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Sunday, January 14, 2007


Suddenly got this idea of writing about my trophies collection collected from competitions.

1987 - Jin Shan Primary School Sports meet.

I participate in the rope skipping event, and got runner-up.

1988 - Jin Shan Primary School Swimming meet.

The 3 trophies are champions in 50M freestyle, 50M backstroke and 50M butterfly. I decided not to take part in the 50M breaststroke as i knew that i would not win.

1994 - NPCC Campcraft Competitions, Team Boys - 8th.

That's a great achievement for us. That competition is a very intense competition. Schools with NPCC units look forward to that competition every year, and only the 10 ten teams will go into the finals. We spend 3 days training after school, did countless push up, countless punishments, just to pitch up a proper tent (old 6 man tent) and a flag pole in under 8 minutes from the 9 of us.

We got the 10th place, went into the finals and got 8th.

For your information, that is the first time in my school's unit history (quite a long history) to enter into the finals and got a 8th place. We were very proud of ourselves.

1994 - SSC / SASA 8th Inter-Branch Age Groups Swimming Meet. 4 x 50M Invitational Freestyle Relay

I represented the Police (that time, i was still in NPCC) for this competition. We got Bronze against 4 teams.

1994 - Woodlands Secondary School Annual Inter-Uniformed Groups Footdrill Competition, Champion

We (NPCC) emerge champions against other Uniformed Groups, NCC, SJAB, BB, GB and Scouts. It's an annual affair, and the champions usually gets the Guard-of-honour (GOH)contingent during the school speech day.

Not in 1994. NCC had insisted of being the GOH that year.

2006 - NPCC Inter-area .38 Revolver Shooting Competition, Team Invitation,6th

That's the first time i represent SJAB in the .38 revolver shooting competition. We are up against NPCC HQ, NPCC Alumni, NCC, MOE CCAC Branch and one more team which i had forgotten. There were only 6 teams.

There are others, as tokens of appreciation for various my various helps.

Nothing much, as compared to my bro and sister, who got numerous medals and trohies, all taken from swimming events, touraments.

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