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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Air of Christmas

The air around the world (okie, not all around the world) has changed. Nope, it's not the air of pollution, but it the air that can makes one excited, a sense of happiness, and joy, an air that brings people out on the streets, celebrating...

Can you smell it? Or, can you see it??

No? Then I should maybe advise you to go to Orchard Road to see, to smell and to feel it.

Still no??

Then, perhaps, you should go inside this building to have a look...

Recognise this building? The famous Concourse building that can even been seen even over at Kusu Island!!

Dun believe? look at this...

Believe me now??

Okie.. back to story... Go inside Concourse now, and you can see this...

Yep... The air is changing... Festive season smell is in the air. The spirit of Christmas is growing stronger and stronger by the day.

If you are looking for a christmas tree, you can always come down to Concourse to have a walk walk, see see, look, look.

Though the area is small, there's lots of things to look, interesting things...

I did a walk through, snapping my camera away, and the ppl thought that i was either a 1) tourist (i was carrying the Hong Kong SJAB bag) or 2) a law enforcement officer snapping picture of Infringements or 3) simply a lunatic with a camera.

There are bare christmas trees

There are OPTICAL FIBRES christmas trees that simply look SUPER DUPER NICE!!

Especially when the tree is white. It's seems there's really snow on the tree!!! Glowing blue and red!

If you are looking for a small small cute cute tree to put it in your room, office or as a pressie to your dearest friends, you can have a small optical fiber tree that is only 2 or 3 feet tall, and cost less than 100 bucks...

Now, doesn't it look very pretty?

Imagine you put one inside your car, and wherever you go, there will be a trail of accidents coz all the other drivers are looking at your christmas tree inside your car inside of concentrating on the road..

Now, that's a bad idea. Don't use it, folks.

Beside trees, there's lots of other nice cute things to see!! Like... a reindeer??

Got brown one, green one, but i simply cannot find one that has a glowing red nose... Must be bought by some ppl liao... can save electricity, no need to turn on the lights in the house...

Damm.. i was late.

And you know Singapore humility lah... you might be too embarrassed to put your smelly stockings or socks for santa to put your presents in, (in case santa fainted or he has to put on a chemical suit with a gas mask), you might want to consider this replacement.

Instead of a sock, why not put a santa hat, with santa? Who knows, he might give you more pressie for being a fan of him!

And imagine santa being married and have lots of little santa playing around, climbing up and down, while poor daddy santa have to look after them, and the elves at the same time...

Nah... i do not envy daddy Santa with all the little Santas...

Now, step into another shop, and imagine it's totally dark. You look up and you see lots and lots of lights that looks are billions of SUPER BRIGHT twinkle stars that are not so high up...

As i had said.. It's interesting to walk in that small area.

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