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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Just a Lame post

I was super tired and super bored after the Semakau Run duty, sitting, staring aimlessly in the zone room, when someone started playing with her notebook camera, taking pictures of some guy...

This got me interested, and by default, that guy became my model, as i experiment different pose for the different funny effects.

Don't you have to agree that my model is very handsome??

Nope, you are not looking at twins... Its the Mirror image. And whose's KPO hand in the middle??

Looks like my hand.. hmmm... wait... it's my hand!!

"Wahaha... Mr Model, i gonna crush your head with my 2 fingers!!!"

The next few photos remind me of a scene from the movie, "MEN IN BLACK" Where there's this character, who always got his head blow away, but always regenerate the head?

Remember him??

I can do a re-enactment...

The photo below shows a normal guy...

And suddenly, "KA_BOOM"!!! A shot is fired, and the head is blew away...

But the figure is still standing!!!

And suddenly out of the blue..... something appear!!! The head is growing back!!!

And a few seconds, he is back!!!

Applause, Applause!!!

Wow.. now then i know my model got super-natural powers!!!

Just like superman!!!



This is just a lame post.. The blogger got nothing else better to do...

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