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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Visit from old colleague

Received a SMS from an unknown number yesterday after.

It read "Free today? Beer?"

I stared at the msg, wondering who the hell is trying to jio me drink. To conserve my brain cells, i elected not not think and sent the msg back "I dun drink leh, you are?"

The msg came back. "Antony lah"

Hmmm... AL was my ex-colleague. We were the first pioneer batch in the company. Actually he is the first employee in the company, being 15 days eariler than me. The 2 of us did the research, experiments with the fermenter. In other words, the both of us set up the standards and the SOP of the manufacturing process.

Basically, we started everything in the company.

And we had drank (beer) together in the canteen, after work for some occasions. The last time i drank with him in the canteen was his last day of work in the company.

I called him, and informed him that the canteen no longer sells beer.

We meet up anyway, for some drinks, (canned-soft drinks) in the mist of conversations of updates.

Informed him about the progress of the company. The problems that we are facing now, the buy-over stake, the colleagues now. We chatted about the old times. I update him about the other ppl working in the same building.

And then, someone else came and talk about MLM (multi-level marketing), which pretty pisses me off, and so, off we go...

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