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Sunday, January 07, 2007


Been a week after new year.

Nothing much these few working days. Same thing, same old things all over again.

It's been ages since i went back office on weekends, and today (sat) i went back to office, to stop some machinary process. Was basically lazing around in office, spending more time then its required. Had a quick nap in office too.

After which, I went to a friend's house, and end up watching TV, Mahjong session (Frankly speaking, i dunno how to play mahjong), later, while the rest prepared dinner, i fell asleep.

Went back to BP for another round of kite flying and lame questions and jokes. Had a fun time there.

RT later. Need to go Maju camp early in the morning... -_-!!! 3 more weeks to go.

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