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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Missing the steering wheel

Short talk:

I know why i am so irritating to myself. Just realised it. I had not been smoking for more than 72 hours!!

Am sad and bored... Feeling irritated. Not in a good mood.

I am bored. It can be very bored when you stared at the wall for so long. It can be super bored when Channel 5 is showing S-league soccer matches and survivor China on its programs. Its boring when you watched the News 3 times over and over again in a single night.

And yet, the news were the most interesting TV programs on a Friday night.

I felt restricted. Super restricted. I feels like a bird which had injured it's wings, longing to fly, looking at the skies, but unable to do so. Looking at the other birds soaring freely in the skies, while i was still struck in my nest.

I am grounded. I felt a sense of loss of freedom. Freedom to go anywhere, anytime to meet anyone.

Without a vehicle, i am at a loss. I was at the office in the middle of the night when i feels hungry. There's no ride for me to go buy makan. I wanna go out in the middle of the night, there's no ride for me.

I miss driving... I missed my hands on the wheel, my legs on the pedals and my left hand on the gear knob.

I miss driving...

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