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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy birthday to many!!

Short talk:

Happy birthday (Belated) to SY, HP, HL, GQ, and all those whom i missed.. There are simply too many birthdays during this period...

Next year, i shall go overseas during this period. hahaha

There's a very lucky girl, whose on her birthday, gets to celebrate it twice!! She gets people to sing birthday song for her twice, gets to blow candles twice, and gets to cut the cake twice!

Yep, She's the one in white.

And looking at her cake, guess how old is she?? Haha...

She tried to blow out the candle, but unsuccessfully. She can only extinguish the flame when she laugh...


These was taken the night before the offshore duty... And that night, the girls created a lot of smoke...

And they practised their First aid Case... d(O.o)P

" Halt!!! Is there any danger?"


And here's someone who like handsome guys so much that she wants to take pictures with them.... ALL OF THEM!!!


And after the duty, comes the round 2 of birthday celebrations...

Birthday girl looking sian.... (Oh no... not another cake again, one candle again...)So you all can guess her age rite?

Hahaha... Happy birthday!!

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