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Sunday, September 16, 2007

RTA with a twist

There's an RTA (Road Traffic Accidents) yesterday at PIE, as i was travelling on my way back after picking up AM from Changi Airport. But this RTA comes with a sharp twist.

I am involved in it.

Ahhh, yes, finally, it happened... after all those encounters with RTAs, which i would stop and help when there are injuries, now i am involved in an RTA.

Apprently, a taxi likes my vehicle's butt so much that it decided to kiss it. "MUCK!"

So, how's my damages?

My van had been reduced from a 5 door to a 4 door vehicle. The rear door is struck.

Hahaha... i blacken my licence plate so that my readers will have no numbers to buy 4D!!

And later, AM says it's his fault, coz i make a trip to pick him up... If i never pick him up, then there's no RTA.

And as we joked about it more, we finally lay the blame of the RTA to this....

Coz i had asked AM to buy some donuts back, and he needed transport for it.

Arhhh.. my greed for donuts...

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