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Thursday, December 27, 2007

New Year Resolutions

2008 is coming. In fact, as i am typing right now, it's 4 days, 10 hours and 31 minutes to 2008...

I don't know why, but when the end of the year is over, i feel a tinge of sadness. It's like almost unbearable for that year to leave.

Maybe, it's knowing that once the year left, it would never ever come back. It's gone. It's history. And what's left is memories, be it sweet or bitter.

And now is a good time for reflections. What had i achieved for 2007? Besides my new car, i had achieved nothing. I am still stagnent. No progress. It's like i am living my life boringly. That means, i had wasted another year...

And lots people are starting to make New Year Resolutions.

Singaporeans share their New Year's resolutions
Posted: 26 December 2007 2125 hrs

My new year resolutions are always the same almost every year...

1) To stick to my very first new year resolution.

Which is??

Errrrr...... Hmmmm.....

Opps.. I had forgotten what is my first New Year Resolution...


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