Simon, the Ah Beng, was dashed, gone, vapourised.

The sensor and the straps looked like a male bra when placed around your chest. There are supposed to be 30 of us "experiemental lab animals" (The PTI comment that we are the "Special RT forces", but who cares...) but some are smart to fade into the crowd, but they were being picked up and invited to join in the "bra club"

Finally, we knew what's it for. Its a heart rate monitor. The sensors on the chest picked up your pulse rate, and transmitted wirelessly (bluetooth??) to your watch. That way, you can monitor how fast your heart is beating when you are doing a workout.

But the sensor, with the strap, still looks like a bra straps when we worn it. And during workouts, we always adjust that sensor's strap, (so that the sensor right on top of the heart), just like the fairer gender adjust their bra straps.

Basically, from what the PTI said, is to let one see if his workout is good or not, but later add that it also can be used to monitor your heart beat so that you will not over-workout, leading to cardiac arrest. I happened to think its mainly because of the latter reason that prompt the SAF to purchase the Jame Bond's bra thingy...

So, the 30 of us got special treatment. We skip the chin-up regime and goes home later then the rest of the phase 2. There were some jokers in the 30, and its really enjoyable being around with them. "Welcome to the special RT forces bra club!!!" we would exclaim from time to time...

Back home. Tabao Mac, eat at ZX's house void deck. played aeroplane chess, fly kite until 2 things happen together. And when i say together, i mean, together...

1) Police came just as we had decided to pack up, go to a big field to fly kite. They said some residents had complained. Well, this proves that that complainant is just another 100% Singaporean. The policemen were very polite and were a bit curious about our kites too.

2) It started raining. That puts an total end to our kite flying plans.

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