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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Irritated mood

Been busy the whole week.

Monday night. HS and YX ROM.

Tuesday night. Worked late.

Wednesday night (Yesterday night). NS home team real Run Apprication Dinner

Thursday night (Tonight), a convention (or a meeting?) at suntec.

Friday night, likely guess, will be working late again, still got lots of things to catch up.

Saturday... POP / briefing...

Sunday... Standard Chart Marathon

And somehow, i had became easily irritiated these few days. My mood ain't so good. Maybe it's the hectic schedule, maybe, it's my thought's about my friend's problem, and it kinda got interrupted with lots of stupid things.

And yes. I was bombarded with lots stupid issues. My workplace got a few. I caught my colleague with a wrong technique, and today he told me there's contamination... I am seriously wondering how he got his diploma...

The recuitment of new person which i think had potential turned out to be a big turn off...

And i got lots stupid calls. From someone enquiring about cheese cream, and remain persistent when i informed him that he got the wrong number and gave him the correct number to call. I almost screamed at him.

I got lots advertisment calls. Enquiring about officer photocopiers, printers and even computer software!

And even banks are calling me to offer me loans, and applying credit cards!

Damm it. Damm all telephone advertisements. Don't blame me for being rude if you remain persistent! When i say NO THANKS, i mean NO, and i expect you to stop and hang up the call, before i hang up on you.

I feel like switching off my mobile phone, go off to a quiet place where i can sort out my thoughs, a place where nobody can find me, a peaceful place where i can truly relax and enjoy the peacefulness.

To be very frank, i had thoughts of giving this weekend POP and PD a miss.

Suddenly, i miss Kusu island and Pulau Semakau.

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