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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Couple of "Quotes"

Couple of sentences or words that i had seen and heard, and i liked.


1) The end... Yet, it's the beginning.

It's truly meaningful... The end of a leadership course, and the beginning for the new leaders...


The second was heard on TV when i happened to look at the channel showing Singapore Vs Vietnam in soccer for the SEA Games.

This happens when Singapore was leading 2-nil... The commentator was shouting rather sarcastically.....

"Singapore is leading by 2 goals, and they have not even scored one yet!!!"

The first 2 goals are scored by Vietnam... Straight into their own nets.

I could not help bursting out laughing... It's so true... I understand the sarcasm in the commentator's voice, and i agree with him totally...

Singapore soccer team, if you do continue to play the way you played with Vietnam, you are gonna come back home with your tail between your legs.

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