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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A lazy Tuesday...

Tuesday. Woke up by the sound of my mobile ringing... It was YAF (Younger AF), giving me a morning call for a outing.

"I am still very tired... you go first, and i join you later." was my response. And i went back to bed.

Woke up about an hour later, dressed and off i go, to Corporation Road. Why there? Coz it's a place where ppl gather to fly RC (Remote Control) Model aeroplanes and Helicopters. Second time going there.

An interesting place if you are interested in RC flying. You can see all kinds of planes, from battery powered to gasoline powered.

People fly these (picture above). That plane is powered by gasoline (petrol). While we (YAF and me) flew these....

Yes, we flew kites. First time i flew my kite (blue one) in such a strong wind. Basically, i can hover it directly into the wind, and keeping it stationary at a spot, head on into the wind. But i still lack good control and it crashed a couple of time. I was exhilarated.

12 noon. The weather was warm. Hobby flying was stopped and we went for a meal. Then basically its back to BP for a session of car washing. ZX and Karen joined us. 3 men and a woman washing 4 vehicles.

Washing vehicles is pretty boring right? Nah... Not us... By the end of the vehicle washing session, we got 4 clean vehicles and 3 very wet men.

It all started (correct me if i am wrong..) with YAF spraying ZX, and ZX retaliate. When both of them are wet, ZX commented that it's unfair that both of them are wet, whilst i was still dry. That's when YAF started to hose me down, and i retaliate too... Hence, we got 4 clean cars and 3 wet men. Karen was spared.

After washing, we spend the afternoon playing aeroplane chess and flying kite. Inside a multi-storey carpark.

YAF playing the kite inside the multi storey carpark. The whole carpark at that level was empty.

After a while, when all of us was bored of playing aeroplane chess, kite flying, we started some decorations.

"Decorations?" you may ask....

Yes... We started some decorations. We started to decorate our vehicles.

Check this out.

The next time you see my van, please look out for the ULTRAMAN above the left headlights and some stickers at the side of my van!

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