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Monday, December 03, 2007

Busy weekend again

How Busy?

Thursday night. Dragged by my friend to suntec. For something...

I must say, the speech my the new "diamonds" at Amway Singapore was impressive. Very impressive.

Friday night. Time to maintain the car with my friends.

Was quite tiring after washing, waxing and cleaning up. First time using the car care package from amway, that i had purchased.

The car shine (wax) was very good and the price for the whole package was very reasonable.

Saturday. Is our NCOC 2007 Passing out parade. Was busy coordinate the whole parade. How? By simply controlling the music and the MC, since all the parade are cued to the MC and the music.

And the aftermath of the whole thing was more enjoyable...

The "high" NCOs after passing out...

and the high me after the parade.

Whole thing lasted till sat evening, and night time, was the Marathon duty briefing.

And come early Sunday, 0200. Recee. 0300 deployment. By 0500 in the morning, we are deployed, waiting for the first race to start.


The morning was cold.

The roads are closed, and we have the whole road to ourselves!!!

Yes!! the whole road is mine!!!

I can sit and sleep on the road without any fear!!!

We can jaywalk all we like!!!

Having a good time before the race start.

One of the six... does that include DT? And i look at that. I got curious. What's inside that metal bin...

So i peeped in...

And i cannot see anything...

To enjoy ourselve better, we had massage services, where by we massage each other...

Song hor??

Of course song lah!!!

Besides the casualties, (which is not much, as compared to olden times), we had fun at the bus stop.

Eating and joking.

Lined up waiting for orders to CHIONG!!!

And looking at this photo, I will forgive you if you think this photo is taken in China...

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