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Sunday, January 07, 2007

RT session

It was with tireness that i have to wake up, drag my half working brain, non-functioning body out of the house to go for some morning workout, yawning throughout the whole journey to the venue.

I reached the camp (military) early, and decided to carry on the chess session with grandfather Chow. Found a wall, promptly plant my butt onto the ground, adjust into the most comfortable position, leaning against the wall, and wander into slumberland.

Alas... I was awoke that seems only seconds after i had wandered off. In-process queue was long, and as a result, i miss the warm up and have to go straight for the run, followed by mess PT (it's really a mess, i swear!) and chin-up regime (more mess!)

This is the second RT regime that i am undergoing throught. Somehow, it feels different from the first. Very different.

The ppl in the present RT regime is much less motivated then what i had undergone before. They chatter while doing exercise, they refused to do, CKing at every chance they got (facts: All ppl in RT regime do CK, its just the extend of the CKness) to quite a extreme. Basically, they just walk away when they don't want to do anything.

I sort of pity the PTIs there. But, what can they do? They are NSF, and we are NSmen.

In a way, i almost lost my motivation. Being surrounded by a brunch of non-motivational guys, and you have a tendency to "follow the crowd" which by right, is the most sensible thing to do. Stand out from the crowd in that situation would land you in deep shit.

I still prefer my last RT regime. A brunch of jokers, (me included), which make the whole RT session a interesting, joyous and cheerful one. We would play jokes on the PTI, talkcock with them etc. Not this RT regime.

Maybe it's the time factor. We did not attend all the RT sessions as some falls on holidays and block leave. There's ain't time for the bond.

Still, i felt despondant. 7 more sessions to go.

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