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Monday, February 16, 2009

An evening - night out

So, Valentine's day is over. Gone. Poof!!! just like that...

Had an enjoyable time??

I did. Went out on a date... With 3 other guys.

Went OCC (Orchid Country Club) for a bowling session...

Yep... went on a date with those 3 buddies...

My hand gave up after only 2 sessions... It's indeed been a super long time since i went bowling...

Stylo milo hor??
Too bad, it's not a strike...

And the bowler's worst nightmare...
A 7 - 10 split... hahaha

After the bowling session, we went over to Macpherson seafood center located at guess??

Nope.. not at Macpherson, but at Sembawang for supper.

Why there? Coz i had suggested that we go for "see hum" (cockles) and stingray. But ended up they ran out of see hum and stingray. Ended up wacking some gong gong, fish and satay.

THe food is nice, and quite cheap. 40 bucks for 4 persons, excluding drinks. Reasonable.

Went over to fetch CS, and ended up at Changi Village to purchase drinks and headed down to Changi Beach.

Some photos taken at Changi Beach.

And some special effects photographs, without any editing... I learn something new with my camera... Amazing!!!

It was fun!! Especially when i learn how to take these shots, almost accidentially!!

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