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Thursday, November 01, 2007

The ABCs of examinations

There are lots people in the mist of their exams. Be it O levels, A levels, Poly, Uni, Basic Driving Theory, Advance Driving Theory, Final driving, NCO Course (coming soon) etc etc....

But what are all those grades means? The As, Bs, Cs, Ds, Es, Fs

This idea came out when chatting with S.L on the MSN...

Here's the S.O's way of defining the grades.

A = Absent.
B = Buck up
C = Can make it
D = Dammit
E = Efforts needed (much)
F = Fantestic!!!

Or let's put it in another way... What do you do when you got the different grade results?

A = Announce it to all
B = Boast about it
C = Chat about it
D = Discreet. (When no one ask, don't tell them)
E = Eyes become watery
F = F**K off!!! Leave me alone!!

Well, hopefully to all those taking Exams, can get into the ABCs range, and no, i am not talking about CPR here.

Good luck, fellows!!

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