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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

South Korean Hostage

It's sad to see people using the name of a religion to commit teacherous acts beyond the imagination of normal human beings... To kidnap them as hostage for their own gains... Kidnapped the people who are there to help them...

And the killings had already started...

Taliban set new deadline after killing second South Korean

I mean, what is going on in the Taliban's mind when they kidnapped the group? I mean, when they are in power, did they classified kidnappings a crime? Especially kidnapping women? And what will they do when they caught someone kidnapping women and children?

And what is going through their minds when they point their rifles at the hostage and pull the trigger??

Are they just like the bullies that you had encountered when you are young?? Pick on helpless groups, when you are armed to the teeth... COme on... pick someone your size and similiar armed... and let's see who's the winner...

NO one will pity them when they are hunted down, and executed.

Let's us all, regardless of race, language or religion, pray for them and wish for their safe return.

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