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Monday, December 10, 2007

Another weekend gone

Ahhhh... Another extremely tiring weekend had passed...

Friday night. As per normal, slept for a couple of hours, and woke up late! SL and ET had to wait for a long long time for me.

Event? Zone Presentation Lunch. Back to the same hotel we used a couple of years back, but instead of using their ballroom, we use their cafe.

I was doing the same old job, which i like and suited me fine...

Sound system!!

But to the other, this is more important.

To the extend that it's more important than photo taking!!!


Night time.

Zouk out. Last year was quite peaceful. But heck!!! this year is darn busy. Sent about 6 - 8 cases to hospital, but i did not sent any, coz the ambulance let us down. I was hearing lots musics (noise actually), seeing lots of hunks, babes, DO and drunks, and by the time the whole thing finished, i was seeing stars spinning above my head.

We were so busy that another ambulance's siern went on strike and refused to work.

Morning came. Went back HQ, parked the ambulance and immediately went home. It was raining, and was so tired, and not wishing to get wet, i slept in my car, till the rain got smaller and went back to round 2 of sleeping.

Woke up in time for RT. Not as siong as last one. But it was at the end of RT, then i realised that i went to the RT without eating. In fact, i had not eaten anything (except sweets) for more than 24 hours, added the fact that i only got a couple of hours sleep, (i slept a totol of about 7 hours from friday morning till sunday evening), and that i did not water parade before the RT, that it's a miracle that i did not collaspe during RT.

Hmmm.. It's so hectic...

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